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So, basically ... I can buy this generically mediocre "ultra portable" notebook from HP for $900, or ... I can spend another $100 and get a premium made 11" MacBook Air. Hmmm ... tough call. I think I'm going to have to go with the MacBook Air ... every time. That's like GM rebranding a new Geo Metro at $32,000 ... when for a mere couple thousand dollars more I can just buy a brand new Mercedes-Benz or BMW.
That's strange ... I updated my iPhone and iPad at the same time, and both of them were done in about five minutes.
You mean a company that has been in the cell phone market for over a decade and sells several dozen models in almost every country in the world potentially outsold another company that's been in the cell phone market for about four years, and basically only sells one model phone, and only in select countries. And they only outsold them by an estimated 3-4 million units ... What does that really tell you ...?
Ja, maybe from 30 or more feet away ... if you can't stand ten feet in front of a TV and tell if it's Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, or Magnavox then you really need to get your head or your vision checked. Any idiot could stand 10 feet into front of a TV and tell what brand it was ... your suggestion is just patently absurd. The fact this lawyer, standing just 10 feet away, couldn't tell the difference between an iPad2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab II speaks...
That's exactly what I was thinking ... this guy is an ignorant troll. Unmarked Asus Motherboard my a@# ... that's such a stupid statement it's astounding. He's probably never even seen an Apple Logicboard ...
So, if we're to believe Samsung's argument Steve Jobs furiously used to demand of his constituents at Apple's secret board meetings, "HOW ARE WE GOING TO COPY SAMSUNG!?! WE JUST CAN'T COMPETE WITH THEIR INNOVATION!" They really expect anyone to buy this crap, or take them seriously ...?
It's hard to take you seriously when 1) Apple does offer Applecare ... which extends the warranty on it's computers to three years (including unlimited phone support). So, this whole argument you're trying to float out there that Apple doesn't want to service computer after one year is just completely false. 2) Yes, actually it's completely possible to buy genuine Apple parts for just about any computer built in the last ten years (and even quite a few older than that). ...
I'm confused ... what are you referencing? I don't see the word Shepherd anywhere in the article, nor in any of the comments. "Sheppard" can be a correct spelling if it's referring to a name. If you're talking about the dog breed(s) or the profession then it is spelled "Shepherd," but I don't know it makes you a genius for pointing it out. All it really does is make you come off as a dick ... like you've never made a spelling or grammar mistake in your life.
Good to see the Google "Don't Be Evil" mantra has been tacitly applied by the company to mean, "When Google Does It ... It's Not Evil, But When Anyone Else Does It Is."
Or ... or ... Apple could hire more responsible and non-scatterbrained engineers to field test their prototypes. Weren't both iPhone prototypes lost in bars ...? Maybe there's something to learn from that. Alcohol doesn't usually increase one's responsibility ...
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