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but does nothing for my time warner connection which is off line half the time and slower than an elderly snail the rest.
I know some folks will think that this is over the top but I rather side with Samsung. Not so much with the whole notion that the video is validating Apple's patents but just a general notion that no brand name or logo from any company should be shown. There are plenty of fake products out there in prop houses with fake OS that could have and perhaps should have been used.
Seems to me that some folks are over thinking this. Why did MS go iOS before Android? Might be nothing more than PR. iOS users have been screaming for the programs for ages and naysayers have been saying MS will neve do it because it's the only thing the Surface has as a selling point. No one using Android had made similar claims. So by releasing the iOS version MS is saying hell no to the scared claims, which they don't need to do with Android
I highly doubt that Apple is selling anything that they are losing money on. Breaking even as a tool to get more folks invested in the iTunes ecosystem, perhaps. But not flat out selling at a loss. They can afford to but I just don't see it happening. Or if they are losing money it's not more than a few cents a unit.
 Guess it never occurred to you that they are releasing in the Fall because that is when the product is ready. They don't control the time tables at all the suppliers, they have to work around that. 
"It should be noted that the publication is notorious for being the source of numerous Apple-related rumors, many of which turn out to be incorrect." That is all I need to see. This is likely totally wrong as most DigiTimes things are. They are unlikely to put Retina in the Air. More likely they won't and the Air will become the new MacBook and the Pro will eventually be just the Retina models.
All of iTunes needs better metadata and searching. There should not be things like mixing up books by two artists with similar names. Especially when one does grade school art how to books and the other is erotica
 In some cases you are correct that parents need to be responsible. Which is why some refund requests have been refused. Like the UK guy whose 13 year old racked up almost 4000 pounds in game IAP over about six months. It was clear from the timing that it wasn't a case of Daddy downloaded a game etc. The kid knew the password and likely what he was doing. Dad wasn't looking at his credit card bills or apparently his email to see the receipts. Until he got a call from the...
Them: But the iPad is a toy. It can't be used for 'real work'. Me:
This war only seems to exist with bloggers. Page fodder perhaps. Apple certainly isn't 'at war'. Which is why they haven't rushed to at least announce things. They have been very clear over the years this isn't a zero sum game to them and they aren't afraid of other companies plans, products or wins. Oh and Android Wear has hardly had millions of sales so I'm not sure it qualifies as 'significant opposition' at this time. Same with the rest
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