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When a rumored product gets delay rumors that means either 1. It is legit as are the delays 2. The analysts etc are hearing rumors that there is proof they were full of crap about some or all details and they are covering their butts. The latter is almost always the truth. Case in point, Munster and his TV
All of which can been turned off by the user. So what's the issue
Good. What's good for the goose. Apple got slammed despite having included restrictions etc and giving out refunds when reasonable. So why shouldn't all other players get the eyeball. Same with Amazon etc.
That a patent existed first doesn't equal that the tech is being used. Which is why Apple's statement they don't believe they are using this patent.Frankly to me the solution is simple. Remove Siri in China. Because the Chinese courts have shown that they will always try to squeeze Apple.
It's basically the same thing Apple said when it introduced the A7/M7 combo
Something tells me that it will be a while before there are no people on the lines. These robots will be used for selective functions that either don't really need a human, like boxing up the units, or might involve potentially harzardous chemicals, like polishing the screens before applying the oleophobic coating allegedly does. There will also need to be humans for maintaining the robots and verifying that nothing goes wrong. And then there's the other 100 or so...
Apples general policies is all sales are final. This is a term that has existed for ages. And unless someone like South Korea orders them to allow returns I don't see it happening. They allow for very limited conditions to request a refund but generally it's a one time per customer thing. Especially if it's due to 'my kids bought crap in some game'. The most I can see them do is create a clearer link to do a request. One that reminds them that under the terms they agreed...
 Assuming this whole larger size phone thing is legit, that will be the S series. I think what they will discontinue is the whole game of keeping around former tech like how we can currently get the 4S and the C series will start at 8GB for 'taxes'. And perhaps in a slightly smaller size as well as continuing to be 'unapologetically plastic'
 unless of course those drawings are wrong. We saw a lot of mockups and drawings of that teardrop phone and it never happened. 
 I wouldn't be surprised if they changed out the glass on the back for some 'apologetic plastic' personally i just want to see them make the iPhones and especially the iPads way more repairable. It's idiotic that one has to replace a whole iPad over a blown speaker or a bad battery. particularly out of warranty.  if they were to do that then they can keep the 5C/5S designs as far as I'm concerned.
New Posts  All Forums: