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 I wouldn't be surprised if they changed out the glass on the back for some 'apologetic plastic' personally i just want to see them make the iPhones and especially the iPads way more repairable. It's idiotic that one has to replace a whole iPad over a blown speaker or a bad battery. particularly out of warranty.  if they were to do that then they can keep the 5C/5S designs as far as I'm concerned.
With the whole A7+ and Metal we might see more games supporting AirPlay modes like this one. So yes the Apple TV would be a kind of console. Without even having to have the games loaded on it.
I have a hard time believing any analyst's claims of what he was told in a closed door meeting. I'll believe this when I see it or at least see a video of Tim Cook saying it.    Until then, it's just another rumor. A good one but still a rumor
Information is incorrect. It is NOT an iTunes gift card. It's a retail gift card.
Until Tim states it not we don't KNOW itIt certainly should not matter. Although apparently it does to many people otherwise it wouldn't keep coming up.
Given the limited selection and the inclusion of this other company, I wonder if these are refurbs. Might explain why they are able to offer such huge discounts. Apple doesn't typically let anyone offer quite that much off in a new model especially for what doesn't appear to be a limited time thing.
In one day we have Android L with several features that appear to be inspired by iOS, Android TV, Android in the Car and AndroidWatch. And they say only Samsung is copying Apple's playbook
No and no.DVR is covered, so long as it is just your personal use, under the fair use exemption that goes back to the Betamax days.Those apps were set up by the copyright holders per their rights.
I do believe that the copyright rights include "distribute" as well so yeah Aereo is at fault. Pretty obvious really. Which is not to say that change isn't needed but their tact was not the right one. We need the FCC etc to change the rules of play. Kill the oligopoly, etc
If Apple is serious about this they can start in house. We've seen photos of Jony's design team etc, there are women in those groups. Put one of the on stage during the fall keynote, even if just for a demo. Not the male, male, male that was WWDC. Yes it seems on the surface like a token gesture but that token shows that yes there are women working at Appke and not just in Cafe Mac
New Posts  All Forums: