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That was a proposed order, not a final one. And no where does it say they can't use agency terms.
Apple doesn't set the price. Hachette does.And you can bet that this is all about Amazon's crap. Hachette wants folks to get the books. If Amazon loses sales cause folks went to iBooks, sucks to be Amazon.
I think it would be a riot if the States settled their suit based on the notion that they wouldn't be able to double dip anyway after this DOJ case (which would likely force Apple to pay back every penny over $9.99 that anyone paid for a book since the iBooks store opened) and was set up in such a way that they couldn't try to sue again. And then Apple won their appeal against the DOJ and didn't have to pay up to anyone.
The NYT has gone from respectable paper to hit whore like the rest, making up crap for ad money. Not a shock Apple cut them off.
I could see Apple supporting both wired and wireless charging tech in upcoming devices. There's talk of patents for solar charging as well. Eventually all three, even perhaps some kind of kinetic charging could be in Apple devices. Might be a killer feature to have a variety of charging methods.
But then they have the safety issue of cables all around, plus how do they secure them so that someone can't swipe it. What about pissing off folks that use non iPhones. They will get nagged at to have connectors for those also. And if they are secured that means having to have tons of outlets wired up for all of it. And so onYou can bet that Duracell is paying for part of the set up costs on this. Hoping it will help to get folks onto their backup battery case and not...
I disagree that that is THE implication here. I see another one as equally possible.And that is iPad compatibility. There are many apps, biggies like Instagram included, that still don't have an iPad native face. And the 2x version can end up looking like poop. Ideally Apple would just the bam on folks not making such an interface but that would be a bit of a dick move. So making it easier could be their solution to killing that issue
He patched together code? So this isn't from code that is inside the beta in todo as implied by other articles. What exactly is the legit code is what I want to know. I want to see how much he created because for all we know, the code he found could be for anything, even something merely inside an app. Wasn't there someone about how on the iPad you can use the same swipe to see the bookmarks as the Mac version of Safari. Maybe that's what this code he found is about, or...
If Apple could leverage h.265 to get 'blu-ray quality' files, even perhaps limited 4k titles, with all the subtitles and features and put Extras on the AppleTV and iPad they might be able to start the decline of the physical disk and knock Amazons trick down a few notches. Especially if they could make deals on that 4k that only they can have the files for like the first year.
If that was a valid business philosophy then Google would still be just a search engine (and nothing more) and Apple would have never made notebooks, phones, music players etc. Just stuck with their desktop
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