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Apple Pay requires Touch ID, thus why you can use it on an iphone 5 even in apps. And since the info is only on the device you would have to find a way to obtain the device and then hack Touch ID. thus far the only 'hacks' have been successful fooling of the sxystem using a perfect lifted finger from the user. but how often will you find one of those on a phone you just snagged. and if the owner is savvy enough to realize they lost the phone they just go into icloud, put...
If you want to use your default card you dont even have to unlock. get it within say two inches of the 'tap' and it will open card and ask for touch id
Keep in mind that Apple doesnt have your card numbers on the device or in their cloud. thats part of why they cant support double charges etc.So even if icloud is compromised your info isnt there
yep. they just sent out a noice they were hacked. but no worries its only email addresses. they dont get that "just email addresses" still opens up accounts to password cracking, phishing etc, which exposes finanacial info.
He avoids mentioning sharing transaction data. and what about the email i got about a security leak on that cloud. am i supposd to trust their cloud with my financials knowing they are getting hacked before they even launch
While you are correct there are issues with when and how much they are doing it. In some areas folks get cut more than half after only a couple of gigs. That's not cool
given that Cook said folks will likely need to charge it every day BECAUSE THEY WILL USE IT SO MUCH i suspect they have that issue covered.not sure what rumor site you got that off of but we were shown how how it charges in the keynote and its not a stand, dish etc.
hes referring to the industry more than the end user. and yes it is tragically trapped in the past in a number of ways including the notion of a tv season, the whole ratings system, global restrictions. Much of the trouble is the networks themselves and in particular their cable contracts. but they are starting to wise up and as the contracts expire they are thinking stand alone options etc. thats why HBO and Starz are talking about this now even though users have been...
most folks are likely to feel that way
As a bisexual female I disagree,up to a point. And that point is this. I believe that states should be mandated to allow "marriage" in the sense of a legal union regardless of it being a domestic legal partnership between a man&woman or two men or two women. Equal rights across the board including health insurance coverage, inheritance, adopting kids and so on.What I don't agree with is the notion that churches should be forced to recognize or bless anything they disagree...
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