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With the way they are selling it, the numbers won't be impressive. They are not just discouraging lines and camping they are banning them. At least for the first few weeks. You can not just line up, walk in and buy a watch. You have to reserve one and a time to come in. It's all set up to spread things out over the day cause they are getting bitched at too much about the lines, fights, resellers etc. and you have to have an Apple ID with a limit of one watch at this point....
While I agree that this lawsuit is rather ridiculous, at the same time Apple could actually take steps to reduce the size of iOS. Things like making language support downloadable if we need it, removing some of the built in apps now that there are tons of options in the store. Even the Apple Watch app. Why was that baked in given that not everyone is going to get a watch
It isnt allegedly. They are real. I just did it the other day. They gave a box of dozens of sets of the tips so they use and trash for each customer
One might think. But companies don't waste time on competition they aren't concerned about. It's beneath them. They just ignore those little folks.So if Cartier was so unconcerned they would say nothing aside from perhaps "we are not concerned" or maybe "we are in a different market"
Companies like Cartier dissing the Apple Watch as something they aren't worried about because it's sure to fail strike me as companies that are worried because in all likelihood, it won't.
In violation of basically all card merchant agreements. They all say that you can't ask to see an id to take a card. If it is presented you check that it's signed. If yes, take it. If no, it's not valid so refuse it. I believe it's Discover that lets you ask for ID, demand the card is signed and then you can take it.Smart card thieves know this and will use it to raise a fuss. I remember one guy actually had copies of the merchant agreements on him. My manager used it...
There's no 'between'. Apple was never the issue. They provided the means for the banks to have verification if the bank chose to do it. The banks didn't all do it.
Because it worked. You can hand type all the info which would be easy to get with a smart phone camera and a few seconds with the card (like you might have at a restaurant where they take your card away to swipe it rather than do it in front of you. The banks weren't doing anything to verify its youAnd Apple doesn't have your fingerprint. That is encoded into the secure element and never leaves the phone. It isn't backed up etc. or you can use your passcode for Apple Pay
 They didn't change the valid dates so its not really that big of a deal. Most folks that had phones from that early on have likely traded them in during an upgrade anyway. This is just a pretty PR stunt with no real bite. 
Curious. You say ATT which implies the US but in the US the cost of a full unit iPhone 5S service replacement is $269 plus tax and a battery replacement is $79 + tax. Not $189 and $90 And it's interesting that a manager would be so willing to crap on his sales bonus by giving you a trade in (which was likely what $150), plus pay another $150-200 on that early upgrade and then $99 for free Apple Care when they have the authority to simply wave the replacement costs for...
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