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one question though. as I understand it this need to resign apps is tied to the whole 10.10 release. As in if you don't do it then your app even if in the MAS won't pass through gatekeeper.    but if this was tied to some security breach 'a while ago' wouldn't they have demanded the resigning of apps and now. Why have folks potentially in danger cause of the swiped keys for weeks
RAM isn't the whole issue. Efficient processors and operating system can compensate for 'less' RAM. Inefficient ones can remain so no matter how many dozens of GB of RAM you put in the device. This is something that Apple might understand even if bloggers, users etc don't. And perhaps even Samsung either doesn't get it or they know that the average person doesn't so they stuff in more RAM than is being efficiently used to impress users who don't know better.
Actually for once someone is being logical. Every other analyst is creaming his shorts over this notion that Apple is going to go all sapphire on the new display phones. But is it ready for primetime. And is it costly at a level that makes it appropriate. Apple is loathe to raise retail costs more than perhaps $30-50 if they really really must. Can they still have a decent profit and increase the internal specs and do these fancy screens.  this guy is saying perhaps not....
The issue isn't if it "mattermake no mistake, the issue isn't if it 'matters'. The issue is one thing and one thing only. Will something potentially generate page hits. If the answer is yes then it will be posted. Because that is what these sites are about. Getting page hits and tons of them and the ad revenue that comes with. Not telling news. Sites like this, like Macrumors etc, are the web version of Joe Fox Sr, it's all about the money.
I wouldn't be surprised if artists that sign up directly for sales on iTunes get or will soon get an option to allow their tracks on either or both services with clear reporting of how many plays right along how many sales and so on. Which would be a good thing
 They just got clearance to finalize the deal like a month ago. Give them some time. As for the subject at hand, i think that it's good that its being looked at. Get one set of rules going with limits on both sides to ensure that neither party can easily screw over the other. Hopefully some limits will also be put in so that artists don't get cut out of funds with these deals. 
Old feature. It's at least on 5s
I would like to see a breakdown of who applies. And for what jobs. If the bulk of the folks applying for say "Genius" are white and male then it's not a shock that the bulk of the folks hired are also. But if say 50% of the applicants are female and only 5% of the folks hired are female (assuming that more than 5% have the required education etc) then something does seem rather off. And part of why I want to know that detail is the notion that hiring to be diverse is just...
It's a bandaid. There are other ways to turn a profit so will this really stop the thefts. Laws requiring cops to follow up on thefts where such tracking exists and prosecuting the thief might put a stop to them. But the kill switch really does nothing
Yep. And it's a rather lame argument really. A lot of what they are saying as advantages of the Surface are because its a tablet. If you put it up against the iPad, many of the arguments like the touchscreen and the pen drop away. Even the keyboard does since there are keyboards for the iPad if one chooses to use it. 
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