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Good is rather subjective. A lot of folks might say that Coldplay's stuff isn't good. Or even U2
Yaoband. They love their ipads and they have a connection with Apple from being featured in a Verse story
I agree that they aren't likely to preload an album, but a code to get it free inside each iphone sure. A talk about Project (Red) and a video, yep. U2 being they losing band, why not
I wonder about the function issue as well. I think it looks rather dumb really with it only on one side. Looks like someone put the screen on wrong. The limiting use of the phone to only holding it in one hand seems like a bad move. As does having touch buttons, rather than physical ones. too any bad presses it seems to me would occur.  And yes I agree with the implied notion that this might not be cool enough to counter issues if the general screen isn't improved. 
oh my gawd, you got the scoop on the new iPhone etc a week earlier. so -- oh wait that's Samsung, not Apple. Hard up for page hits that you would play the whole "its relevant cause it could be an iPhone killer" gambit to explain why APPLEinsider is making something by Samsung page one news? Survey says yes. I mean at least cover some discussion that actually ties the two together and makes it more than just a barfing up of what reads like a Samsung press release.
There is no proof that this is a twice. For all we know the issue is that Apple is forced to use a TWC connection to the trunk lines and just like so many of us residential customers, that connection took a crap. Remember last week when TWC had that big outage. There are likely after effects and Apple could have been a victim of one of them
 No one has proven that Apple's statement they were not hacked is false (versus folks using crappy passwords which means they were hacked, not Apple) or that this LE software was part of the game. I mean for all we know only a handful of victims were off iCloud and they were actually all from finding the id and password on a sticky note an assistant stupidly tossed in the bin or similar stupid.  And the hackers that claimed it was from iCloud would do so cause Apple gets...
its Apple, of course it's news. Apple gets page hits after all
you mean during a time when the media is gaga for all things Apple. yep, just a tad suspicious
 They won't. Telling who is a major privacy issue. And telling how is a major security one.  The only response they might give is one last update to iOS 6 and iOS 7 and perhaps some better testing of what folks are using as iCloud passwords. Make certain folks aren't using their names, common words etc. After all, how security would theothergeoff@icloud.com be if the password was Theothergeoff1
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