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Hahaha...Government Affairs Officer!! Fancy. Any Indian can tell you what that means
I don't think my 5 year old MBP has a fan.
1) Time machine encrypted backup to NAS, which is connected to my router (Synology DSM) 2) Amazon Glacier backup API running on Synology incrementally backs up the entire TM encrypted backup to the cloud (for $1/100 GB), once every day. I Haven't tested data retrieval from the cloud (all I know is it is quite more expensive than storing to the cloud), so this is an untested strategy. However assuming that it works, provides me with all the peace of mind for a pretty low...
504 billion over 1.8 billion is 28,000%, not 15,xxx%.
"If you're Pepsi and you're getting outsold by Coke, why not print headlines that statistically compare Coke to every cola on earth, or perhaps every drink containing caffeine? Poor Coke! After inventing such news its "market share" would now ostensibly be slipping into irrelevance, calling into question the fact that it sells the most product in its actual market, makes the most money, and people everywhere pay a premium for its name brand. What a miserable loser Coke...
This could be a loser deal for MSFT for many reasons, however I don't see why not having use of the Nokia brandname would be one of them. They could brand future phones from this acquisition by Microsoft, or something else by Microsoft, can't they? Microsoft, for all its failures still remains a strong brand.
I recently purchased the Samsung series 9 laptop. It is for my wife, and since she has to use it for work where she needs MS Visio and Project (both of which are unavailable for the Mac), we had to go the Windows route (otherwise, to meet her spec for the laptop - lightweight + good battery life - we'd have gone with either the MBP or MBA). Samsung has built a beautiful laptop in terms of finish and quality (perceived), but the display on the 15", which is what we...
These are from Apple. Check the Apple TV product page: http://www.apple.com/appletv/
Does anyone else think that the future Apple TV is in plain sight? in the promo pics embedded in this article? Think of it - I don't recall Apple featuring 3rd party products in its promos.
Thanks for sharing this great tip! I was waiting for a TC update to purchase one solely for the reason that I thought using TM to backup to NAS was not possible (unless the NAS happened to be TC). Question - does the router have to be an apple router (airport/AE), or any router will work?
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