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I call BA. Cutting off titles etc is NOT acting on the customers behalf
Password was more than likely changed by the hackers not Apple. The victims are likely reusing passwords so they get phished on say Facebook and that's their iCloud also. Hackers remote lock phone to force a DFU and change iCloud to activation lock the phone. With luck they find someone using the same password for email also so they can change that and really mess folks up
Or they are completely in touch and realize that just because you are obsessed with sports and the World Cup, not everyone is.
my first thought as well. Especially the way the 'article' is worded to sound like there is a huge threat out there. When in truth most Mac malware is actually Flash or Java based and solved within a few days.
Apple doesn't do the wholesale model. Not likely to ever. Agency where paying out is predicated on getting sales is safer.And right now yeah their hands are rather tied cause of the DOJ suit. Until they can get it overturned they are limited in their power to sign new contracts etc.
Or perhaps the lobbyists that Apple needs are the public. 'We the people' can so a lot of damage if folks actually try. Social media etc can be powerful tools. Find a lawyer game to play and file a class action suit or several against Amazon, perhaps even the DOJ (for failing to act against Amazon) and so on. Even if the lawsuits get tossed they are likely to get press. Especially if those that filed start the ball rolling well.
The DOJ claims it went after Apple mainly to help consumers, who were getting 'overcharged' by Thai Apple deal. But where is the DOJ over this kind of game
I've actually seen this issue live and in the flesh. A friend decided to try an Android phone for a few days and then stuck with it for good. He had just flipped the sim over to the phone and didn't wipe his iPhone. He doesn't text a lot so he didn't notice the issue until about a week after that when he'd finally wiped his phone and sold it. We wonder if the issue is that he never signed into his Apple ID. So when he took the sim out his iPhone turned into a kind of...
hardly.  This is typical of the analysts etc. They play this game that a poll will make them look more authoritative. Which it does, until you look at the numbers.  "Investment firm Piper Jaffray surveyed 1,016 U.S. consumers about their smartphone purchase intent over the next three months, and found that 29 percent of those polled" ​Thats the same number of folks that buy an iPhone on launch weekend at a mid level non flagship store. With something like 300 such stores,...
 i don't take it as full authority myself.  What content doesn't Iovine gain them as a special advisor that they don't already have. Probably not that much.The real issue is that the way folks want to interact and pay for content is changing and nothing can really change that. You go with the flow or you lose. The music world already has it figured out that folks don't want to pay per track or even album but want a buffet of content for as cheap as possible
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