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Who is the craziest pundit of the lunatic fringe? Of course almost all of them work for Fox Noise Channel these days... or did they become insane after joining Clusterfox? Please pick the three that you think are the most cukoo but still holds influence over a large number of sheepole.
I would uninstall plugins, firefox and all third party crapware and restarting.
If you buy Photoshop through Vuze it is free.
Trumptman and SDW. Lets do the following. Go and read the summary of the IPCC report or go here: http://www.ipccfacts.org/ and lets debate the facts and the evidence, if you dare. Everything you have written here so far has been based on your own opinions and prejudices and most of the time you don't even bother giving an alternative explanation, even a completely fabricated one. You are merely content in saying "that is ridiculous" and leaving it to...
OMG you don't see why Glen Beck is a scumbag? Perhaps there is no hope for you SDW.
Steve Chu was talking about lecturing to the american youth about environment education, which sounds like a damn good plan if you ask me. The american culture has very little education about the need to adopt an environment-friendly lifestyle. Most of us see those things as the province of dumb celebs and hippie treehuggers. I live in a prominent city in Alabama. Even though it is prominent, it seems sometimes that every car is a huge pickup truck spilling black smoke. My...
ROFLMAO!!!! Brilliant!!!
First off the trip didn't cost 1.5 million but even if it did the potential payoff of hundreds of millions of dollars more than justify the trip. GW Bush, on the other hand spent 1/3 of his presidency on vacation so no republican can ever talk with a straight face about this issue but of course double talk never stopped them before. Obama is keeping his eye on the ball: Afghanistan, and will soon come up with a better strategy. Which beats the crap out of invading a...
OMFG finally. The current apple mouse is inaccurate and shaky you look like you have parkinson's.
The bottomline is that Apple is evolving at an ever increasing pace while Windows is stagnant. From XP to Vista there was a devolution instead of an evolution and from Vista from Windows 7 they recovered some ground but it is still not that much more attractive than XP from a purely technical and experiential point. So basically the technology has been stagnant for about 8 years. 8 Years!!! Cocoa is now 64 bit and with Open CL and GCD technology writing applications that...
New Posts  All Forums: