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The latter comment is definitely on the money, all puns intended. Profit comes from either more sales or reducing costs. In this case fraud.As for the former. No, in total you won't spend more money but the banks are hoping you'll spend more via their cards. Rather than cash or using your Debit card. It's not uncommon for folks to have credit cards from banks other than their primary. So banks like Chase are pushing this because they want you to use their card, not someone...
Don't blame GarageBand or loops for folks being lazy. Lazy people make lazy music even without loops etcAnd some folks would saying using ANY app, including this one you're liking so much right now, is lazy. A real musician would have real synths etc
So they can create content for apps that doesn't require downloading an app. Be nice if they used this more. Let third party companies create loops, iMovie and Pages templates etc
They know that Cote will never let them win even if they are in the right. They are swamped in legal fees with trying to appeal the DOJ case. And the money is a pittance to them. So settle without admitting guilt and be done with it. Especially if it keeps more of this monitor crap out of their hair
Very smart move when you consider the changes in fraud insurance coming next Oct. no way is Square going to want to take the hit and subscribing merchants can't afford it. Plus if Apple Pay takes off big by then no one wants someone to decide to go to a bigger shop over the issue
Rumor has it that yes they can.,apparently Google has tossed the same keys
One theoretical dead kid. After all the DOJ is assuming that the answer to find the kid would be in the phone in the first place. Any decently smart criminal would know to turn off location services, delete messages right away, etc.
no, a child will die because the police etc can't do their job without Apple hacking into phones for them. Not to mention, there has to be a way for Apple to find out the iCloud account for a phone cause they can remove activation lock. Thus they can access any contacts, backups etc with a proper warrant.
Why do I feel like this is going to be like the "real Apple TV" and be delayed and delayed until it just never happens
Apple should open this up to websites. Like Google adsense. Even if it was paid in iTunes store credits or Apple Store gift cards many folks would go for it. Especially if there was more control over the type of ads. My sister has a blog about Disney and she put up ads just to cover her domain fees etc and she's constantly getting ads for adult diapers, condoms, ED drugs, gentle and clubs etc. on a site meant to be teen friendly.she has to go in and block the URL cause...
New Posts  All Forums: