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I am not buying this tale in the word of some no name site with alleged sources. Sure PayPal might have been interested but Apple likely said no cause they intend for their service to make things like PayPal moot. Especially for online ordering.
or you go into the settings and turn off cell use for such things. even just turning off auto play videos on cellular saves a ton. no need to know just how much data sucking its doing now what isn't in there that might be useful would be a breakdown of wifi v cellular activity and its battery drain. It might be useful to know, for example, that while Facebook is 35% of your battery drain 30% of said drain is when using Facebook on cellular. So perhaps you should turn off...
The vote isn't what matters. Yes they might have said that you need a warrant to get into a cell phone etc. The issue is that after the FBI gets the warrant. The criminal can't be forced to punch in the passcode (at least at this point) cause case law has backed up notion that it would be forcing them to self incriminate which is a constitutional issue. And now Apple says there are no backdoors. if the owner won't put in the passcode they can't break in. so if there's no...
video cameras with audio, infared/night vision modes. in all homes from several angles in each room. 24/7 recordings. and lets not forget the microchips so they always know where we are. 
the issue is that even with a warrant there is no way to unlock a passcoded phone. Apple allegedly had a way but they have killed it. or so they claim and the FBI believes this to be true. They can get into an iCloud account but if a criminal isn't using iCloud there is nothing that can be done. Same as if said criminal is encrypting their iTunes backups and doesn't give up the password or has forgotten it. Apple can't break that block. 
what this really comes down to is that the FBI doesn't like that they will have to work harder to get what they need to nail someone. just like before smart phones were around. if he really thinks Apple etc are doing something wrong he can try to sue, bring them up on charges etc.
they knew exactly where to look so it was probably child's play to find the commas that should have been periods. typical apple to under promise and over deliver on time frames. I bet half the computer repairs they take in are done within 48 hours but they still quote 3-5 days all the time. same game
So they didnt ignore it. They were told about it. They responded. Just because tthey didn't put in s lockout doesn't mean they were doing nothing. Beside a lockout is a placebo in many respects because someone can still use piss poor security questions or phish for passwords. And there is still no proof of exactly how those few celeb accounts were accessed to know if this flaw was s factor. Heck we don't even know how many accounts there were that were actually iCloud ones
That may not have been an issue at all. The server may have kicked back any error that would bar updating to save your butt in case that software would also cause issues with the iPad.
I will love this if it means an actual magazine format that could be downloaded to the computer or iOS devices, saves for later rereading, take notes if it's a journal etc
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