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Correct. And lets not forget that hundreds of thousands of demented nutjobs watch Glen Beck while salivating every day.
If you weren't a victim of selective reading and wishful thinking you would also know that Clinton's speech was the beginning of the process led by Hillary, which failed. The Obama speech took place after many months of negotiations and has already advanced farther down the process than any other time in history.
He is correct. There are about 18 million whites living below poverty in the USA (excluding white hispanics). The number for blacks and latinos in poverty are 10 million each.
I am calling the opponents out as racists. And you refuse to give a better explanation. Gotcha
http://www.realclearpolitics.com/art...ocy_98240.html By Joe Conason The wild furor over President Obama's speech to the nation's schoolchildren raises many questions, but there is only one that really matters. How did America surrender its political discourse -- not to mention the news cycle -- to the most unreasonable and unstable elements of the far right? Not so many years ago, nobody would have imagined that a bland presidential address to young students,...
If you disagree then give me what you think is the reason.
Let me correct you: the price for the wars is about 2 Trillion. 2 Trillion was spent, mostly to kill people for no reason whatsoever. Now asking for a fraction of that amount to save american lives: NO! Why? Because they are all black, or so their thinking seems to go.
You heard what you wanted to hear. Others heard what Obama actually said: "I will not sign a bill if it adds one dime to the national deficit". And of course it is true, why? Read the rest of the speech. But to put it in simple terms everyone can understand: because the bill will curb a LOT of wasteful spending that happens right now in the health care system.He also said this: "simply put, healthcare IS our deficit". Again, Obama is correct. Curbing wasteful spending...
WRONG!!! Bush reached across the isle... after he fabricated data about Saddam's WMD's and lied to everybody that the USA was under imminent threat.
Yep, and despite some indication that some serious republicans do have legitimate concerns about healthcare reform, most GOP representatives and senators are perfectly happy stonewalling while more and more people die and fall into bankruptcy.I guess in their mind they are not people after all. We are, of course, talking about blacks, latinos, and others not belonging to the white club. So why should "they pay" for taking care of non-people, non-humans?Lets hope this group...
New Posts  All Forums: