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There is so much speculation in this. Especially about the sound guy. Yeah he might have been working on this. He might have just be working on stuff to improve the sound in all Apple's stuff
given that they brought the Mini and Air in line with the A7/M7 it seems more likely that if they do an A8 etc in the Air they will do the same with the Mini at the same time as for the 13" iPad, yeah i'm thinking it won't come this year. but we will get lots of talk of the reasons for the delay. and again next year and so on. Same as the last 5 years with the 'real tv'
The comments aren't opposed. Monopolies are when one is the only, or at least vastly dominant provider of something. And aren't evil in and of themselves. Apple had a monologue on tablets for a while, totally legally since the other players just hadn't released what they had announced.But in this case, these monopolies are due in a great part to laws that say there isn't to be overlap in providers of services. Ie you can't have two cable companies operating in the same...
Nope. TIme Warner Inc does. Not the same as Time Warner Cable
 True that. Although I'm more interested in cable internet than tv. 
I would say that this strongly suggests that the talk of a partnership is totally bunk. This purchase deal would have been going for a while and Apple would likely know that it was in the works. So why would they going full guns with TWC only to have to start over if the purchase deal went through.
I would love to see them do a version of Angry Birds using a similar game play to Siege Hero
 Game controller support is NOT the same as saying the Apple TV will ever be a console. 
 So what, just cause folks are reluctant doesn't mean that Apple must or will compensate for that. you want to keep it, keep it. 
 More likeApple TV set top box $99-199 (I think a lot of folks would pay $200 for a 32/64GB box that has better graphics and sound support).  Apple Cinema Display with both thunderbolt and HDMI support at tv capable (perhaps even 3d capable) frame rates etc and sizes from 27-46 inches $999-$1999
New Posts  All Forums: