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Great - I might try it then. But with 10 000 CDs of classical music, all ripped til ALAC already on my system, I probably have a better selection locally anyway. BTW: The best Lark ascending is Hugh Bean/Adrian Boult on EMI (1967) :)
Is there anything here that might interest a classical music nut like me? Operas? Chamber music? Renaissance? Monteverdi, Palestrina, Mozart; Schubert, Stravinsky, Shostakovich...?
Interesting take:   https://junction10.wordpress.com/2015/06/21/those-in-glass-houses-shouldnt-throw-stones/
It may be that Apple has to have data centers inside EU to allow officials in EU countries to use iCloud. In Norway it is forbidden for any official documents to be stored on servers outside Norway. There may be similar rules within EU.   And BTW: They say that these data centers will run on hydroelectric power from Norway. We export a lot of it - this power may actually be cheaper in Denmark than in Norway because the danes have lower taxes on electricity than Norway.
Yes, I know, but it still sounds wrong. Going nowhere means, as you point oit, making no progress. Which is wrong when you talk about the Mac. It is definitely getting better, and making progress in marketshare, so going nowhere in this context is just wrong. It is not going nowhere, it is going forward, it is gaining. 
 I see this a lot - The Mac is going nowhere. So it is standing still, neither going forward or going back. Neither gaining nor losing marketshare.  Not getting better. Wouldn't it be better to say "It is not going away"? English is not my first language, so I may be missing something?
I'm also a lossless guy - I rip all my CDs in ALAC. Not because I believe the sound is better than f. inst. 320 kbps AAC (I really cannot hear any difference), but because it seems silly to discard some of the information in the recording when harddisk space is so cheap.It is easy to transcode to lossy formats if you want to transfer the files to players with smaller disks.   I also think that the main deciding factor in the sound quality from these portable players is...
There is a change in quality at around 1:02. The sound gets duller, the bass is not as full and round and gets a bit distorted, and the guitar looses some of its spaciousness. The sound moves more center with less room around the instruments.This is on my Sennheiser HD800/Woo Audio WA-2.
There obviously is a difference in the quality of audio equipment. There is also a difference in the sound signature of different equipment - my STAX headphones are very analytical - you can hear every instrument very clearly - while my Sennheisers are very good at reproducing the ambience of the recording venue, while not being quite as analytical. I love them both, but they have different signatures. I also have a Krell amplifier which is very cold and clinical, while my...
I think it is best described like this : "If you believe there is a difference, then you will hear a difference." In other words - it depends more on what you believe than what you actually hear. The real problem with recorded sound these days is the mastering of the recordings. Recordings are mastered to sound fine on ordinary equipment, which means reducing the dynamic range and boosting the bass. This will sound fine on any player, iPod, iPhone, Pono - whatever.   I...
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