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Forget that issue, especially since we don't know that Amazon would ever jack up the prices.Consumer law is supposed to be about balancing things both between consumer and retailer and retailer and retailer. Setting a scene where consumers can get fair treatment because the retailers are on an even playing field.And Amazon has been allowed two stunts that abuse that field thus hurting fellow retailers. First is being allowed exclusive contracts to items for as much as 4-5...
Given Cote's behavior has been reinforcing the idea that she judged Apple guilty before the trial even started and has refused to back down, I'm glad to aee Apple has been able to go over her head. She never should have been allowed to try the case after those early comments.
Legit repairs yes. If he had paid the $250 or whatever it was he could likely get is money back from Apple. But he violated the service terms agreed to when he bought the phone and had it serviced by a non authorized third party. So no Apple isn't going to pay him back for that repair or touch that phone again if they can track that issue (like if they got his serial)
Had you not had that repair done you would be fine. But you did so you just screwed yourself. Repairs by third party shops, even for things apple doesn't do, voids all rights to service by Apple, paid or not.That said it is high time apple makes that button repairable, same with the volume buttons. And everything on the iPad and iPod touch
Imagine if Apple could get an exclusive deal to put this tech in iOS devices. It could blow away all those 40 megapixel cameras. Even just on the gimmick of refocusing after taking the shot
If Apple was smart they would make the iPads repairable over thinner. A pound is plenty light enough. Now how about making it so I don't have to pay $300 to fix a broken speaker in an out of warranty unit. They can do this with the phones, the iPads can't be that hard outside of not having screws.
I'd believe Apple was buying Shazam before I believe they are giving it some kind of special access. Despite claims of panic over lost sales. If Apple really wants to improve subscriptions etc this is not the way to do it. Better searching, playlists etc are the way. Imagine a system that is more Lala/ genius like where you could upload a whole playlist and the aggregate data about the songs could be used to create a genius radio station with a history list so you don't...
They already do this in house. Staff accessing certain apps on their iPads can choose to use their typed password or a gesture. So don't brush off that they might include this as an option. Especially as slide to unlock is a different part of the game, so what happens with it is moot.
Of course it was Cote. And of course she ruled against Apple. More and more it seems like she's ruled every case and possible case against them as guilty before they are even filed. They need to get above her, especially over those guilty comments before the trial started.
 I don't recall anything in these deals that says they can't advertise for people. Or that employees of a company can't look for such advertisements. So how exactly does 'promise not to call up folks and tell them that there is a job opening' equate to them not knowing it exists. In this day and age it doesn't. If they have an interest in perhaps moving to another company then its on them to find the openings, using all the varied tools available to them
New Posts  All Forums: