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Don't get too excited, Apple files dozens of patents a year and many never appear in an Apple product. Those that do don't always do so as they were first filed
How if only Apple could invoke the same fight between ISPs. If there was competition they would have to improve service, reduce rates etc
The trouble with this kind of ad is that it falls apart when you consider that Paypal is just as susceptible to phishing etc.
I don't know about TS but I've been saying for weeks that Apple needs to step up and support h.265. But I was thinking more about iTunes
It's a phone, not a kidney. Get over it
None of these ads will help Samsung sell anything. They aren't designed that way. Samsung's trying to keep folks from buying Apple, in the hopes that out of all the android phones out there, they pick Samsung
not as bad as you think. Most folks were at work and not watching the keynote anyway. And most folks don't troll around on sites like this, Gizmodo etc. In general folks get their info from main stream sources and those sources were too busy with the 5 dozen articles about every detail of what Apple announced to be bothered to mention the feed screw up
I hear they wanted to copy Apple so badly that they hired the company that made last years Apple Genius ads 
 Indeed. The anti watch ad seems to be dumping on the whole notion of a smart watch, including their own. And they seem to be missing that the Apple Watch only works if you have an iPhone so its not competition as much as the Moto etc that also work with Samsung phones.  And then theres the whole 'making folks think about your competition is a bad move'. There might be folks out there that didn't know Apple had announced a new iPhone until they saw these ads. Now they...
Then don't buy it. Problem over
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