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No. It has been doing that all along as far as I know. Whether the album art is conserved across systems depends on how it is imported in the first place. I have 3 copies of my library on different Macs, and some times the album art doesn't survive when I copy from one library to another.
When you rip classical CDs (and some of us do - today physical CDs of classical music are cheaper than file downloads, and gives you an automatic backup), iTunes usually can't find the album art (or it finds the wrong art). If it finds the album art, it will be embedded in the library file, and not in the music file, which means that the album art is lost if you move the file to another library, or play it through another system (like Sonos wireless). In iTunes 10 you...
Is nobody having problems with the search in iTunes 11? My library is rather large (160 000 songs, 1,7 TB data) and searching for files takes forever. In iTunes 10 I could type "Schubert" in the search field, and iTunes would present a list of matching files fairly fast (approx 20-30 seconds). In iTunes 11 the same thing takes up to 5 minutes. And I get the beachball while the search is performed so I cannot do anything else in iTunes while the search is going on. With...
Something is very wrong with your Mac. Take it back to Apple ASAP. In my family we have 1 17" PowerBook, 1 15" MacBook Pro and 2 MacBooks. They never crash. I mean that as in zero crashes for at least the last year. I have had a few wake-from-sleep problems with the MBP, but no crashing as in spinning-beachball-of-death or kernel panics. Your problems might very well be thermal related, but it should be up to Apple to find it and fix it.
I used to use 192 kbps AAC, but now I use 256 kbps AAC.Franz Schubert, closely followed by Bach, Mozart and Beethoven (the usual suspects). There is also a lot of Händel, Haydn and Vivaldi. Awfully mainstream, I'm afraid.
So you "hate" iTunes for no reason. It does not dictate a new folder structure. There is a setting for leaving the files where they are. There is no such thing as "Apple AAC format". AAC is an open ISO standard (from MPEG). If other musicplayers don't use it, it is because they prefer proprietary MS formats. So it doesn't support OGG/Vorbis. Very few (if any) others do. I also don't get the "inconsistent behaviour" thing. Of course you cannot delete something from a smart...
Zune is all about formats. MS does not like that standardized formats like AAC and MPEG4 is preferred over their proprietary formats WMA and WMV. While Apple pays license fees for AAC and mpeg4, MS does not pay any fees for WMA and WMV, and the more the WMA and WMV formats are used (by other companies) the more money they earn. So this is MS trying to push WMA and WMV into a market that is dominated by open standards. If they succeed in catching lets say 30% of this...
Much bigger than you think. Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland is about 25 mill, so about 10% of the US. Some of the richest countries in the world with the best "electronic" infrastructure, and also probably the region with the highest spending on electronic equipment pr. capita. So it is not a small market for Apple to lose.
Yes you can. First you must define what you want to call your parameter, let's say: k Just click on the "+" and type : k=3 (or something) After this you can use k in your expressions. If you want to animate expressions with a parameter, just select "Animate parameter" (Opt-Cmd-A) and you can animate your expressions to your hearts content.
There used to be a limit of 32000 songs but that was fixed quite a while back. I don't know if there is a limit now. Maybe 64000? My library is currently at 46070.
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