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"First, a third-party application must be downloaded from the iOS App Store," This I do NOT like. I don't mind it all having to go through the same checks etc but it shouldn't require us to have to have an app. Just create some kind of plug in system that works directly out of the settings.
 Mildly facetious but there is a good point in there. The percent of iPhones versus other brands or the whole is lowering due to the flooding of the market with tons of new Android etc models. So it's possible that some of the change in figures is merely due to whats out there to be stolen. 
 I would say that it does and does not have to do with both. SOME thefts might have been stanched by such measures as 'professional' thieves have found that they can't ebay etc the phone due to these tactics and public awareness that they exist.  But at the same time, I think they have little to do with it as well. With these measures in place there has also been a rise in media talking about the theft risk and folks could just be more careful about pulling out their...
Wrong type of sensors. Think pulse, oximeter etc. Not near field etc
In this day, launching exclusive to one carrier is likely to kill you.
That was a proposed order, not a final one. And no where does it say they can't use agency terms.
Apple doesn't set the price. Hachette does.And you can bet that this is all about Amazon's crap. Hachette wants folks to get the books. If Amazon loses sales cause folks went to iBooks, sucks to be Amazon.
I think it would be a riot if the States settled their suit based on the notion that they wouldn't be able to double dip anyway after this DOJ case (which would likely force Apple to pay back every penny over $9.99 that anyone paid for a book since the iBooks store opened) and was set up in such a way that they couldn't try to sue again. And then Apple won their appeal against the DOJ and didn't have to pay up to anyone.
The NYT has gone from respectable paper to hit whore like the rest, making up crap for ad money. Not a shock Apple cut them off.
I could see Apple supporting both wired and wireless charging tech in upcoming devices. There's talk of patents for solar charging as well. Eventually all three, even perhaps some kind of kinetic charging could be in Apple devices. Might be a killer feature to have a variety of charging methods.
New Posts  All Forums: