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So they didnt ignore it. They were told about it. They responded. Just because tthey didn't put in s lockout doesn't mean they were doing nothing. Beside a lockout is a placebo in many respects because someone can still use piss poor security questions or phish for passwords. And there is still no proof of exactly how those few celeb accounts were accessed to know if this flaw was s factor. Heck we don't even know how many accounts there were that were actually iCloud ones
That may not have been an issue at all. The server may have kicked back any error that would bar updating to save your butt in case that software would also cause issues with the iPad.
I will love this if it means an actual magazine format that could be downloaded to the computer or iOS devices, saves for later rereading, take notes if it's a journal etc
Unfortunately if Cook had been listening this kind of a system would have been in place already, and perhaps for a couple of years. As nasty as it sounds I'm glad this fight happened because now perhaps folks will start asking Apple why they haven't done something already
They had a system that should have been better than that but either it failed or some stores failed to use it properly. And in either case that needs to be dealt with.  The system was supposed to work that at some designated point like 2 hours prior to doors opening, staffers were supposed to go out and issue reservations to each person in line. These would be tied to a  name, a phone number and a specific model phone right down to the color. A real time inventory tracking...
They wouldn't do it weeks ahead of the launch because they won't do it before the product has been announced.  Now a system like in China where you go online and sign up for the model you want and then you are randomly issued a reservation which you can either request to pick up in the store on a day within 72 hours of when you got the 'pass' or complete the order and have it already paid and secured, to also pick up in store. And have that system start within hours of the...
Who says they are. You buy it full price and activate it on a new line which you turn around and cancel just hours later. You might lose $50 in the process but what's that compared to selling the phone for as much as $4000 overseas
 Yes there is. It's called the law. Apple must have government approval to sell the iPhone in China. They don't at this point so they aren't. 
In a way they are. or at least assisting in it. If they are knowingly selling to a reseller. Apple's own website says they sell to end users only. Their staff should abide by that. If I'm an Apple staffer and I know that the person in line, asking to buy 10 device only iPhones with no activation, paying cash is a reseller because I've seen him in dozens of times, including twice already that same day doing the same buy, then I should be saying no to that person. Hell just...
 That approval process has nothing to do with the legally of what the resellers are doing in the US, UK etc.  The approval process being referred to is the Chinese equal to the FCC, which also has to approve all devices that will be using cell connections etc in the US. Until the iPhone gets those approvals Apple can not sell it in China.  What the smugglers are doing is basically the iPhone equivalent of what Apple et al does with their taxes, using the law in their...
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