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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqJiC...eature=related We can do this all day.
I like the honor system by Apple. Again, leave it to Apple to do the right thing.
Perhaps the teleprompter rhetoric comes from the fact that Obama does it so well it must be because of the tele... but if that were the case then why did Bush need a brain-prompter to give a coherent speech??
Best post I have seen here so far.
Correct in every respect. Every person can and should scrutinize the government at every turn. To not do so is bad citizenship. But scrutinizing is one thing, shouting is another. Scrutinizing is adding to the discourse in a meaningful way. What the GOP is doing is just increasing the noise level in hope the signal goes away.
Every american knows you have to be american to be the president. In fact, that and the right to bear arms is probably the only two things most people know. But I digress...You are slightly mistaken about the above, however. How could these "people" be upset because they thought Obama might be Kenyan when a Hawaian birth certificate proving Obama was american was made available to the public during the campaign? Because irrational people have forsaken rational analysis and...
I did? If I did I take it back, but let me explain what I mean. Those who plain and simple oppose the reform and has no legitimate concern, does not recognize there is a problem, does not want to understand the issue, does not want to find a viable solution - to those people I would say race or some form of discrimination play a major role. If you oppose the CURRENT form of the bill and want to talk and have a rational discussion, while recognizing the system is broken and...
So Hands and I think opponents are influenced by racism. What is the problem with that? What is your evidence to the contrary? We are in a country that went ballistic when someone suggested Obama was born in Kenya! Not ballistic in calling the person a dangerous nutjob... oh no no no... ballistic because there were many who believed it was true! We are in a country where MLK was assassinated. OF COURSE is has everything to do with racism.
It is about racism and healthcare is ABSOLUTELY something government should be regulating, like is happening in every modern democracy today: Canada, Japan, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, etc, etc, etc. Why? Because healthcare is NOT a business. To see why not I would suggest you read the law of supply and demand.
New Posts  All Forums: