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The two have nothing to do with each other. If he doesn't like the whole ACA then he needs to either pass laws requiring all employers to have health insurance for all employees,,socialize basic care or something of that nature
The bigger issue is that they are likely to be more Mario Temple Run etc and not simply porting original titles over to smartphones etc. I saw a guy on the bus the other day using an emulator to play the original Super Mario Bros game on his Samsung and it worked just fine. He had no issues with controls etc. but Nintendo isn't likely to do that cause they want to sell their hardware. Even though I'm not sure those games actually work on the current machines anyway
No one is forcing them to have IAP. Netflix etc have never had it and they get scads of users.
The catch is that the launch in question was going to be last fall. Delaying the launch. Or you know, it's totally bs
Love how the headline makes it sound like an iPad or iOS flaw but then in the article it's blamed on a third party app
I suspect that the iPod nano and shuffle won't be getting any major updates. Maybe a storage bump. But that's it. Especially the shuffle. It will likely die off to be replaced by the Apple Watch. Might take a couple of years so they will keep it as is and just keep selling it, like they did the Classic
Hyperbolic BS. The real point of this is that they would love to be able to get into folks phones cause it would make their job easier. Now they are pissed cause they have to go back to old school methods from pre iPhone. Not really Apple's issue
hmm curious. I downloaded 8.3 on my iPhone and iPad both the day they came out and have had no issues. 
They aren't going to tell you details because the point of the inspection is to call reseller/scammer bullshit and if you are up to that crap they don't want to tip you off to where they look. 
There are tons of Rated R shows on iTunes, have been for ages. i mean crap Da Vinci's Demons opens with a full frontal shot of a man's penis. Followed by full frontal everything. Black Sails has genitals left and right. Game of Thrones turns up there eventually. And so on and so on.
New Posts  All Forums: