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LOL!!! Lets see, a "computer" with no touchscreen and no OS. Oh and it looks like crap. How is that going to compete with Apple?
Yes. While you are all bending forwards and backwards into pretzels because of the EULA, Steve Jobs is sitting in his chair thinking: "I can't believe these people... we almost tell them: look, install it for free! We want as much people as possible using SL! And those mo... still don't do it."
For me to poop on!
Very good point. As usual, Microsoft puts out a product that is 10% execution, 45% marketing and 45% shafting.
Wohooo!!!! Offering a rebate to a few percent (5% at best) of their customer base for a limited time? Marketing bullcrap if you ask me.
Windows 7 will now require 4 GB of RAM as a minimum and applications running on Windows 7 will use 30% more CPU cycles to keep it from crashing.
Not very scientific but:http://www.googlefight.com/index.php...l+extremist%22
This is excellent news. It means the populous is finally realizing healthcare reform is not optional and have sorted through the bullshit, lies and distortions of the lunatic fringe and Fox Noise Channel. Even though it is sad to see that some in this forum have not had the vision to see this. Now we can have a meaningful discussion about HOW do to it. Like so many luminaries have said, the answer in healthcare reform will dictate who we want to become as a nation. But the...
Correction. The only reason to buy a PC is to play games. PC should also be your choice if you feel smart doing clean installs, rebooting, cleaning malware, and getting 100 third party crap software to work simultaneously.If serious work (and some games) is what you want then buy a Mac. Laptops are more convenient. But sometimes you want a bigger screen and don't need the portability, so iMacs are ok too.For professionals there is the Mac Pro. I may need to buy one in the...
New Posts  All Forums: