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Given the limited selection and the inclusion of this other company, I wonder if these are refurbs. Might explain why they are able to offer such huge discounts. Apple doesn't typically let anyone offer quite that much off in a new model especially for what doesn't appear to be a limited time thing.
In one day we have Android L with several features that appear to be inspired by iOS, Android TV, Android in the Car and AndroidWatch. And they say only Samsung is copying Apple's playbook
No and no.DVR is covered, so long as it is just your personal use, under the fair use exemption that goes back to the Betamax days.Those apps were set up by the copyright holders per their rights.
I do believe that the copyright rights include "distribute" as well so yeah Aereo is at fault. Pretty obvious really. Which is not to say that change isn't needed but their tact was not the right one. We need the FCC etc to change the rules of play. Kill the oligopoly, etc
If Apple is serious about this they can start in house. We've seen photos of Jony's design team etc, there are women in those groups. Put one of the on stage during the fall keynote, even if just for a demo. Not the male, male, male that was WWDC. Yes it seems on the surface like a token gesture but that token shows that yes there are women working at Appke and not just in Cafe Mac
Yep. It's not the glasses part that is the issue. It's the bulky side piece. They should be trying to go retro with a a big plastic "nerd" frame where all the bits are inside that frame than this 'sunglasses with a giant tech zit'.Hipsters love the nerd spec look so they would jump for it.And if google could figure out a way to protect onto the lens and not into the eye they would probably have fewer complaints of headaches etc.
Does anyone know of a cam similar to this that records to,your own computer. I don't want to spend a small fortune but I need the recorded video.
"First, a third-party application must be downloaded from the iOS App Store," This I do NOT like. I don't mind it all having to go through the same checks etc but it shouldn't require us to have to have an app. Just create some kind of plug in system that works directly out of the settings.
 Mildly facetious but there is a good point in there. The percent of iPhones versus other brands or the whole is lowering due to the flooding of the market with tons of new Android etc models. So it's possible that some of the change in figures is merely due to whats out there to be stolen. 
 I would say that it does and does not have to do with both. SOME thefts might have been stanched by such measures as 'professional' thieves have found that they can't ebay etc the phone due to these tactics and public awareness that they exist.  But at the same time, I think they have little to do with it as well. With these measures in place there has also been a rise in media talking about the theft risk and folks could just be more careful about pulling out their...
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