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 I can see h.265 but I don't see them putting in a camera that could do 4k in devices this year. Maybe 2k but 4k not until next year.  Now in the iTunes Store I hope to see h.265 since they can up the quality and keep the videos the same size. But I still don't think we'll see 4k on the devices (i.e. iPhone and iPads) this year. maybe a switch to 2k as a step to it. perhaps 4k on the Apple TV and Mac even if maybe only limited titles at first. Big stuff like the Marvels,...
 yep. I know a lot of folks think talking photos with an iPad is lame but given its larger field of vision sometimes it is the better choice (it's all about not being an donkey's beret when you do it). so it would be nice if it had a similar level of quality. Front one included. 
 I wouldn't want to see it go back down but I do agree that the 8-12 MP range is as good as it needs to get for the common user. Especially if they deal with low light etc (video included). if they could work out a way to have lens attach (magnet around the lens cover?) that wouldn't be bad either. the 5% of users that are pro or think they are pro photographers/videographers can get a 'real' camera and do something about the front camera
That's impossible. Apple is on a downward slide to failure since Steve died. Kane said so in his/her book. Kane wrote for WSJ and they are the true experts
Sounds like typical WSJ nonsense
I believe the exact phrase was that LAUNCH sales were lower than expected.,nothing about how it fared as time continued. They haven't had any big write offs like the first surface so I doubt it's the failure that many claim.I suspect this is more about getting rid of the 30 pin than anything else.
Apple has iAds for apps so of course they would shut down any other service they could. What I wish is that they would open it up to a web version like AdSense.
That doesn't make sense. Rumors start that Apple is making a real TV. That would potentially slow sales as folks that want an Apple TV Set wouldn't buy a TV until that is out. So now that the rumors have stopped, seemingly telling us that there is no real TV Set, wouldn't folks go ahead and buy that new one
 they can't do the iMat until they release the 'delayed' iBoard
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