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I suspect that this is NOT for the public but rather for iOS software updates, net recovery etc in house. Maybe some select demo content for the stores. At least at this stage
Nope. The issue is that all the guts are attached to the front so they would have to totally disassemble the phones to do it, risking damage to all those parts. The 5 series has an independent front.
Given that this year is likely to be only a couple of months by the time it launches, 3 million units would be freakjng awesome
Oh please. We have been hearing 'new Apple TV' then 'oh wait it's delayed' rumors for the past four years. Only difference to time is that it's not Gene saying it. It's CYA. Someone is nervous they takes too soon so they are trumping up a rumor of a delay so they don't look dumb. If the delay doesn't happen they will be all "well we out the heat on them so they got the issue worked out. Aren't we awesome".
Better than a "show duplicate items" is perhaps better detection of duplicates so they don't happen accidentally. Given that iTunes Match seems to be able to tell when something is a dupe, why can't iTunes. It would also be nice if there was a way for a song that appears on several albums in identical form to only need one file that is smart enough to know that it belongs on album 1, 2, 3 etc. You see it happen with 'complete my album' on the store.
Apple has nothing to do with this. These are state issued tax breaks. Apple would be insane to not participate due to the tons of bad PR it would create, if they even have the option. 
I wouldn't hold your breath on that tuner card. It would negate a major point of the ATV, being those apps. Don't see apple confusing that front.
SSD drives don't have the storage of HDD especially for that kind of price. So it does make sense to keep it around for those that want a lot of local storage. At least until SSD go up in size and down in price. Until then, Apple will continue to adjust the price as component prices go down. Which could help to grab folks that are borderline on the Apple V Windows thing but go to Windows cause the prices are way lower. Better to have their higher lines cannabilized by a...
This is an interesting idea however the last thing we really need is yet another network. This as a feature in Instagram might have made more sense. Cleaning up their apps would also help. It's insane that any app, especially for social media, doesn't have a tablet version. But there are several
They need to do something about their metadata in all stores as much as this kind of thing. And bring back Ping but doit right. It was a good idea they just dropped it rather than develop it
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