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  totally correct. Which is why it is where it belongs, in the repair room. 
  Only by virtue of the fact that you just renewed. Unless you buy it full price.    My guess, if this is true, is that it more a ploy to get folks to get back $50-75 if they use an upgrade they have not and not burn a replacement part doing the $149-199 OOW replacement in order to wait until the new announcement. Not like it is likely to be anything huge over the iPhone 5 anyway. So folks get a newer phone, the carrier gets a renewed contract, warranty on the dang thing...
My guess is that there is a catch, assuming any of it is legit. Like say yes it is 10% off but only if you buy your phone full price.Which might be okay if it was an iPhone 5S. S in this case being Single model that works on CDMA and GSM world wide
Sorry but I'm not buying it. A company that could do with a business push associates themselves with a bigger and very popular company via a gullible 'news' site claiming 'people close to the matter that won't give names because it hasn't been announced'. Yeah right. If there is any truth to this there aren't likely many that know the plan and thus jobs and business contracts would be at risk for leaking this.
I suspect that they aren't doing a huge amount of changes in Mac OS this year. Cleaning up stability and perhaps some visual tweaks. But most of it I suspect will be the apps not the OS. This could be why hey shifted a few folks over to iOS, they had nothing to do until the developers provided some real word feedback from some of the thousands of variant systems they can't possible assemble and test themselves. Since the two systems come off the same core why not shift...
It amazes me how many loyalty cards here in the us aren't on Passbook when the company has put out an app. And the cards are barcodes. If it was a strip stripe okay that makes a little more sense. You would have to change support systems. But if you are scanning a barcode or QR anyway why not.
You go to iTunes and gift money to anyone you want and it's paid for by the credit card on file.Only difference is that they are proposing a way to use it for outside things.
1. Apple patents a lot of stuff that they never use just license2. Sounds like they have included a lot of non traditional ad uses. Like virtual gift cards.
And you can get a dose of the same thing that was said to him. We don't KNOW what is going on, so how about saving the hate until we do.Also if this is real it is not likely the same team as iWork, iLife etc. maybe not even the same one as iCloud (Passbook is fine it just needs more developers to adopt it and Apple doesn't really affect that so they can't fix it)
I have a feeling this will turn out to be two different things. And unrelated ones. But folks are sticking them together due to a lack of true facts. First is something to do with music and streaming. Might be radio, might be Lala. Second is something to do with ads. It's possible that apple might have simply created the ability to have audio ads. Maybe they will do web ones also. My cousin was just talking the other day about how if Apple has their own AdSense type...
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