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U2 is so last decade. They are going to have Yaoband perform. On the new iPad even. 
 I'm more curious about this pop up building they are putting up. Needing lead time for whatever that is could be the reason for the early invitation release. Something like that would start folks checking calendars and rumors that perhaps Apple isn't using their old haunts. So why not just spill it now
I suspect its a little bit of trolling. They want to be sure they get the A Team not the B Team cause the A is going to the Samsung announcement or whatever. So they confirm a little early. It's been so leaked already what's the harm
 While you are probably correct a part of me thinks they should have waited and released this with iOS 8 so they could have all that yummy Metal power going. Couldn't hurt to have that extra kick.  I'm rather hoping this goes over at least semi well so that other titles may be released. After all, if folks want gaming on the Apple TV, I doubt they just want Angry Birds. 
It makes sense that they would rebid. They didn't do anything wrong given the lack of evidence. it was whoever that wrote the specs that is the fault in this. Sounds like whoever that was really really wanted it to be iPads and wrote the specs to suit. Rather than writing them based on research of what the district needs and the iPad happening to fit the bill. That said, I rather hope they aren't trying to do a one size fits all scheme. Because frankly the needs of...
I for one wouldn't mind seeing them just go to one adapter for all iOS devices. Make things a lot easier. And this alleged new charger is a lot sexier than the current 12W.
Translation: We started a rumor a while back that the new iPhones were only going to have one backlight piece and now we found out that they are almost certainly going to have two just like all the other phones before. We don't want to look dumb so we are now making up rumors that it was going to have one, cause we were right about that, but due to an 'issue' its going to have to have two after all. Not our fault, we didn't cause 'the issue'.    Same as the delays in...
It's tacky and tasteless that Samsung is using this charity/awareness tactic as a marketing trick. But you know a number of iPhones have survived being dunked or doused in water over the years. It's all about the type of water and whether they are allowed to dry before being used again (putting a charge through damp wires will short them). So really their waterproofing isn't that huge of a deal. Most damage is drop damage from what I have seen and they haven't said they...
It's not just the apps. Those were created by someone or some company and they choose to create for iOS. Why? Why not make an android version instead or in addition. Perhaps because of the infrastructure. Apple has created systems for distributing apps publicly and in house, they created Configurator. Plus the lack of malware, built in restrictions, etc. These things might be what enticed the app developers to go iOS and the equal lack of might be making them not jump into...
Why is this even in the story. What does it have to do with Cooks visit or the use of ipads. Nothing. It seems to be there only to fulfill some weird quota that there has to be some kind of scandal in all stories AI posts
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