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Hes referring to the past couple of years where previous models were still on sale even if with limited storage
The article says 'free software update' as if that is something special. But software updates for the phone have always been free.
 He didn't say anything about signs saying 'no blackies allowed' etc. He said simply "right to refuse service"
 What's interesting about this bill are the bigger implications behind it. Yes folks grabbed onto the gay rights thing. But 'religious reasons' can go a lot further. How much further. Well lets see.  My hypothetical religion thinks that women shouldn't be allowed out of the house so my store bans all females from coming in. Unless they are properly supervised by a male who is the actual one doing the business. The women are to say nothing, touch nothing.  Blacks, Indians,...
Okay wait, the contention here is that Samsung pays off media to make sure there is little to no smack talk written about them and what is written that could be negative is at vague and couched as possible. And Apple doesn't pay which is why the media makes every little hiccup sound like Ragnarok? Even if that could be proven by more than anecdotal evidence where is the bad in this? I would say this is a good thing about Apple. And yet the headline actually manages to...
So which news articles have there been, before the patch was released, about actual attacks using this exploit.
Guess you missed the part where Apple doesn't own the content rights. They have to have permission and sometimes those folks don't want to play ball. So apple can't do something if they have no rights to the items
Great now the Air Force won't get any work done. Cause iPads are just toys
1. If they actually launch and not announce for 'later this year' like most of these products that appear in the midst of Apple rumors I will be impressed 2. This isn't really a competitor to the Apple TV if it can only access Amazon stuff. Which has been kept from the Apple TV for ages (likely cause neither side really wants it). My only real issue is that these deals are allowed that make items exclusive to one service. That is the kind of thing the DOJ needs to look...
New Posts  All Forums: