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The new design will be no phone. Not in the sense that you have something in your hand. It will be embedded into your skull and run on thought control. No need for speakers, mics etc. it will be powers by electric signals from your own body.
Interesting that you said 'used by' and not 'designed for'. Calls to mind little 4-5 year old Danny who racked up that £1500 or so pounds playing unsupervised on an iPad with a credit card linked to the iTunes account and no parental restrictions turned on because apparently his parents missed the repeated articles in the UK about this sort of thing. He is one of the kids along with the son of Mr 'I'm going to have my kid arrested for credit card fraud cause I'm the idiot...
IMHO, don't use Parallels or VM etc. I have found them to be slow, RAM hogs etc. if you can't avoid having Windows in the mix then get an inexpensive actual Windows machine. Or use an old Mac machine you have and Boot Csmo it and let it live in Windows. I did this with an old Mac Mini I was planning to sell. Works way better than using a virtual machine etc. I had two of them actually. One was set for Windows and the other was downgraded back to Snow Leopard for some old...
If it was a whole batch then it was likely caught at the factory during per shipment QA testing, not the implication they went to stores or customers. My guess is that this number, which keeps changing as the story is posted and reported and it likely way lower than than even the 5 mil cited in one version, has to do with accumulated returns being charged back to Foxconn. It's likely in their contract with Apple that they have to 'pay' for failures due to assembly issues....
Feels like it. Pity legally Tim has to release the numbers. But perhaps he should kill it off with a dose of the reality I mentioned previously. And maybe a request to the analysts to post facts with verified and named sources or STFoxtrotU
This is a drop from holiday quarter, yes? Then no poop Sherlock. Holiday is Apple's (any retails) biggest quarter. It's like 60% of yearly sales in that six weeks. Plus launch quarters are like 70-80% of sales for new iDevices. So of course demand is less now. Both for the devices and for screens. Particularly since Apple won't be ordering an extra 30-40% to make sure any fails for QA don't hold up unit production. But the analysts don't think of this and instead spin it...
No they don't. They really, really don't. They already have, and continue to, honor Steve's memory by continuing Apple with the ideals he put in place and not have gone cheap to make sales etc.Signature lines and similar are just plays to make sales very often at a markup. Rather a tacky move really. And most folks see them for what they are and don't buy. So, given the already high prices for Apple the market might not be that huge.
Oh yeah I forgot about the instant hip hop skills feature
And what about Samsung etc. don't they have a voice system that works they same way. How long do they keep the data
Is that like saying that stepping in chihuahua crap is less annoying than stepping in German Shepard crap cause its smaller.Cause for me they both stink
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