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I don't think any of these lunatics even know what martyrdom means. But I also think most of them are not smart enough to manage to assassinate the president. Lets hope that is the rule.
People should be angry at the WH and Congress for passing reform that bails out banks but not people. They have every right to be angry and have to push for financial reform so this mess doesn't repeat. But trying to defeat healthcare because you are angry at the president is like shooting yourself in the foot because you are angry at your revolver. Politicians were correct in bailing out banks and big business, that much is not debatable. Had it not happened (like some...
The lunatic fringe is at an all-time fever pitch frenzy with recruiting and spending money to buy weapons including semiautomatics and other assault weapons. Fueled by Fox News and certain members of the House and Senate, the rightwing nutjobs had 8 years (during Bush) to stock up in money and now that a "Black" (Obama is not really black, but that doesn't matter here) president is in the WH there will be many plots to assassinate him. I hope the secret service is up to...
Correction. The future for apple may be in the form factor. The future for PCs is in eating sh1t and dying so that a worthy company can write an OS that at least works.
You know, you are correct. People should get involved. I don't agree with you "fiscal conservative" conclusions though. Any person who understands healthcare will tell you a good reform will end up reducing, not increasing spending.
Jimmy Carter agrees with me:http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8258011.stmAnd the ironic thing is this: Obama is mostly white. His mother was 100% white and he was raised by his mother and white grandparents. He almost never saw his dad. In fact he is close to 100% white.
It is funny how these companies want to unveil their touchscreens in time so that they can get trashed and humiliated by the new apple tablet.
The probably wish they are referring to is BluRay. To me, I could not care less.
Yes, the democratic process is broken. But I am optimistic. I am willing to believe that the US is still adapting to the internet era, when reality becomes easily distorted and noise obfuscate truth. On top of it all we have Fox Noise channel spinning into oblivion any legitimate discourse in the nation. Perhaps in the future that cancer will self-destruct and we can go back to fixing broken healthcare, broken finance, broken climate policy, broken government.
Well given that people voted for Bush because he was "one of them", that is, ignorant, dogmatic, no speaking skills, no foresight or wisdom, greedy, cynical, banal, secretive and incompetent... I am not surprised the "stay in school, work hard" was met with anger.
New Posts  All Forums: