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Folks wouldn't buy the phones if that were done. After all all they paid for it so who the hell is apple to deny them using it for even 2 hours.Requiring all phones to be activated on an account at the times purchase is about as close as they might come but they would also need carriers to have systems to tell if someone is activating and canceling accounts over and over. Otherwise they just need to enforce their own rules. They need to require an Id and track them to...
Guess you missed the highly discussed detail that apple doesn't yet have legal clearance to sell the iPhone in China. Three have been whole articles about this issue, which is why they are not selling it there
i question how this service gets their information and how reliable it is, but that aside I"m not really shocked by the notion that their phone service was busier than typical. On Friday most folks were in line trying to get a phone. Saturday those that didn't were probably clogging up the lines to whine and try to find out when they might get one.
I was thinking similar things. I doubt that they will shutter it so much as meld it into existing systems. 
 if it is out of warranty then they don't get reimbursed for the cost of the parts so that price is probably about right.  Unlike at Apple where they can send it to their depot for perhaps half that amount regardless of how many parts they have to replace. I've had $1000 in parts replaced flat rate for $300 before. It's worth checking out. And if it turns out later that yes this is some serious and widespread issue and they issue a quality program, you will likely be able...
at this point there isn't likely a way since as you say, it appears to require Yosemite. I am not sure I really want my entire library on iCloud anyway as I have a ton of photos so I'm just happy mucking about with what is on my iPhone and iPad. 
 I'm curious about the source of that information. Its not on the screen shot after all. I can't help wondering if that is a typo and it should be $199. Which would make sense give that the 5 series is $149 and one would expect the same or higher. 
totally right. Screw them. If you don't have Apple Care you should just have to go buy a full price retail phone. Same if you break it. You didn't take care of your stuff so that $649+ is a suitable punishment. 
 Or they won't because many of them don't post photos they have already taken. They take it in the moment and via the app.  They are likely to freak more about how the whole camera roll/photostream meant two copies of every photo was on the device and taking up precious storage. 
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