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This was in Texas. I wonder if it was East Texas, because that district is known for being plaintiff friendly. It's why they all try to get their cases there. The judges are biased to agree with them. If it is then expect Apple to appeal.
If everyone knows password, you might as well not have one
I agree and disagree with this whole debate. I think that throttling and fast lanes aren't really that evil. It's how they are being done that I object to. And I object to this continued game of letting companies have legal monopolies. Competition breds fairer pricing, a need to keep services up to par etc. why am I paying $40 a month for 'up to' a speed I rarely get half of. Because I have no other choice. It's cable or no internet in my area so I just have to bend over...
I'm actually glad they are doing this. Not because I peraonally am worried about my info. But because personal info and tracking implies it could at least be going to iCloud and the nude pics thing got a lot of press. I know the FTC is likely doing this to serve their own reputation but many common users trust them. So having the FTC sign off that they see no issues looks good for Apple and can only help to push Health into use. And who knows, they might ask a question...
And they start covering their asses cause they are about to be proven wrong. Just wait in another two weeks it will be pushed again
But everyone knows this.so Apple might be working via another group to try to keep it a secret
It makes sense. There's no convenient store in that area and they can move the iTunes division offices there and be convenient to numerous studios etc. since that office is handling content contracts for movies, shows etc being more central (compared to their rumored location in Santa Monica) is good.
it is possible to side load apps without jailbreaking via Configurator.for example, my mom has an iphone 5 that was one of the sleep button phones. she just upgraded to a 6 and decided to get the button fixed to give it to my nephew. When i took it in they loaded an app via a laptop to test the phone. it came up with that whole trusted developer warning. wasn't really a big deal since they had just erased everything from mom's phone so theres nothing to hack. when i get it...
It's pretty easy to spend $2500 if you kick it off with a new computer. That's where a lot of these signups will happen. If you can get points for things like adding credit to your iTunes account in store, paying bills via card etc then it won't be hard. And if you are deep in the eco system that reward will work for you. If not then don't apply. It's not like Apple doesn't take other cards
The original card was financing or points. This is both. So for those that are going to apply anyway to "finance" a new computer its a nice bonus. The trick is to make sure you can pay it off on time.
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