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Per that final comment, Apple will gain this trademark via filing a lawsuit or having one filed. Because that is actually what happened with Cisco. Apple tried to buy the trademark since Cisco wasn't actively using it. But Cisco said no and then turned around and announced a product under the name iPhone just days before they were going to lose the mark legally for non use. Apple had filed to gain the mark when Cisco's right had officially expired so Cisco sued to stop it,...
I've been saying for a while that the 'delays' in updates are likely because Apple would insist on verifying all reports so no one can prank the system. Seems I was right. What might be better, at least for bigger companies etc, might be a way for them to proactively update their information. They close a shop or move it or build one, they can tell Apple directly and get it fixed right away. Same perhaps with road closures etc from governments so that driving directions...
 Kind of like someone's post lunch 'purge' this afternoon. and they even smell about the same
 someone that actually uses logic. It's so refreshing.  And spot on.  Yes it is possible, even likely, that Apple is going to work in this tech somehow but what an app does means zilch to what Apple is up to. Hell for all we know, the tech they bought helped them to create Metal and that's all they wanted it for
A college professor doesn't get that just because they asked the question doesn't mean the final answer was yes. They asked in order to know if it was worth their time to do any R&D. Who knows what answer that produced. Might have been a yes, might have been no, a whole display isn't feasible. So they will just use it for the camera lens plate and maybe home button
The FTC required Apple to refund all purchases that fit the bill and hadn't already been refunded. So it would likely be that fine plus full refunds. So yeah it might sting a bit
With Apple at least it was more a case of uneducated parents. They had restrictions built in with iOS from when the first iPad released. But not everyone bothered to learn all the bits about the software and missed that part. Which is why from day one they were willing to do a one time exception to the 'all sales are final' and refund purchases, with a required lesson that the parental contrails are there. If parents didn't use them no second time. Or in cases where it was...
When a rumored product gets delay rumors that means either 1. It is legit as are the delays 2. The analysts etc are hearing rumors that there is proof they were full of crap about some or all details and they are covering their butts. The latter is almost always the truth. Case in point, Munster and his TV
All of which can been turned off by the user. So what's the issue
Good. What's good for the goose. Apple got slammed despite having included restrictions etc and giving out refunds when reasonable. So why shouldn't all other players get the eyeball. Same with Amazon etc.
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