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Nope dive sounds right. If they don't announce eveythng from the rumors then there was a 'delay' and that'll be seen as bad.If they do, then at least one thing was a stupid move (copying MS etc). BadIf they don't announce something that wasn't in the rumors then they failed in their secrecy claims. Bad.
Or when they do mostly under the hood changes and just remove some drop shadows etc folks will gripe about how they didn't do anything.
I would say more like 10% of them and 9% of those have a desktop appAnd I totally disagree that such a forcing together Metro Style is good for anyone. Or that it would blow anyone away.You an already. It's called AirPlay.Few apps are appropriate for the TV mode on their own so you would need a controller anyway. That is your device.[/quote]
Sounds like you've neglected the very real detail that not all work means using something like Office.
It's DED, he doesn't know how to be anything else
Or does it too much and 'obsoletes' things too fast
I would rather hear what the real story was, not what some outsider 'believes' was the truth.
Perhaps copyright violation. Copyright includes the right to distribute and broadcast content. Developers sign over these rights re: the iOS versions when they submit to the store. What Bluestacks is doing could be sign as distributing without the right to do so. Thus law suitAnd it's highly unlikely that they could do this without using any code from Apple. No matter what they claim
I'm still thinking these rumors are way off from what this 'service' will be. And the ad thing might be something totally separate
If I am remembering correctly publishers only come into play when you are dealing with the song as a performable work of art. In other words, I want the rights to perform live or record the song 'imagine' by John Lennon. I go to the publisher. For an existing performance that I want to use that performance in a movie, TV show, distribution system, I go to the label who already has a deal with the publishers for their rights within THAT performance.Think not unlike patent...
New Posts  All Forums: