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Oh no ... what will all the twenty people that have Zunes do ...?!?! They can update their status on their Kin I guess ...
Oh my gosh ... from the picture it looks like we're looking at OS 10.7 "Aslan"
What would be hilarious is if they did a section on his late teens and early twenties when he was dropping a little acid every now and then ... the setting could be Woz's old house. Jobs: I took two hits of acid, and I'm totally trippin right now Woz: Common Steve ... my parents are going to be home soon! Jobs: No, no man ... check it out. This stuff really opens your mind ... Woz: Last time you used it you went on a twenty minute diatribe on Twinkies ......
You mean Apple is going to build FaceTime into it's new iPad models with a forward facing camera ... Gee, who on Earth would have seen that one coming?!? Reporting the obvious makes one about as psychic as Carnac the Magnificent (all my Johnny Carson fans).
It looks like another executive is suffering from the Steve Balmer Syndrome ...
Now if only Verizon offered FiOS service to northern San Diego County ... I swear as soon as they do I will be the first to sign up.
I have to concur ... in general I think all the Scandinavian countries have far more robust and advanced cellular networks than AT&T has in the United States. I've used my iPhone in Norway, Denmark, and Sweden and I've never had any problems with reception ... in fact the speeds when using data are FARRRRRRR better. Same thing goes for a Motorola 3G phone I purchased when I lived in Sweden. Works great in Scandinavia, but when I use it here in the US I have all kinds of...
Well, all I know is I'm not buying a iPhone 4 until the white ones come out, and while I wish it would have happened sooner rather than later, I'm not losing any sleep over it. Really, there's nothing wrong with my white 32GB 3GS, and waiting a couple months to throw down another $300 isn't going to kill me ... in fact, it will probably be better for me.
You mean the New York Times MAKES the news it doesn't REPORT the news ...? Well I for one am shocked beyond words. (for the sarcastically challenged ... read between the lines)
Just an update ... Went to the Carlsbad Apple Store today and the manager told me "no." I'm not mad at the store or the manager ... they're doing exactly what their superiors have told them to do. They were very respectful and professional. My problem is with higher ups that do make these policies ... Going to write a formal letter of complaint to express my dissatisfaction ... chances it will do any good ... not likely. Still, it will be cathartic.
New Posts  All Forums: