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Maybe your finances are taking, but according to the rest of the world, the economy is recovering:http://www.themoneytimes.com/feature...d-1083346.html And Obama is the one who led the country on this path. I am going to go ahead and dismiss the rest of your post as just more of the same fearmongering and lies.
Well the outburst of Joe Wilson stokes the fears of the paranoid old angry white southern americans, to it will bode well with them I am sure. The media will also be happy talking about it. The beauty of this is that for every outburst it will become clearer and clearer which americans act rationally and intelligently, and which americans act irrationally and out of fear. Those fearful ones will be isolated from society and over time their paranoid ideals will...
Watch and learn from the a great president in the making. Perhaps soon to be the greatest president of our time, move forward to solve a crippling problem to this country: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQhmRhqQsAE
I read your words, but all that I see from you is: "YEEEEHAWWW!!!" Perhaps you should go back to highschool.
I have the best advice anybody will ever give you: Quit your "movie director" aspirations before you even begin.
You just identified the first victim of the new apple tablet.
A tablet will be perfect for republicans wanting to watch pedo porn on airport bathroom stalls.
What people need to sell is Life Support for Microsoft and Windows users.
No it is not ridiculous. Snow Leopard will run on a mac with 128 MB of RAM. Only windows requires 2 GB.
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