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Incorrect. The cost of living is normalized for income. In simple terms you can understand: the cost of living takes income into account.
Notice how the naysayers have conveniently ignored both your posts. The funny thing is that while the WH was trying to fix the economy NO republicans supported the bill. They maintained that the way of stimulating the economy was to cut taxes, even though it flies in the face of basic economics and common sense and every other country in the world rejected that notion. Now that the recession is bottoming out, it seems, to the GOP is just "happened spontaneously". Because...
Hands: I suspect people against healthcare reform with either: 1. Ignore your post 2. Read and pretend not to understand 3. Claim some of it is false and present no evidence to the contrary (because there are none) 4. Invent another imaginary problem 5. Combination thereof
Well when you have several million sheepole watching ClusterFox News application of reality-distortion force fields and spintronics day in and day out it is no surprise that they believed and STILL believe: 1. Iraquis are terrorists 2. Iraquis have weapons of mass american destructions 3. Katrina was God punishing New Orleans for soddom and gomorrah 4. Bush cut taxes across the board 5. America is no. 1 in everything 6. Other people hate americans because we are free 7....
In the fantasy world that this is the greatest democracy on Earth and anybody can read the bill online and governments are held accountable by their people.
Stink. They don't even have to buy smaller insurance companies to take over healthcare. All you need to do is to serve in the board of other companies and trading votes for concessions to your own company. In other words, vote fixing and creating a virtual monopoly while giving the appearance of "free market". Look, healthcare is not a business. Never was, never will be. Every wealthy country in the world has universal healthcare instituted by their governments and every...
That is why now everybody is "backing" healthcare reform for Obama. Now that they saw that the scare tactics didn't work because they fly in the face of reason for anyone with an IQ over 50 (exclude about 30% of the population here, but include the majority).Now that they can't defeat it without taking the blame - remember before the blame was going to go towards the right lunatic fringe (people building militias and other dipshits) - they are "for" it. But of course they...
Gusty move by the smartest software developer on Earth. Lets hope this paves the way for total Windows PC humiliation.
LOL! Because then the conspiracy theory would quickly die.
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