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that rules out the iWatch and the 'real' TV coming out this year as neither is a 'new product category'
This is real pretty but how about some research into making displays that can be written and drawn on better.
If a company is a sponser then no rivals products can be in the show. If it's just ad time bought, no such rules.There was a time when paid product placement wasn't allowed in TV shows. Nor could the show have the product visible without the companies okay. It was too expensive in many cases to make fake products so they just hid the trademarks and hoped that kept the companies happy
Appropriate since Cote did the same thing. And then cherry picked the evidence she heard to back up her decision.This whole thing will likely have to go to the highest court before anything changes. And Apple will see it that far if needed. And hopefully along the way the full history f how Amazon behaved will come out etc.The DOJ positioned this as protecting consumers as well as competition. And yes laws need to change but they need to cover all the players to ensure we...
Actually it says nothing in regards to how seriously they are taking the issue. Just that it's not a simple issue to fix. When two systems under the control of two different companies are involved it rarely is
I was about to say I have never had this issue so I'm not sure it's a Mac OS bug at all. Then I saw the mention it appears to be mostly if not entirely gmail. Not I'm sure it's not a bug in Mac OS. Google screwed with Mail support in iOS it's not a shock they might have on the computer as well. Try to force folks to go to the web
I suspect that healthbook will either be a free downloaded app to go with some iWatch rig. Or it will be like Newsstand and passbook, an auto congregating faux app that developers can link to. Such that your data from several apps can be in one place. Such apps could be very useful. They could also perhaps create a social feed 'app' that buckets your social networks Newsstand style but gives you a 'front page' of all your feeds together. Either 'ticket' style like...
Cute, but I was referring to the fact that an employee allegedly commented on store design and functionality. Apple is very 'keep your mouth shut' even about such things. Double if you are making a negative comment
They are also only at most a half a mile from the ocean. That area often smells like oil, dead fish etc depending on the wind direction.
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