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Nope. I prefer my predictions because they take into account present and future events and not merely the current state.
Why? Because despite of the blue dogs Obama and the democrats in house and congress will be credited with the following: - putting US back on the map and leading the world in international cooperation in several fronts including financial balance and climate change - reforming healthcare with a strong bill including the public option - this will turn out to be a tremendous boost for american economy and overall quality of life. This will, over time, cause the US to once...
My prediction is that by the year 2015 Apple will have equaled Microsoft's marketshare, with or sans Jobs. I am talking Macintoshes versus Windows PCs. Why? Because Microsoft is moribund already. It is founded on software technology that hasn't really evolved for a while and will continue not to evolve because it is a company overrun by corporate mentality and marketeering. More specifically: Apple's OpenCL with Grand Central Dispatch and Low Level Virtual Machine...
You have been reported for Trolling.
Yep. I watch NPR for news.
Only getting people drunk enough with land them some Windows 7 purchases.
Pretty soon sales execs at Microshit will realize you can't have a hip store selling outdated, dull and boring merchandize.
If there were only these two cable programs in television, where would you turn to get your daily news?
Of course consumers are interested. Why? Because they know the tablet will come out of the apple forgery a zippy, polished and useful product. On the other hand they know the copycats will come out with a clunky, ugly, heavy, halfassed product for people to beta test. Just like the iphone vs. other smartphones. Ad infinitum.
Nope. About 30% of the US population has no brains. Proof of this is that Bush still had 30% approval after the Iraq fiasco, economic meltdown and Katrina. 30% will vote for the right and deny any evidence that their policies are not working or that they play politics to defeat real problems people are facing.The outrage we saw in Washington of tens of thousands of people is mostly comprised of the "no brains" america I described above. There is also some that are just...
New Posts  All Forums: