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 If this is where you go to decide then yes it is a disaster. Because folks around sites like this love to crap talk like it's candy. Rarely do they talk about what they like because that's just as not fun.  If you want an iPad, get it, use it and decide for yourself if the system works for you, the GUI sucks etc. That's why they give you two weeks to return it (assuming you get it from Apple) and no open box charge. 
 That's too much work. We simply must be able to search and then hold down on the results list to delete. This is vital. Second only to quick reply and having an accessible file system. It might even be more important than those
 To those that insist that iOS simply must have a Finder, perhaps. But the average person doesn't put a zillion apps on their devices. Or if they do they organize a bit so they can find things. Or simply put up with a bit more work as just part of the game. 
 probably not a shock that tabloid mags are the biggest offenders. TV guide and sports illustrated follow close behind from what I can tell.  My last move I cancelled everything and went emag for what I really had to have. Or just read it at the library across the street.  Now if I could just get rid of the excess store flyers. I don't mind getting from the two shops I go to. Or Bed Bath and Beyond cause of the coupons. But the rest can hang
 Cheaper to send fewer, more fine tuned, mailers than blanket everyone. Someone might be wanting to appeal to the type of folks that would buy from Apple. Although with everyone buying iPhones etc these days, that 'exclusive, upper crust' notion is far gone. Maybe back in the day when it was just the 'overpriced' computers. 
 That is a time when I would agree it is uncalled for. Especially the phone number. If they insisted I would demand to speak to a manager to explain why I am no longer shopping with Best Buy. 
 Yes and no. Apple's lawyers will have to at least file a motion to dismiss. They will likely cite a lack of evidence they sold anything, combined with legal statutes and credit card contracts that give them permission to ask for zip codes for address verification. They will probably pull out some kind of evidence that the zip codes are passed to the credit servers and not recorded on the transaction journal to seal it.  The lawyers for the other side will be given a...
 More like, if you have, you can't prove it was from Apple and not a magazine subscription etc. One of the reasons that I have gone digital magazine as much as possible is because I can prove they were selling my address. How? Because I will intentionally mess up my name just so i can track when I get junk mail. Each new magazine I might double up a letter, leave out a letter, whatever. I keep a list on them. Every new mag at least one piece of junk mail has turned up.  By...
 No they don't. They did for a while but stopped that like 2-3 years ago. Probably in part due to the fact that they had way more online transactions to cull such info from so they didn't need the stores to get them anything. 
 Actually that suit was not frivolous at all. Folks like to harp on this notion that she sued because her clothes got wet. She sued because she was injured, due to that McDonalds making their coffee way above appropriate temperatures. And it turned out that it was policy at McDonalds, Starbucks and several other places. 
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