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Sounds like typical WSJ nonsense
I believe the exact phrase was that LAUNCH sales were lower than expected.,nothing about how it fared as time continued. They haven't had any big write offs like the first surface so I doubt it's the failure that many claim.I suspect this is more about getting rid of the 30 pin than anything else.
Apple has iAds for apps so of course they would shut down any other service they could. What I wish is that they would open it up to a web version like AdSense.
That doesn't make sense. Rumors start that Apple is making a real TV. That would potentially slow sales as folks that want an Apple TV Set wouldn't buy a TV until that is out. So now that the rumors have stopped, seemingly telling us that there is no real TV Set, wouldn't folks go ahead and buy that new one
 they can't do the iMat until they release the 'delayed' iBoard
Truth: DigiTimes is full of crap. They have no idea what they are talking about. They have nothing to back up that this iPad Pro was ever real and nothing to tell them what Apple is planning to do with the sapphire or how much the plant can make
They are pushing the idea of Preview and TextEdit because they can save to iCloud. But I don't buy that as proof I suspect that the Healthbook thing could be kind of correct. Like Passbook it won't likely be an app but an view of bits from apps. What I would like to see if for them to take both 'books' and add a newsstand spin in them so the apps rest in a folder 'under' the front screen.
Guess this is what Eric meant by "pretty sure"
ALL of which are bogus as they miss that the lock is on the server. And that forum in particular is full of folks saying the trick just tosses phone into recovery modeThere is only one way to bypass the lock. Be lucky enough to steal an iOS device where the email used for the id is also on the device and the owner doesn't have a passcode. Then you can, if you are quick enough, request a password reset and retrieve the email etc before the owner can remote wipe phone.
Not on an Apple ID. System blocks such combos.
New Posts  All Forums: