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What's the big deal? I get about 3,5 - 4 hours from my PB (17") (Yes - I really do - Just today I used it for notetaking in class. After 2 periods I still had about 65% charge left. When I lecture I keep the PB turned on for 1 h. 45 min. continuously with a video canon connected. I usually have about 50-60% charge left after this). Just turn off BlueTooth and AirPort when you don't use it and keep the light on the screen down. Then - after 3-4 hours, close the screen,...
If you go to the AppleStore an configure a dual 1,25 G4 with 256 MB RAM, 80 GB HD, Combo drive and Radeon 9000 it ends up at 1599$. Not too bad.
$799 for the 800 MHz eMac $999 for 1 GHz w/combodrive Terje
Yes. 800Hmz and 1 Ghz eMacs. Reduced prices. Terje
Approx. 2000 CDsI love music Easy access. Say I want to compare string quartets i G by 2 composer - they are easily available. I feel like listening to some baroque music - all my baroque recordings are available with one click. Easy to download to my iPod. I change the content on the iPod daily. It follows me wherever I go. My collection grows with approx. 100 CD pr. year. I don't see any end to that. There is just so much intereseting music out there. And all the...
I'm just ripping my own CD's. I have very few downloaded songs. My collection is not very big (in comparison to other collectors), but I'm up to 34100 "songs" (or tracks) now. My collection is mainly classical music, and each movement of a work, every aria in an opera etc... is registered as a track. BTW - in my collection 34100 tracks translates to approx. 190 GB.
I'm looking forward to getting mine. I ordered on Feb. 6th. Last week I phoned Apple and they said May 15th. Today I got mail saying that it has shipped. Delivery hopefully before the week-end.
Exactly. What is keeping you from buying an extra battery for the PowerBook? You don't even have to put it to sleep to change the battery!That will give you about 8 hours battry life for the PowerBook without removing the optical drive.
If you want the mouse to move fast across the screen just move the mouse fast! I like the way I can have the mouse move across the screen by just moving it a few cms on the table. And still have the minute control by moving it slow. Personally I like the Mac mousedrivers way better than Windows'. It's all about Fitt's law. The Mac takes it into account, Windows doesn't.I don't think I have ever seen software that changes the Mac mouse to a linear behaviour.Sorry that I...
Well - I ordered my 17" PB on Feb. 6th. I prepaid with a personal cheque. They still quote a delivery date of May 15th.So if there is a new 970-based 17" PB coming out in June, I will have had my PB 3-4 weeks. Apple will have had my money for about 3 months.Yes - I thought it was worth the money at the time (Feb. 6th).I wouldn't mind if I got my machine in February and a new, 970-based PB was released in June. I wouldn't even mind if I get my machine before easter and a...
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