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  Its noteworthy as proof that they are full of crap cause they are reporting months old rumors without thought to fact that apple is releasing phone on t-mobile in 2 weeks. Why would they bother if the iPhone 5S will be two months later. They would wait and do them together
  Three words: rare earth metals. At the moment China has the biggest cache and they refuse to export them in pure form. You want them, you have to build the parts in China. And basically every logic, graphics etc board requires them. So until Japan has their newly discovered pile out of the ground or DNA computing is usable on a major scale, no one can kiss off China
  Every user on iOS 6   a few years back, everyone with an iPhone 4, even though maybe 1/10th of a percent of folks in the US and fewer outside it where having issues   Apple didn't really change anything. They don't replace whole phones in any country when only one replaceable part is broken, at least not as official policy (if some store is playing by its own rules that'll a different matter). Chinese warranty laws likely say that they have to give a one year warranty...
  Nope not at all. Apple has a recent history of being accused of ignoring local laws but no actual cases of proven neglect have come up in 99% of the alleged issues. Just a lot of rumors etc. 
  Apple never gives the parts back. It's a swap. Same in all countries
  He didn't admit any real wrongdoing. He apologized for folks not understanding the policies. Basically saying 'so sorry you are too dumb to read what you are signing' and then spelled it out.   he never admitted that everywhere else gets new phones but Apple hates China etc. He didn't agree to change the rules so they do get new phones now. Nothing has really changed. But now they can't say they didn't know the policies cause they are front    and they are hardly...
The headline is wrong. AT&T won't be offering HD voice iPhone 5, but rather iPhone 5S
    You forgot the part about how it turns out they all work at the Surface lines. But it's still Apples fault cause the iPad is so much better that the Surface isn't selling
  This is a rumor. Could be true, cold be someone trying o improve their value by association with Apple
  Despite the fact that we have no Apple released facts I happen to agree with ascii as my comments about Lala would suggest. I too think that this isn't about a full on radio system but rather an enhancement of current iTunes Store features designed to sell more music. Which was in many ways more what Lala was even without being directly connected to iTunes. (And only iTunes)
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