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43617 songs, 124:10:58:57, 238,36 GB Most of them ripped from my own CDs in 192 kbps AAC. 4757 albums (not all of them complete), 1158 artists
Can this in any way be related to the upcoming settlement between Apple Corps and Apple Computer? (Just as the - in my opinion - stupid decision of not licensing Fairplay to others could be related to Apples license agreement with the record companies - that to allow Apples fairly loose DRM it should not be available to other vendors?)
So maybe there is a reason that there is a "Music"-menu after all I never understood why there should be a Music-menu on a device that is only used for music. Now if the iPod starts supporting photos etc... this suddenly makes sense. What other menus will appear later? Photo? Video? ???
So there is a "Music"-menu that wasn't there before. Since the iPod is about music, there shouldn't be the need for a Music-menu at all, unless they are preparing for other menus like - "Photos", "Videos" etc... Interesting
Yes.We like it You are welcome. We are not going away. Up on the hill on the west side of town with a view to the south. The Munkvoll/Hallset/Selsbak area.
I'm not crazy! At least I don't think so Music has been a large part of my life since high school (around 1967). I grew up with The Beatles, Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix. I was late to the CD-era, but started buying CDs around 1990. Today I have about 2000 LPs and 2500 CDs. I hear music all the time (background), and listen to music (concentrating on the music) at least 2 hours every day. As I write this I'm playing Fairport Convention (one of my favourite bands from...
Yes all legal. Mostly classical. Have been buying CDs since approx. 1988. It represents about 2500 CDs (among them 50 CDs of Schubert Lieder - approx. 1000 songs)
40462 songs 116 days (116:00:30:23) 221,83 GB Ripped from my approx. 2500 CDs. Mostly classical.
221 GB
And how big marketshare do they have in the markets where they compete. Apple doesn't compete in the market for cash-registers, but they are also counted in the PC marketshare as they are usually cheap PCs. That is much more meaningful. Harley-Davidson has a very small share of the motor vehicle sales. In the truck-category they have 0% market share (as do Ferarri) since they don't compete in that market. Still - trucks are also motor vehicles.
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