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it might be another five years before any of this could happen. there are a ton of regulations just in the US to make something like this work just working with the banks. if you are acting in place of them the ton becomes several.  Which is part of why Apple doesn't want to be a bank, an ISP, a cell service company etc. 
I don't doubt that Apple is working on improvements to music of the same ilk that h.265 is giving video. But it seems like a lot of these comments from Bono are really old. So they don't perhaps support that Apple AND Bono are working on anything together or aren't.
I would still rather see these not require an app. Seems an odd and unnecessary step. Just be able to go into settings rather like we do with ringtones to access a special 'store' for these keyboards, emoji/stickers, language support packs etc.
Then learn how your toys work and how to turn off things like automatic downloads. Because THAT is what pushed the album to your devices. 
The lack of a launch in China has nothing to do with this issue. They can't launch it in China because the phones won't have required approvals. Basically the Chinese version of the FCC needs to give the phones a gold stamp before they can be sold in the country and they haven't yet. 
Nope. Not in USYou can argue that something is too vague and get patent invalidated. Or that you made major improvement and this created a new invention. Argue that your invention came from another source. And so on
This patent was filed before the acquisition. Making the better interpretation that Apple saw the idea, thought they could do better and was never really a contender in any sales attempts
Don't get too excited, Apple files dozens of patents a year and many never appear in an Apple product. Those that do don't always do so as they were first filed
How if only Apple could invoke the same fight between ISPs. If there was competition they would have to improve service, reduce rates etc
The trouble with this kind of ad is that it falls apart when you consider that Paypal is just as susceptible to phishing etc.
New Posts  All Forums: