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I usually don't sleep the computer at night - just let it sleep the screen. Then the scripts will be run during the night. If the computer sleeps for a while I run the scripts from the terminal. Just open the terminal and type: sudo periodic daily (or weekly or monthly). The computer will ask you for the administrators password, and then run the script when you provide it.
Agreed - he should have. I know that it is a known issue on some PBs.That sounds plausible. I will try looking at the console/log next time. It doesn't happen always, jusy once in a while, so just opening the Console and pulling the plug will probably not reveal anything now. I'll have to keep the Console open and make sure the console window is visible so I can see what's happening the next time.
Not regulary, but once in a while. Also - the periodic daily, weekly and monthly scripts are run regularly.
OK - here goes: Problem 1: My 17" PB (1 GB RAM, all the latest system updates) sometimes (about once every week - or lets say once every 10 - 20 times) doesn't wake from sleep. The only way to solution is to reboot. No major problem, but a nuisance. It only happens upon opening the screen - if the screen is open (hasn't been closed) and I just touch the keyboard it wakes every time. Hardware-related? Problem 2: Sometimes (not always) when I unplug it to run on batteries...
I visited the AppleStore in Regent Street, London on Wednesday. Since I live outside the EU I am entitled to have the V.A.T. refunded upon leaving the UK. To do this, however, there are some forms that need to be filled in. Every shop in London does this, but to make absolutely sure I asked at the cash registers about this. I asked 3 different persons, and got the same answer from all of them - you don't need any papers, just show the receipt at the customs and you will...
Don't worry - I paid only 120$ for them (1 $ pr CD). All perfectly legal. There are som Classical brands that cost very little, but still make perfectly good recordings.
D***. But just wait until I have ripped the 120 CDs with Brahms, Händel and Mendelssohn I bought last Saturday. 8)
That is nothing. I have a friend who has more than 20 000 CDs. The amount of music out there is vast. I could probably order 1000 CDs tomorrow and not get a single duplication of a work I already have. I have no complete sets of composers, but I have 4 different recordings of Beethovens string quartets. And 3 complete symphony cycles. And 3 complete recordings of the piano sonatas. And so on and so on... Music exists in three forms - the way the composer means it, the way...
Sorry for the off-topic answer.Yes, it is the composer Paul Hindemith. I mainly listen to classical music. Probably 90% of my library is classical (2500 CDs). Slightly on-topic: I wish iTunes would give you the choice to organize your music by composer (should be possible to set by album). I like my music organized by composer, but iTunes organizes by artist. So if I want iTunes to organize my collection (which I do) I have to put the composer as artist (and put the...
Here: I have strange tastes in music (4 non blondes, 50 Cent, Paul Hindemith...). At the moment very "into" Fairport Convention (going to Cropredy next August).
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