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I think questions like that are why we kept seeing rumors of Tim talking to this and that group of folks, from the FDA down. He wanted to truly understand the issues, laws etc that were stopping this kind of stuff.  On the whole insurance thing, what's to stop them from raising your rates based on what your doctor gives them. I mean my dentist alone is filing for coverage of at least one cavity or root canal every six months. They don't need to see my X Rays to figure out...
I agree. I think that today is THE announcement. No October event. They will offset the increase in items with fewer demos during the keynote and thus there is this great hall with everything for everyone to play with. Tables of iDevices, a fake home, gym, doctors office, mall and so on. Like a mini World's Fair type set up
Doctors won't have the tech savvy or the desire to create the systems to change this. So someone has to do it for them. Which in the end could be the result of all of this. Us having access to our records, being able to carry them between doctors etc. Instantly. We literally just have to do some kind of sign in and link the new doctor and approve access like authorizing a computer for iTunes. 
Well for starters it would be tacky and tasteless. Second, they are trying to encourage folks to view Steve as the past, why dreg him up
They will include something about Product (Red) in the discussion. And that's likely all
You wouldn't get a second chance if Apple had any other choice. If they don't then there are likely penalties built into the contract.
Makes sense from a security point of view. A couple of weeks at sea, heck even one week, is asking for someone to try something
Try again. Apple will likely ship that many phones to the US for launch weekend alone. Plus that again in ipads, then there's the possible wearable, Apple TV box, new cinema displays, iMacs etc.And they are unlikely to only launch in the US for either idevice or the wearable because that is asking for additional reseller crap.And these are likely air shipments. Not ship. So yes Apple could pull off a near monopoly of FedEx, DHL etc for the first couple of weeks of launch...
Except that they would never say something like that. It's a douchebag comment and it gives attention to folks that don't deserve it.  They would announce what they want to announce and no comment any other questions like "hey what about the Apple Watch?"
New Posts  All Forums: