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The big value in this is that we typically aren't going to remember what that random number on the call list was for. I look up sushi places in Portland cause I'm doing some work there and the crew had an itch for some sushi I might call ten places. Often to verify the POI info is correct. U Wanna Sushi sounds like the spot to go but which of the numbers I dialed was that (cause now I want to call back and actually book that table for 12 they said they could do)
There has to be a way to link the cards and this is the one that Apple has chosen. Hopefully it will come with a way to restrict accounts so they can't actually use it as anything more than a link but we'll have to wait until the release to know.  And if you activate the restrictions so they have to ask for permission to make a purchase you actually get way more control than you did when there was one account and they figured out (or worse, you told them) the password
 many waysHome sharing1. is only media, not apps2. only works on devices when they are on your 'home' wifi network. 3. is based around a single apple id. 4. the purpose is really to network your music and video from your computer to your devices, especially your apple tv. like a very low grade NAS Family sharing1. is about all purchases, provided an app developer doesn't opt out2. works on all devices where family sharing is activated, regardless of where the devices are3....
John is typically very respectful of Apple and their desire for secrecy so i find it shocking that he would blurt out something like this. which leads me to believe that either he doesn't really know and he's taking the piss. Or he does know and he knows that it is actually nothing like what the rumors are saying. After all he said 'thing', not device. A 'thing' could be a device, or it could be software. It would be the best joke if all these folks were crapping...
I know you mean that as a joke but some games can be used for teaching. A game like Clash of Clans can be an effective way to teach students. 
i've done quite a bit of typing on an iPad with a bluetooth keyboard, it's not impossible. Also when teachers really are thinking about using tech to the fullest they don't always come to the conclusion it has to be a typed paper. Maybe for English class where the lesson is how to do a research paper with all the bibliography etc, but in something like history class maybe a paper isn't needed. Many teachers that embrace tech also embrace this idea as well. 
 They aren't. It's the schools that are deciding what they want. Not Apple
 With that kind of an attitude of course it will be a fail. And that might be why many of these schools are thinking iPads suck. they didn't do their homework depends on what your work is. I've been using an iPad, no computer, for two straight years at work and it does a hell of a better job than the computer ever did. 
seems to me that the issue isn't the iPads so much as the staff. The focus on the lack of a built in physical keyboard sounds like they are trying to use them as laptops, seeing them as 'fun' devices means they aren't doing their research into how they can use the various apps, of which there are a ton that are very educational. And any issues with adminstration sounds like they didn't do their homework fully on that either. There are lots of ways to lock down the iPads...
I doubt there is a source for this. It's just playing the odds but rather logically. The week after Labor Day is a common keynote time.
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