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 Even Cote stated that favored nation clauses aren't illegal. Nor are agency terms.  But then she turned around and declared what they did as collusion. There are reports that she ignored like half the evidence that disproved her pre-trial judgement that Apple would be proven guilty.  So maybe they don't. Maybe they don't deserve this over-reaching monitor etc. 
yep. its only sites and apps that voluntarily use their system. And they aren't necessarily common sites or apps. I know that Twitch.tv is one of the sites and presumably apps but that's hardly common use.  However the trend isn't a bad one. Even with their limited audience it would look bad if things were going slower. 
are you keeping the phone. if you aren't I wouldn't bother. Your new phone will load an iOS 8 backup just fine. And if it's on 8.4.1 I believe that has a jailbreak out, whereas 9.0 does not. If you are selling privately that can be a selling point
Seems to me that weather, stocks, compass and voice memo could all go just fine. the iPad doesn't have a built in weather app but Siri has no issue telling me that it's going to rain today. If I want anywhere but my local I can download an app. Compass could be a feature in maps. Voice memo could be melded into notes as a feature. probably better there cause then I can add description notes etc. Great for students Tips could be something downloaded for new users,...
classic shorting tactics. major negative ballyhoo to get folks to sell and lower the stock, then you buy back right when you know something huge is going to happen. If you are someone who was able to buy low originally and then sell high to start the short, you can win several times over. It's highly unlikely that the new iPhones won't sell, that the Apple finance plan won't be popular, that the iPad Pro won't make a decent showing (just needs one good 'major company buys...
I love my Apple TV but i don't see sales that high unless they get Netflix improved for a global audience, Hulu the same, some kind of cable sign in that's way cheaper than just getting cable and add some serious game fire power. Like Disney Infinity full version, Lego Dimensions, classic Nintendo titles etc. Otherwise gamers will keep buying their Xbox etc
as I understand it OIS required more space than the iPhone 6 had available for the camera (unless they wanted to kill half the battery) which is why it didn't get it. So unless the camera is physically smaller, that size level might not be capable until batteries can be a heck of a lot smaller
its not about shipping but rather clearance to sell from China's version of the FCC etc.  and who cares so long as it reaches them before the resellers can smuggle their stuff over so they get screwed
Android = 10 or so hardware companies so yeah it will have more market share. what matters most is the money. so what if "Android" has sold 1000 phones and Apple has sold only 100 if each Android phone makes 10 cents profit and the Apple phones make $1. Math works out in Apple's favor
I have a source that rold me that they are just getting rid of the annual price and the lame ass requirement that you buy a computer to get it. Instead the data migration will be like $30 and you can buy packs of lessons, at what will work out to being way over the $99 you pay for a year
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