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 Apple has been very good about saying 'not susceptible to PC viruses' Also most of the stuff coming up off phishing links etc isn't viruses. adware, trojans sure, but not viruses. 
Neither do I. Perhaps because I did a clean install when I got my seed pass. And I haven't had a reason to install Java which might be the vector of infection for this (java and flash being super popular for such games)
I"d like to see a report of this from someone whose business is anti-malware. Sounds like it could be legit or could be someone trying to make a name for himself. Heck for all we know he wrote the worm.
I won't be shocked if this is found in favor of Apple. There's been tons of complaints claiming anti trust over Apple's vertical integration and they have already ended up in Apple's favor. Also there is no proof that Apple did anything foul to get the iPod to the level of the market that it had. Or anything foul with that power. They didn't stop folks from ripping CDs for example.They also didn't restrict iTunes to just the Mac (for long) to force folks to buy said...
you assume it is always on. I have seen a lot of folks that are tin foil hat wearers over being tracked who refuse to use find my iPhone and there is the issue that you can't guarantee that the serial you are being sent to verify is the device you will be sent. There is nada stopping me from telling you one serial that I know is clean and sending you another that is not. Just as there is nothing stopping me from getting a stolen phone without FMi on, waiting until the last...
That is why they want Appke etc to be forced to put in and keep in a back door.Lawsuits have already said that you can't force someone to tell their passcode. So no one will
I am not buying this tale in the word of some no name site with alleged sources. Sure PayPal might have been interested but Apple likely said no cause they intend for their service to make things like PayPal moot. Especially for online ordering.
or you go into the settings and turn off cell use for such things. even just turning off auto play videos on cellular saves a ton. no need to know just how much data sucking its doing now what isn't in there that might be useful would be a breakdown of wifi v cellular activity and its battery drain. It might be useful to know, for example, that while Facebook is 35% of your battery drain 30% of said drain is when using Facebook on cellular. So perhaps you should turn off...
The vote isn't what matters. Yes they might have said that you need a warrant to get into a cell phone etc. The issue is that after the FBI gets the warrant. The criminal can't be forced to punch in the passcode (at least at this point) cause case law has backed up notion that it would be forcing them to self incriminate which is a constitutional issue. And now Apple says there are no backdoors. if the owner won't put in the passcode they can't break in. so if there's no...
video cameras with audio, infared/night vision modes. in all homes from several angles in each room. 24/7 recordings. and lets not forget the microchips so they always know where we are. 
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