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Losing your recovery key is a user error issue not an Apple one. I printed mine and did a screen shot and verified the shot worked before emailing it to myself and uploading a copy to my drop box. And that was all before I closed the window. Now without it folks will have call customer support, sit on hold for who knows how long, then get grilled for half an hour about all sorts of details to prove they are the real account holder and so on
If you look at the messages Anton posted from Twitter they aren't actually from an apple account. It says right on the profile pages they aren't part of apple. He either stupid didn't bother to check or someone trolled him
It's about time someone looked at Amazon. Such a joke that Cote "proved" the DOJs case. Cause they sure didn't. Tons of evidence in favor of Appke but the judge ignored it. Keeps ignoring it even when Apple shows that her buddy is over stepping big time.
The solution is simple. All bags, jackets etc brought into the store must be put into a locker. put the lockers in a location that isn't where any parts or stock are kept. if shit goes missing and they see that you took a bag or jacket into one of said areas you will be on the short list of culprits. i used to work at a Borders and those were our rules. lockers were in the break room and there were cameras to make sure no one was trying to get into lockers to steal from...
The reason that the maps in China are so awesome when you are in China using a Chinese sim etc is that the government tracks all that info themselves and gave Apple access to it. But with the restriction that it could only be made available to those in China. Using a local sim and wifi is how it marked that one is 'in China' Otherwise you are stuck with the piss poor data of Tom Tom etc which is sketchy and incomplete
15 million on a brand new product that could have been a flop, only out for like 4.5 months at that point, is fabulous
The two have nothing to do with each other. If he doesn't like the whole ACA then he needs to either pass laws requiring all employers to have health insurance for all employees,,socialize basic care or something of that nature
The bigger issue is that they are likely to be more Mario Temple Run etc and not simply porting original titles over to smartphones etc. I saw a guy on the bus the other day using an emulator to play the original Super Mario Bros game on his Samsung and it worked just fine. He had no issues with controls etc. but Nintendo isn't likely to do that cause they want to sell their hardware. Even though I'm not sure those games actually work on the current machines anyway
No one is forcing them to have IAP. Netflix etc have never had it and they get scads of users.
The catch is that the launch in question was going to be last fall. Delaying the launch. Or you know, it's totally bs
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