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Apple needs to admit that a fair bit of their users are idiots and do some workshops and such on backing up, I am in the stores frequently and every time I hear at least one passed off person screaming about how they run their business off their first phone, or a similar tale of woe, and have no backups. Yea the terms say it's not's concern but educate folks and then let the, hang them selves
They would have a field day with hit whoring misquotes
Are you really that lazy? I mean that you can't handle putting a finger on a sensor for like two seconds. Apparently you are. Hey since it never leaves the house, turn Touch ID off. Issue solved
This is interesting and if accurate could be useful for things other than DUI avoidance. Figuring out how loaded a certain bars drinks will make you to avoid getting yourself in a date rape situation for example. Sometimes, if it's a mixed drink, you can gauge from taste alone.
These suits have been going on for years so Apple has to keep all data from the appropriate time period or face huge penalties. Also in California mandatory service laws are for seven years so the 2009 items have to be on file to prove or disprove that detail. Since the data doesn't really take up that much space it's easy for them to keep it all.
Here's a question. How did Apple advertise their device. Did they say "play music from any source" or did they say "play music copied with the iTunes software from your CDs or music bought ready to sync from the iTunes store" I suspect the later. Which means those buying an iPod had no reasonable expectation that anything else should have worked. Apple isn't required to let you keep your hacks on their stuff. So if they changed up their software and it kills that hack,...
Tech such as ipads, chromebooks etc should be added but after forethought of how best to do it and proper research into security etc. The original guy wanted ipads and Pearson and tailored the requirements so it would be the obvious choice. It's important to note that they aren't killing the idea just this contract. We may find in six months they are still going to buy iPads after all, but after a properly executed contract is created.
I disagree. WRITING isn't the issue. Thinking and communicating is the issue. That's what kids need to be taught before we get hung on the forms of communication. But schools are mostly too bust teaching to tests to worry about those skillsIn the hard cover world there are only like 5 textbook publishers. And there are plenty of tools for teaching for the iPad. Teachers just don't want to use them because they require more work over just reading from a text book. Or they...
Some do. My siblings teach in districts that do it right. But I agree that isn't always the case.Heck look at LAUSD. A big reason they got so much bad press was the hacking of the security profiles. Not an Apple issue but Apple got a black eye over it. They were slapped with blame over LAUSD choosing to use a third party security system that was removable by any user. Including the kids. Oops. Because they didn't bother to spend the time to really research the issues. Had...
I have never been impressed with how IDC does their research so I question their numbers and their conclusions. They tend to make inferences that I'm not sure are valid. Like the LAUSD thing. No actual numbers about how many non iPads were bought and they skip mentioning that the real issue was not the tech so much as questions about the validity of the process. It seems that the guy that wrote the list of requirements fine tuned it to be sure iPads were picked cause he...
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