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This is classic. Push out a rumor, find out it's way false but to drag it out have rumors that it's delayed, pushed back etc. Then in no couple of weeks when folks patience is running out, announce that Bests and Apple couldn't come to an agreement and the deal is off.
I'll believe all of this when the sources aren't the NY Post and Financial Times
Because they don't want to spread to thin being the end all and be all.
Apple care for iPads is generally two years from date of purchase. If you are a school now it's three years.
Some analyst does a report and misses the big ass detail that all retail drops after the holidays. December is the biggest shopping time of the year
Not at my office. Everything is on Macs went to other offices that use macs so we just use iWork. Or it's something that is a PDF so the other side can't alter it. Or a script which is either PDF or Final Draft.We are not the norm sure, but there are probably a few offices like us out there. Just depends on what industry you are talking toPs. Check your dictionary, I don't think that's the word you meant to use. Perhaps ubiquitous?
A lot of folks like to use that argument but when you buy it out right you are atill paying for the privilege of using it. Just at a different rate. Crunch the numbers and is it really that much different in costs. Sure if you buy a copy and use it for six years without any updates you might notice. But many folks don't do that, they reup with every version.If you really don't want to pay to play then you should be torrenting etc.
 To a degree yes. If the nets won't approve the extension of content contracts Apple can't put said materials up. If the developers don't sign up for making Apple TV worthy versions of their games, what's the point of Apple bothering with that direction if they are even thinking about it. They can change the UI but that isn't really going to drive sales since folks aren't spending all their time staring at that. They go through it in a few seconds to content
 It didn't really hurt sales which is the whole point of those events. To introduce things to the media to get them to drum up business to make sales.  As for people's budgets, the only ones that would really be bothered are those that have to have the latest and greatest the moment it comes out.  Most folks don't. And those that do know the score so they know to save up for that big hit
 And yet they keep making more and more money. So maybe Tim doesn't need to "put up". Perhaps the real issue is that the other companies aren't making as much on any one product so they have to keep releasing something new to get sales constantly coming in Keep in mind that under Steve they weren't releasing a new product line every year either. Even skipping the Lisa, there were huge gaps between the first desktop (Jan 1984) and first laptop (Sept 1989), Newton (1993)...
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