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Tim Cook is the man, no doubt.
Personally I'm just encouraged to see Apple continue to focus on the details of improving their products.
Fact is, Apple is in a position to outbid ANYONE for first-run (apres-theater) rights to films. They could buy up all output from all major studios for a year (or many years, who knows) and become a major channel de facto. They could launch whatever they wanted with that brute-force approach. (I don't know that they WILL, just that they could.)
I believe we will see that price-point achieved soon, and cheaper still down the road. (I would NOT want to be selling competing PCs right now!)
Of course, now he's an EX-XBox manager.
Followed immediately by the steepest stock plunge in history.
Never saw a single reason to question one of Cook's decisions.
So Samsung's thinking is: If you walk up to a line of people waiting to get into the hottest restaurant in town and hand them a McDonald's coupon, not only will they feel like idiots for waiting on line but people who see this will decide that restaurant wasn't all that great after all, and also head to McDonald's. Yeah, good luck with that.
I thought the same thing! He brings fire and conviction to the job. Apple is truly in good hands here.
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