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In other news: Ballmer is predicted to "surprise" with announcement that he is really mentally insane.
Not worth buying another vendor due to the lack of integration that invariable is going to result in headaches for you. I would suggest waiting for some more cash and getting the apple cinema display dock. Another suggestion would be to finance it.
That is because Word just doesn't work. The thing is so full of bugs one cannot tell bugs for "working as intended". I remember once that the mere act of pulling an automatic Table of Contents in Word corrupted the entire file, making me waste days. Styles in Word is like asking a police officer to do Calculus. Word is a patched and rotten jumble of rags and loincloths put together with spit. Pages is a Borg Cube.
Like many people, I have the misfortune of having to collaborate with people that for sad reasons use Word or OpenOffice. It makes me waste a lot of time cleaning up the Word formatting garbage. That being said I have no problem doing a save as... Word at the end of my review. It is a minor step with a few clicks. I don't see the need to complain about this.
Or 2024
For the nutjobs who still think the science is questionable: http://www.ipcc.ch/pdf/assessment-re...r4-wg1-spm.pdf
I think more and more even conservatives are realizing that CusterFox News Channel is nothing more than right wing nuttery conspiracy theory propaganda. Once that "news" channel is turned off what is left will be the truth and then the conservatives without a continence will need to be removed and replaced by real politicians. That will take a long time to do.
The best office productivity suite in the world just got a tad better. Apple, thanks for giving us this absolutely brilliant alternative to Microshit Office Garbage.
Ask your doctor today if Prozac is right for you.
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