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Apple never said they couldn't. Until iOS 8. with 7 and prior the ability has always been there. Just Apple won't do it without a warrant and strongly resisted even then.  Now they can't cause they don't store the keys anymore. there are no keys actually, not in the same way. they were a potential security risk. that's why you have to trust this computer every time you pull in a device and why you can't connect to the computer if the passcode is on
The issue is that he was trying to get access to information and people he didn't need to be messing with. His job was to monitor book access contracts, that's all
I would rather see them add features like 'avoid highways' and also letting us rate directions and even add our own. I have several drives that I do where for fun I ran directions and they were hideous. Local drivers would never go those ways cause we know they are traffic nightmares. So why can't we tell folks that and advise them of better ways. And how about planned traffic issues and reporting accidents etc. wouldn't it be great if I could report that there'a an...
 or about 9 hours of work, according to Sorkin
I wonder if Twilight is any better in Chinese
 they could bump the minimum storage to 320GB and it would still not be enough to make everyone happy. Cause some folks don't understand the concept of deleting
This article was pre the release of 9.0.1. The issue might be fixed
12 character passcode. No control center on lock screen. Find my iPhone on. Only what you can try to use it is a restore and that's not going to work. Plus I can still put it in lost mode which sources say prevents apple Care or the stores from doing a force release even if you could convince them it's your phone.Sure I'll be out an iPhone but that's why it's covered by my renters insurance
That video is from several days ago. There was a new update this morning. Is the issue still there?
 Nope. Apple's gig is more less buy and markup and more sell on consignment. If it sells great, if it doesn't, Apple hasn't spent a dime. 
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