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just because he hasnt told you the roadmap doesnt mean there isnt one. Apple has never been a company to discuss things until they are done deals.
why should the world act like he's obligated to tell it to the world. cant those bigots just be mad at him for being a gay friendly straight manthe really nasty part is that it is a highly vocal jerk part of the gay community that pushes this whole "if you are gay you must tell" attitude about public figures. if you arent out to the world you are ashamed of being gay blah blah. and they have the right to out you against your wishes
No it didnt NEED to be said, and Tim's career hasnt been held hostage by his being or not being gay. No one ever siad "Tim Cook coulld be a great leader if he wasnt gay".as for your "just be" comment, how was he not. people need to get off the sexuality issue. Hes not a GAY CEO. He's a CEO who happens to be gay. judge him by what he has done, not who he does
He wasnt silent. he spoke out against such laws. It isnt any less if the speaker is straight, gay etc. Sexuality is a private issue and despite the attitudes of folks like you, public figures do have the same privacy rights. It is the dark side of the internet that we can get so much information because now some people believe it is owed to us. it is not.
If you ignore his cancer yes. but once that came into the picturew the media made it THE thing. Most of them didnt believe there was Apple without Steve. Ignoring that he didnt design, build and program everything all by himself
so being openly gay is required to be a role model?he couldnt be a role model as a gay supporting non gay. or just as a decent non gay human being.
I can understand why he didnt say anything and why it was a difficult choice. its really no ones business and yet now the media will hit whore off this and make it into a major issue for days. and so on. he never claimed to be anything so he didnt lie. it doesnt change if hes a decent person or his knowledge and skills as CEO.
they signed the contract of their own accord. so why did they do that if it was so bad. clearly they didnt think so back then. only after they failed did issues with it being a nasty contract come up
that is exactly why it was done now. hackers love companies who set themselves up for a bam hammer of hubris. MCX pushing this secured system was just asking for it. and got it
Apple Pay requires Touch ID, thus why you can use it on an iphone 5 even in apps. And since the info is only on the device you would have to find a way to obtain the device and then hack Touch ID. thus far the only 'hacks' have been successful fooling of the sxystem using a perfect lifted finger from the user. but how often will you find one of those on a phone you just snagged. and if the owner is savvy enough to realize they lost the phone they just go into icloud, put...
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