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 not to beat a dead horse, okay yeah to beat a dead horse.  no we don't KNOW that. We know there are folks that want it and rumors they will get it. But until Apple says so, nothing is known
 I would love to see it. Heck I would love to see them break the international regions. Let us get Sherlock, Downton Abbey etc as they first air. Might cut back on torrents etc. 
 In general it's not Apple's Style. talk now, release later opens up talk of delays etc. By not talking until it is ready it really isn't 'delayed' because no date was ever announced.  I could see them perhaps announcing it at WWDC with the box coming out 'now' and then saying X,Y,Z features would be launching with the new TV season in the fall. 
 In a tech sense yes. But in a legal sense, perhaps no. Part of the reason why you only have one or perhaps two options for cable internet and tv is because of legally allowed contracts that the companies won't overlap. TWC would be hard pressed to show that they aren't violating such contracts by streaming a tv content service in another company's turf.  And if that was what Apple was going for, frankly they would probably have better luck trying to get some kind of...
 Many of these apps already exist. If Apple would use iOS as the basis and create a store rather than having the apps baked in, then many of the apps already on iPads etc could be used with little to no change. 
 They don't really need it if they can get Hulu, cable apps etc to stop limiting to the 'last X episodes'. Then you can get it when you want. Allowing folks to pay a little more money to get ad free wouldn't be bad but don't count on it. Networks hate DVRs and would use that as a firm point with contracts. See those ads are how the networks make money. No way are they going to allow anyone to cut that off. Unless they can get from the viewers the money they lost by losing...
My thoughts, if they talk about it in April it will be out by June. It's just the Apple way. Any thing with Time Warner is likely on the lines of getting them to the party on these 'with cable subscription' gigs. TWC has been notorious for not playing on that front. If they did, and Apple could get all nets to have an app, there would be no need for a cable box. The Apple TV would be that piece of the puzzle
Seems to me that IDC doesn't get it. Apple isn't in the market to rule the market by selling the most phones. They are trying to create what they feel is the best phone. Same with tablet, computer, media center etc. That so many consumers buy into Apple's notion of 'the best' is a testament to their judgement of what to include and not, even at a higher price. But Apple has never chased the top share position and never will. Even having held it with the iPad as the first...
Analysts predicting products, yeah I believe they have a clue I don't think Apple is doing anything of the sort hardware wise. Tim etc have made it clear in recent interviews that they are NOT looking to converge the two systems in such ways. IAnywhere might exist, but as an attitude to bring the two worlds into sharing such that there is seamless flow between the Mac version and iOS versions of things. Parity in features in iLife and pages. Adding features like the tap...
I'm not so sure he did it out of a sense of morals. The more folks play a game the more they demand bug fixes, improvements etc. It's possible the issue was that he didn't want to have to do any more work on it.
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