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Restructuring content and content distribution does not in any way require Apple to build a real tv. Because its about pricing, timing, quality etc not about what you use with the media.In regards to the living room etc. That little box is all they actually need. A revamped Cinema Display that could work with that box wouldn't hurt but it isn't required.
Unnecessary and rude. Makes you look like a jerk. Particularly when you can add someone to your ignore list and their posts do disappear, more or less (you still have to see if they are quoted but otherwise
MobileMe constantly failingPingAntennae gateAll under Steve, all things Apple didn't get away with. One to the point of lawsuits etc
You mean like they got away with the poor launch of MobileMe, or those 'every cell phone does it' antenna issues. Steve never admitted that Apple failed etc
None of your list actually needs Apple to go near a 'real' television. In fact several of your 'where' list have nothing to do with iOS or even Apple but outside issues like copyrights and studio SOP, Internet bandwidths etc.
Apple likely can do these things, among many other requests. However these are the demands of a minority if users. The needs of the majority will come first and then these sort of 'geek' needs will be considered.Although I am to some degree as fellow geek and wouldn't mind seeing things such as these, even I would rather they focus on stability and performance first. Being able to Bluetooth files or whatever takes second place to something like creating a system where a...
Almost all of which was due to analysts me their baseless crap talking. Not anything Apple or hasn't done.
It's called a opinion. We have a right to have one and to speak it.But you are right about one thing, the power of ignoring. Something you made find folks do to you if you keep up your comments like 'shut up'.And, in my opinion, a lack of tech news is not an excuse for lessening the already on the border quality of this site by whoring out space to paid advertisements posing as articles or reviews. If you have issue with that or that I exercised my right to speak such an...
Not for the iPhone 5
I agree that it reads like a paid 'article' except for giving any negatives. Generally such bits are big on the praise and, because they are generally written by the actual selling company, zero on any down sides. So it is likely an honest review, although perhaps overly long.And yet I find that I agree about the bsckpage comment. There are many things on the site that are not Apple News or even Apple Rumor that I wish would not appear as headline news if they appear at all
New Posts  All Forums: