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Surprised anyone would make such a comment. Apple rules are rather strictly against such things. And yes to that picky a level. You can be fired for it
This is the kind if pressure sensitivity I can see Apple using. Not actually trying to make the screen 1000 levels etc. I know folks around here are jonesing for a Wacom screen like the Samsung's but the target audience doesn't need that so Apple isn't likely to do it. Detecting real and false touch sure, everyone can benefit from that. And I don't think that this will ever remove the home button.
The publishing of this patent will be heralded as proof that Apple is creating this very thing. By folks that forget that Apple never tells ahead of time. Tim even confirmed that the Cult of Secrecy is a legacy of Steve he has zero intention of ever ending. So my guess is that they prototyped this, decided it was bunk and published a patent so if Dell etc are crazy enough to so it perhaps Apple can recover some of the R&D losses via licensing.
Any sort of exploit in iOS that the NSA etc might use are the same sort of thing that jailbreak developers might use. So no it wouldn't be happenstance so much as Apple trying to cure rabies and 'accidentally' cured cancer as well
Three year old doc which means that it may have been invalidated by iOS 5 etc. And likely requires either physical access to a non passcoded device. Or for said device to be jailbroken to allow for side loading and the user to install the exploit themselves through some kind of Trojan horse move.
They pull numbers etc out of their butts based on nothing but air. Always way too high. Then they diss that the number isn't met when they should be looking at 'yet again Apple's iPhone sales have bested all previous quarters, setting a new record at . . . " Same thing with the iRing, iWatch, iTV etc. Zero proof that Apple is doing anything other than patenting ideas and building in more support for others to do something and yet the analysts parade out 'productions...
That's all fine and dandy, but Steve jobs is dead so his opinion about the products he wasn't directly a part of is moot.Tim Cook is running Apple now and he is proud of the company history and feels the desire to share that pride. If Steve jobs doesn't like it, he can get stuffed
And over the years a number of folks have been found guilty of murder, imprisoned and even executed, only to later have it proven they were not guilty.A verdict doesn't always equal truth.
There was zero firm evidence of that.Apple was accused of thinking up this game of getting all the publishers to ban together to fix Ebook pricing at a particular level, using particular terms and force all other retailers to use the same.The DOJ never produced a smoking gun that this was the timeline. They had one email from Steve Jobs to one publisher. Not to all of them. One email in which he spelled out the options and mentioned the other big publishers had already...
She was pretty open about saying the DOJ would have no issue proving their case, before the trial even started. That might be enough to get the whole thing tossed to a new trial. Appellate courts don't generally like even a whiff of possible prejudice. Her comments, combined with possible cherry picking of testimony to back her opinion and then her refusal to make Bromwich back off his tactics and fees (not to mention naming someone with zero knowledge of antitrust law)...
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