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Of course he is going to claim he is just following orders and the issue is Apple. This is his job on the line. But if he's sticking his nose places it doesn't below, denying employees legal rights etc then it deserves to be uncovered and shut down. Even if it means going to the top. So of course Apple isn't going to back down since that is how they feel. I can't blame them really. I still don't buy this crap that they were being anti trust when the judge kept saying...
It's a kids movie from a kids book. Most adults will find it boring due to the lack of real violence, sex or a complex storyline
It is highly unlikely they will ever do that. Why? Because it's not about the apps but rather the upgraded hardware. They want you to buy the newer devices so when you do you get this 'gift without purchase'. If they just give it to everyone folks have less reason to buy new hardware which is what they want since that is where they make money. Make no mistake Apple might not use making money as their major guideline but that is still their business.
 iOS doesn't have a common file system so a 'finder' app isn't all that useful. files live in the data folder for the app that is used to open them
 i agree on Handbrake, especially since VLC started having issues. I would much rather Mac OS was more plug in friendly and we could just download them for what formats we need. (same with iOS) but frankly i never found Onyx to be all that overwhelming. many functions just aren't that difficult to do 'manually' or that important in the grand scheme of things for most users. 
It would been better perhaps, from the customer POV, to give away an episode of a new show and not something two years old and possibly on Netflix etc. But look at it from the other side. Apple has to get the artist etc to agree to play since they are giving up money. And a free ep is a great way to try to entice new viewers. So ABC it is worth it to give up some cash.
Not sure where in Cali you were but here in LA I see dozens of iPhones and iPads a day and perhaps two Samsung, or even windows, a week
It's likely that such a solution would be controlled by software and thus could be hacked hacked also
Or this issue has already been addressed, if only indirectly by preventing the install access needed. Doesn't matter what a software can do if you can't get it on other folks machines
"though at this time it only affects MacBooks and iMacs manufactured prior to 2008 with built-in iSight cameras," Key phrase there. Just how many folks are running computers that old. And what affect does upgrading to a newer OS have on things. Plus what is required to get this firmware into the machine. If folks aren't installing Trojan horse software like fake versions of Flash will this be a concern
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