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most folks are likely to feel that way
As a bisexual female I disagree,up to a point. And that point is this. I believe that states should be mandated to allow "marriage" in the sense of a legal union regardless of it being a domestic legal partnership between a man&woman or two men or two women. Equal rights across the board including health insurance coverage, inheritance, adopting kids and so on.What I don't agree with is the notion that churches should be forced to recognize or bless anything they disagree...
I think even you are smart enough to know that the "among iPhone models" was implied.
You are wrong. There is no such thing as an iWatch. You claim to have read apples website so you should know this.
Apple is unlikely to support something like that due to the security issue and it will cannabalize the watch
 When it is YOUR money and YOUR taxes so if it's such a huge deal to YOU then by all means, fire your CPA over it. But if its my money and I don't give a shit that my CPA wants paper it's none of your business. 
As I understand it, because of how Apple Pay is set it it is considered 'card present' at least in the US. We'll see if that is also true for other countries when they launch
 Companies like Gap Inc are also partners. And I might be willing to use the app for them cause I have a Gap credit card. But not if I still have to attach a checking account number (apparently they don't work with the major credit card companies). 
I don't mind the notion they want a system that can also handle their loyalty cards. But I question how safe my data is in their cloud. That gives me major pause so if I have to go to one of those shops I'll just use my card like before.
If multiple phones isn't fixing the issue it isn't likely to be hardware. Especially since this is a scant number of complaints compared to the number of phones out there. My brand new, never been dropped, spilled on etc iPad Mini 2 has had this issue a few times. Like maybe four times in the week I have owned it. I have about 300 apps on it, many of which haven't yet released an iOS 8 update. In truth I'm not really worried about it
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