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Labor means pay for Americans, plus labor based taxes. Which is what the US government wants.Truth is the US is lacking in home grown advanced engineers to create these companies and products from scratch. Right not the solutions are either import the products or import the producers.
Bringing them back here won't change that. Well not unless they can get Obama to make leaks a terrorist action or some other insane measure.Look at all the store policy etc leaks, many of those come from retail staff in the US.Personally I think that Apple should not move all production to the US. I think they should set up say 3 regions and produce the products selling in that region within its borders. Set up regional offices, pay taxes etc according to that areas laws...
Until someone creates chips that don't need the metals from China it will be impossible. Not if you want expect it to be US companies also.
Unlikely since that migration is fairly recent (last 5-10 years) and Apple has put the designed in tag since day one.
Because Apple is based in California. It's as simple as that.Saying USA for assembly is likely reflective of two issues. First is that there may be several plants. Second is security.
Until a cache of rare earth metals is found in the US we are unlikely to ever have the parts made here. China in particular doesn't allow the export of those metals in raw form. Japan just found a huge cache but its viewed as unlikely for them to allow export either. It's just too big an industry for them to let go of such a money maker.
  i would rather they kill the gradients all together
  I dont mind that so much. I just want better icons for Game Center, Safari and Settings. Those three are fugly. Give us back the old share sheet icon so the grannies that won't figure out what they are looking for. 
I would still like to see them open this up as web based ads a la Google Adsense. People being able to put ads on websites would encourage folks to use the system given that web browsing etc is still a major activity
My guess is that the cable warning will stay due to the whole 'I can put malware in a lighting cable' thing.
New Posts  All Forums: