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Look at themselves. What legal tricks are they using to not pay every penny they can.There are a lot of folks that believe that Congress doesn't want to see the tax codes change because they would have to pay more taxes. And they don't want to.
Why? There's no global tax or government. So why should the US enforce that a company must give up any cut of their income to a government and take what the locals didn't for themselves. If the EU only wants 5% or whatever it is on the money earned in their borders that doesn't given the US a claim to the other 30%. Anymore than if I live in LA for six months and the move to NYC, California has no claim to any of my New York income simply because the tax rate there is...
Then I demand my money back. Because where I live the roads are trash, the public schools are a joke (yet I have to pay those taxes despite also paying tuition for private schools) and our public safety system ignores cussing putrid smelling vagrants panhandling in violation of loitering and solicitation laws on a daily basis ten feet from them while they drink their Starbucks. They also don't do anything about drivers holding cell phones in violation of the law, not...
Show us proof that the money that is going through Ireland was earned in the US or even anywhere that wasn't the EU.Apple says they pay the appropriate US taxes in US earnings and what goes through Ireland is EU earnings taxed as required by EU laws. It is not a US issue that the EU laws allow them to use a country with a low tax rate nor does it mean that the US government can make claim to the other 34% cause the EU didn't demand it, but that is what their taxes in money...
In the US most of that is on the state level. What is the US government doing in return for the money they have earned. IP protection laws? In theory perhaps but in truth the laws are a mess the legal system slow etc. that someone can be a patent troll legally is horrid. And Cook had no issue pointing this out yesterday
Yes and no. The government does support companies via various services such as police etc. And it is not far fetched to say that companies should contribute to the running of the government that creates laws to protect that researchSo it is fair to say that yes companies owe something. Is the nature of that something, the math that computes it, what they get out of it for their money that is the real debate at the moment.The US government should not have a claim in money...
Because it isn't about the actual money so much as the principle of the thing and the fear that once folks go to something like Samsung and Android they won't come back, particularly if they can, their eyes, get all the features of the iPhone for cheaper
I believe the patents in question were related to wireless tech and it was a safe assumption that Apple would build off the current, allegedly infringing tech, in new phones. So not that crazy sounding a move. Plus if it stopped or delayed the release of a new iPhone it would leave folks hopefully more willing to look at other models, like Samsung
Wrong group. Why would Apple talk to the middlemen. They need dels with the content boys. Convince them to drop their windows etc. put content on iTunes day and date or very shortly after (couple if weeks tops), global. With better quality like 720p on everything. Better pricing including overlaps for box set releases. And so on.
Bit moot since Apple doesn't control the content. The only wy this kind of TiVo type trick works is if the content is properly tagged.
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