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The lawyers knew this would be the result. Just like Cote has refused all appeals etc. But it's the rules of the game. Now they can go up the ladder without higher authorities auto kicking it because they didn't properly appeal to the original court
This talk has been hashed out for how many years now. And Apple hasn't produced. Because they don't want to. They have even started 'we don't do cheap'. 2013 was supposed to be the year of us finally getting a 'cheap' iPhone for those emerging markets. We got the 5C and new payment schemes. And yet the analysts haven't sorted out that it isn't going to happen. Do they really need Tim Cook etc to flat out say 'Dudes it isn't happening, SFTU%u2018 for them to get a clue
Internet petitions hold little weight. It's best to go to www.apple.com/feedback and send it directly to apple. Remind them that Steve said at the time of the Apple TV Gen 2 release that extras would be returning.
It's not.That said, there are some ridiculous moves with. All media. Exclusive deals, insane pricing on movies etc.But they need to be industry wide, not targeting one company. What's good for the goose is good for Amazon. I mean the gander
Not Apples style. They don't ignore a potential market nor do they pretend to be working on something to screw with the competition.We know they have at least considered several things because they filed for patents related to them. They likely also prototyped many, which could be where some of these rumors came up. Someone sees the prototypes and erroneously assumes they are intended to go to market. But many things tested get turned down in favor of letting others like...
The rumors started like a year ago so Samsung may have been reacting to the early chatter.
That implies that you know how long it should take. You don't.
A rumor about alleged issues for a not announced and possibly nonexistent product from a source with a proven track record of pulling things out of thin air. Yeah I'm going to get worked up about this. Not
It can't hurt. Although for many a clone done once a month to a hard drive that is locked in a box and kept at the office, parents house etc is likely fine. Especially if it is an additional layer.
Because it is legal protocol. Apple has to play by the rules or have any higher case rejected because they didn't.
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