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40462 songs 116 days (116:00:30:23) 221,83 GB Ripped from my approx. 2500 CDs. Mostly classical.
221 GB
And how big marketshare do they have in the markets where they compete. Apple doesn't compete in the market for cash-registers, but they are also counted in the PC marketshare as they are usually cheap PCs. That is much more meaningful. Harley-Davidson has a very small share of the motor vehicle sales. In the truck-category they have 0% market share (as do Ferarri) since they don't compete in that market. Still - trucks are also motor vehicles.
There must be something wrong with the IDC numbers that were just released. IDC says that Apple shipped 1 675 000 machines in 2003. According to Apples financial briefing yesterday they sold 833 000 machines during october, november and december. That leaves only 842 000 machines shipped for the rest of 2003, or approx. 280 000 pr. quarter. Surely this isn't right. How trustworthy are IDC's numbers?
I have about 2400 CDs organized in 4513 albums (1159 artists). It is difficult to tell exactly how many CDs there are - I haven't counted them for a while . It is mostly classical music (a lot of opera) - around 2000 CDs, with the rest pop and rock.
Not really. It is almost instantaneous in all cases (except when the disk needs to spin up). I don't touch type, so I watch the keyboard as I type. When I look up at the screen everything has been found. When I browse by artist or genre there is a short lag, but not more than 1 second from I click on the artist until the list is shown. The library is on an external 250 GB Maxtor FireWire disk. The machine is a 17" PB.
I finally finished ripping my collection: On my iPod: 2422 songs - 11,30 GB On iTunes: 40448 songs - 221,76 GB On my Computer: 40448 songs - 221,76 GB % legally acquired: 99,9%
A: I'm not sure B: About 36 000 C: About 36 000 D: 99,9%
I can hear the difference on a stereo. Not on the iPod or through the computer. I only listen to the ripped songs through the iPod, never through my stereo (Conrad Johnson amplifiers and Quad electrostatic loudspeakers), so I should probably just rip at 128 kbps. But I think that 192 kbps is a compromise that will let me use the iPod on the stereo if need be without being too dissatisfied.That's nothing. I have a friend who has more than 20 000 CDs. I know of people that...
I'm in the same situation, but a bit more extreme. I'm in the process of ripping my CD's (about 2200 of them - ripping in 192 kbps AAC) and am soon running out of space on the 250 GB external disk I use for my music library. I will need to add another disk soon. I could of course put it all on a 0,5 TB disk, but they don't exist. So the question stands: How do you spread an iTunes library over 2 disks (if you want iTunes to handle organizing it all). I could of...
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