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A key detail that isn't mentioned is that it doesn't always give take in for service. I went to the site and hit iPad and tried several issues. Things like "syncing with iTunes" and "can't receive email" had no carry in options. Just call and chat. Makes sense in a way because it's a how to and likely a third party email service, neither of which is really covered by the bar. Weeding out those folks will help keep the bar available for those that really need it
 Because Gillette is not Apple. Apple does lots of things that are just like what other companies do but only Apple gets called out for it. Like all those companies that use 'tricks' (which are totally legal) like routing sales through an Irish based office to avoid US taxes. The government confirmed that it was totally legal but Apple shouldn't do it anyway. But did they call out any other company with such a request. Nope
Outside of hai friends etc nobody KNEW anything. Just like for weeks before a keynote nobody really knows anything about the iPhone. We know the rumors but they can still end up false. I mean we 'knew' this year there was going to be an iPad Pro and a new apple TV but guess what, we 'knew' wrong.The why he didn't say it sooner is Tims business. Perhaps he just got tired of the rumors and decided to just say it even though he doesn't owe the world such a statement. Perhaps...
i have a 2010 imac, ipad 3rd gen, iphone 5S, ipad mini 2 and i have had no wifi issues since using even the yosemite and ios 8 betas on anything. i did clean reinstalls to the public releases and still no issues with my wifi. internet yes, but thats cause TWC blows
Now that the CEO has said folks are free to leave and there are no fines if you support NFC they wouldnt dare such a trick. Companies would ditch them. Not to mention the bad PR
mcx never denied the clause, just the fines. Likely there were such but when they bad PR started they dropped it.
just because he hasnt told you the roadmap doesnt mean there isnt one. Apple has never been a company to discuss things until they are done deals.
why should the world act like he's obligated to tell it to the world. cant those bigots just be mad at him for being a gay friendly straight manthe really nasty part is that it is a highly vocal jerk part of the gay community that pushes this whole "if you are gay you must tell" attitude about public figures. if you arent out to the world you are ashamed of being gay blah blah. and they have the right to out you against your wishes
No it didnt NEED to be said, and Tim's career hasnt been held hostage by his being or not being gay. No one ever siad "Tim Cook coulld be a great leader if he wasnt gay".as for your "just be" comment, how was he not. people need to get off the sexuality issue. Hes not a GAY CEO. He's a CEO who happens to be gay. judge him by what he has done, not who he does
He wasnt silent. he spoke out against such laws. It isnt any less if the speaker is straight, gay etc. Sexuality is a private issue and despite the attitudes of folks like you, public figures do have the same privacy rights. It is the dark side of the internet that we can get so much information because now some people believe it is owed to us. it is not.
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