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Does anyone really think that Apple didn't test the hell out of such features before announcing anything. This is their first totally new product in how many years. Of course they know everyone is watching. So yeah they verified everything was good before saying a word
they are doing research. doesn't equal that they will make a car. They might end up using the findings for something else. better car play, creating systems to do what the Automatic does but without the needed add on. Who knows at this point
Bogus. So what if they cant sign in via the ios 8 settings. They can with safari etc. So if folks stopped using Twitter its from something Twitter did. Like those sponsored messages and ad crap
This. You are correct. The keyword was need. And in the case of the iPad it still is. No one NEEDS a stylus. But they can use one if they want.  What everyone might need, which would be useful for Apple to do across the line, is a small degree of pressure sensitivity, built in palm rejection, and a finer line pickup. Whether you use a passive stylus, bluetooth smart one, or even just a finger
 That is actually incorrect. Jobs wasn't against having a stylus. He was against requiring one. Which was the state of the smart phone at the time that the iPhone was being developed. If you lost your stylus you couldn't really use the phone. He didn't like that.  Apple actually had stylus on sale in their stores at one point early on. And they just put the 53 Pencil into many stores. 
He can suspect all he wants. Let's see him prove it.
They need to stop trying to put all the tech in the glasses. And take a look at the CC glasses used at movie theaters. So much better looking, more comfy etc
A plantiff who had his computer fixed under warranty shouldn't qualify. Also reviews and the support boards are anecdotal info. Sure it shows folks are having AN issue but in no way confirm what the issue is. So I have to side with the Judge that this suit wasn't properly formed
When I talked to Apple they said these new unlocked models are a world phone, they work everywhere. All GSM, CDMA etc. Even China which apparently uses a different LTE than much of the world (apparently its the same one that Sprint uses so many resellers were getting full price Sprint phones to send to China)
Will it support h.265? That's the only reason I would grab it at this point
New Posts  All Forums: