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I will buy a MPB montevina as soon as it is released. Come on apple....!!
There should be a new macbook pro in August. It is going to have the montevina platform, larger touchpad and redesigned exterior, at minimum. I would rather shoot my balls than buy a sony vaio or any other PC craptop.
Have you ever bought any AT&T service? If you have you will be avoiding AT&T like the plague and running towards the first person who can unlock your iphone so it works with any other carrier.
Shut up, its great and hopefully it will kill off Microshit XP, Vista and anything else Bill Gates has once and for all.
Indeed. The level of crap and stupidity being thrown around in this thread exceeds normal levels of shit-flinging.
mobile me... sounds like magical me!
1. Hopefully not. I hope they don't waste resources to support a computer nobody should have anymore. 2. The same as always 3. Yes 4. Yes there are new features. If they deliver, higher performance and stability are itself very very good features. If performance increases by 30% (and they are promising more) then that is worth way more than the price of the software since one would spend at least $500 extra in hardware to get that.
Bill Gates should press control-Q and quit his day job and dedicate exclusively to curing malaria.
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