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One thing you can test is to create a new blank user and see if it works there If it does then something got changed in your user that is creating an issue. Perhaps something your network connections. You could also try creating a new location in the network connections and see if that works
Do you run Apple, no you don't. So you can't really say that he can't. If he calls Apple Care for help with his wifi issue they might very well arrange for him to get the software even before it is an official release.
It's impossible to that every possible setup given the number of factors. Despite the FUD hit whoring headlines the cut of folks with issues is likely very low, as it is with most of this 'horrible issues' that turn up rig after an Apple release. And Apple is very responsive when its hardware. They will swap whole units those first few weeks even when the issue is more likely the cx third party wifi router for five years ago with out of date firmware etc just to be...
Got that in LA too. Govt won't pass laws to get homeless off streets. In fact some folks want to make it even more legal for them to loiter etc.
My issue with that whole thing from them is that it shows they either don't on know or don't care about Apple's signature style for their flagships. They want them airy, few breaks to cast weird shadows etc. and given that its not a historic building issue like Grand Central etc it is just way over the top. Sure the flat wall I can understand, it's a tad ugly. Although Apple might have even planning to put up advertising or something. Perhaps require them to have a certain...
If they incorporate the fountain into the building they become responsible for it. And I doubt they would do that. Plus it's ugly as hell. Even many folks in SF think so. No way would Apple want that anywhere in their space.As for the nose, they have stores in SF and could still build another one but it might not be a flagship. No special architecture eric. That honor could be moved to say Oakland right next door.
Someone really doesn't want to be an Apple supplier
Toss back in Lala's following playlists of other users etc and I'm sold I just hope all this data is being used in all systems. These likes and dislikes etc would greatly improve ITunes Genius etc
You could say the same thing about every ad in the Jobs era other than Think Different.Some folks like, some dislike. It's the same for every ad. Some trumped up survey means nothing.All that matters is folks buying. And they are
500, that's the number of viewers they surveyed. There are questions about whether the Nielsen pool of 25k is enough to be statistically sound. 500 can't possibly be
New Posts  All Forums: