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iTunes Radio isn't that shitty. Especially for a year one product. These reports sound more like folks being bitter that their suggestions were not taken and the final product want the way they would have done it
If you really have a potential suit I'm sure you could find a lawyer willing to take it pro bono as a class action.
I don't doubt that Apple will mention CarPlay as it is a major initiative. But it will only be a focus in regards to the 'review' side of things. They have the cars there to visually promote the idea that CarPlay isn't just in dowdy Eco-cars etc
 could they be bitter cause the local Apple store never called them for that interview? 
 I doubt it. Xcode isn't exactly a new item in need of hiding.  My guesses would be Healthbook, the home platform, perhaps something to do with the Apple TV. The latter I could see being hidden if they are mixing up the hardware in a major way. Like if that mockup of a space grey unit that looks similar the 5S was legit. I didn't like the white one cause that would reflect light in a darkened room, but the space grey with perhaps black glass edges for antennae reception...
 Except that its called the iWatch (and folks thought it was going to be a real watch)
Two issues here, 1. Chitika doesn't have access to everyone so their numbers are suspect 2. Correlation doesn't equal casualty. The headline wants us to think that iOS 8 has anything to do with this. the SSL bug, the followup iMessage/Facetime issue, and the inability to upgrade iOS 6 on a device that can update to iOS 7 have more to do with the adoption
My thought is that this was never real. It's very typical for reforms to hit whore by pulling rumors out of their butts and then when it gets close to time to find out it was a lie, they fake a claim of 'delays'.
Clean up the UI, including getting the apps into a store so we can pick what we want to fill our tiny little storage with. Better pricing, quality and release timing. Bring back Extras (as Steve promised when the 2nd gen came out) and get more audio/subs etc in there. Movies should mirror what's on the disk. TV shows the same. Encourage production companies to put features on shows. Have 'complete my season' type options for movie bundles, TV box sets etc. Direct...
I call BA. Cutting off titles etc is NOT acting on the customers behalf
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