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You don't get a phone replacement you get a camera replacement. So even if they gave refurbs for replacements you don't have to worry about that.
I could see this as possible. They may not have worked out the kinks in having a Force Touch display that large and really what else is there to be done. Release the iPad Mini they should have last year that matches the specs of the Air in the meantime. The whole iPad Pro might be vaporware or they might actually be about to release a larger tablet. Something tells me if they do it will be exactly like the Air but bigger. After the ire they got for the hobbled Mini I...
i can't run this on an iPhone so it's hardly a competitor. Companion is more like it. Apple Pay for folks using Apple phones and Samsung Pay for folks running Samsung. It's only an issue if Apple patented their system and it's not FRAND and Samsung did the exact same system infringing on Apple IP. Otherwise we should be praising them for wanting to see their users benefit from such transactions
While I don't agree with the whole lawsuit thing I will grant that they need to do a better job of having the system disconnect from Imessage and FaceTime when a device is wiped. And educating folks about things like "hey dude you have three iPhones connected to Imessage with this Apple ID. That means that your wife, kids etc might see all your texts" before it's an issue.
My first question would be "what did authorities do to try to stop this without resorting to needing iPhone data", cause they didn't have it for years and they still managed to hunt criminals etc down. So if they just tossed up their hands and did nothing cause they couldn't get the phone data I'm suing them, not Apple
Ad free, stop with the 'web only' and bring back full seasons and I'd go as high as $14.99
It's probably not a promo with a gift card etc but rather a redo to the discounts. They are rather lame as shit. I'm sure Apple can afford to give better than $50 off a freaking Air and $100 of a Pro or an iMac. I mean they give employees a friends and family discount of 15% off. So how about that but then actually do something about the scammers. Can't be that hard to say that to get it you have to register for a one time use code using a college email. Maybe they could...
If you set this up do not lose that recovery key. It can mean the difference between getting back in and not. When it drops with the new software it will be doubly important that you have your account info up to date along with your trusted devices. And remember that codes will go to all devices so be careful about sharing Apple IDs or losing track of a device. If you lose your iPhone, iPad etc go put it in lost mode so codes won't go to it.
Here's what I say. No laws requiring companies like Apple to build back doors. After all that would leave agents etc vulnerable since a back door invites hackers and it would actually give them something to find. Which they will But on the flip, apple etc can't sue or such to stop the FBI etc from hiring all the hackers they want to try to find a hole. They won't have to worry about the FBI leaking the details cause the first thing Apple will do is close the hole. And...
Losing your recovery key is a user error issue not an Apple one. I printed mine and did a screen shot and verified the shot worked before emailing it to myself and uploading a copy to my drop box. And that was all before I closed the window. Now without it folks will have call customer support, sit on hold for who knows how long, then get grilled for half an hour about all sorts of details to prove they are the real account holder and so on
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