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In the US if I buy a movie or a TV show I can choose to download now or later. I assume that is in all stores.My guess is that IAP are also excluded, outside of the one time refunds they give for parents not using restrictions.Although not required ny current laws I suspect they are doing this to avoid any lawsuits. The EU can be quick to sue Apple in the name of customer protection. I wonder if it will spread to the U.S. etc
They made the decision to do VOD like Monday. Apple shuts down many offices during the week of Christmas. Including the ones for handling itunes and the App Store. That's why sales don't change the week of Christmas. Add to that the need to be sure the servers could handle the possible load and yeah, not happening
I suspect the real put of this is mirroring for control functions (a remote app that controls more than itunes) and second screen content
If they get this set up for both purchases and your pass, even perhaps those ride Faat Pass systems, it could be a huge win
Staples has been officially supporting Apple Pay for the last month. But as not everyone has an iPhone 6/6+ there were still plenty of potential victims. As there will be at Whole Foods etc
Most banks protect you as well. That isn't the issue outside of having to get a new card.Apple Pay is really about protecting businesses and banks from fraud, especially fraud scams. And selling hardware.And re: this research, it was done via a sampling, the nature of which is kept secret. So who knows how valid the numbers are
Itunes not anti trust, appeals court may overturn the collusion ruling. Things are looking Up for Apple. Now they should fortify their systems and offer to let Sony post The Interview for rental/sale
Sounds fair to me. Taxes should be paid based on where the transaction took place. Whether an app or corporate taxes.
Good. It seems rather clear that the original judge had pre judged the case and cherry picked evidence. And that Amazon was no saint. It's nice to see that the appeals group isn't alk anti Apple. The other two and the evidence will have to fight to convine this guy. As it should be
Apple needs to admit that a fair bit of their users are idiots and do some workshops and such on backing up, I am in the stores frequently and every time I hear at least one passed off person screaming about how they run their business off their first phone, or a similar tale of woe, and have no backups. Yea the terms say it's not's concern but educate folks and then let the, hang them selves
New Posts  All Forums: