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SSD drives don't have the storage of HDD especially for that kind of price. So it does make sense to keep it around for those that want a lot of local storage. At least until SSD go up in size and down in price. Until then, Apple will continue to adjust the price as component prices go down. Which could help to grab folks that are borderline on the Apple V Windows thing but go to Windows cause the prices are way lower. Better to have their higher lines cannabilized by a...
This is an interesting idea however the last thing we really need is yet another network. This as a feature in Instagram might have made more sense. Cleaning up their apps would also help. It's insane that any app, especially for social media, doesn't have a tablet version. But there are several
They need to do something about their metadata in all stores as much as this kind of thing. And bring back Ping but doit right. It was a good idea they just dropped it rather than develop it
In a way it makes sense. Federal court decisions generally set precedent for state courts. So if the state case goes to trial with a federal lose, the judge is more likely to find against Apple based on precedent.HOWEVER, if the appeal goes In Apple's favor then the precedent sets up that Apple is not guilty and therefore should pay nothing because they owe nothing.The reduced business is likely the amount they would 'lose' if they were to refund any costs over $9.99 on...
Let's not forget that she's also the judge that said, before looking at any of the evidence, that the DOJ was going to have no issue proving their case.
i'd be careful about reading too much into the whole "deal with Visa" bit. It might not be a one stop wallet gig at all but rather just working out the deers needed to have a passbook card version of your credit cards. Once the card is available and merchants and Visa have the terms worked out then places might start talking such a card in place of a physical one. Add to this things like Starbucks, Apple etc where you can already pay with a 'local' card and there is your...
Hmmm now this rumor is making me think that Apple isn't making anything at all in terms of a physical object. But rather has created tech that will help other companies to make MFi smart watches. And perhaps Timex and Swatch are the first couple of companies that are joining in and will be the ones demo'd at the big iOS event in the Fall when the iPhone and iPad (and hopefully a new Apple TV) are introduced.
Basically everyone of those questions is either the fault of the way a third party app was designed, a user issue or actually exists. If these folks are going to make such claims they need to show their proof. I mean they have combed every line of code to know what's there right. So spill it. And do the homework to know what's iOS, user or an app
My guess is no. Those restrictions are set up due to copyright deals so Apple isn't going to do anything that facilitates the easy skirting of the setup. So it will likely be that you can only refill a store account in the country of that account.
Per that final comment, Apple will gain this trademark via filing a lawsuit or having one filed. Because that is actually what happened with Cisco. Apple tried to buy the trademark since Cisco wasn't actively using it. But Cisco said no and then turned around and announced a product under the name iPhone just days before they were going to lose the mark legally for non use. Apple had filed to gain the mark when Cisco's right had officially expired so Cisco sued to stop it,...
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