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I like this idea for things like locations inside mails and as someone suggested for the blind and visually impaired.
Didn't they try this with the iPhone 4S and fail.
But it doesn't equal them changing it. Apple does what they want and isn't really known for listening to customers about all things.So try it but don't expect it to work
Not a shock since some of the data is likely linked to current investigations.
It's less likely that such a thing would happen these days because they wouldn't name someone until they have their data and know that the person is truly suspect or not. Likely because of what happened with Hatfill which was for the most part paranoid scare games by the media. Just like what the media is doing with Apple etc over this issue. All over a couple of slides taken out of context.
They aren't hiding this. They say very clearly WHEN THERE IS A VALID COURT ORDER they provide whatever is requested.It wasn't secret so much as they don't put up public notices that they asked for the information. Because that would risk their investigations. It's really not that different than in the old days when they would get warrants to tap phones, request your bank records etc.
It's attitudes like this that show the real issue, no matter what Apple says, some folks will think they are lying. After all why would the newspapers write something that isn't 100% true. They are newspapers after all, they don't deal in rumor and speculation. They never have sources that lie or tell partial truths for a particular agenda. Etc. you can always trust everything you read in the newspapers.
I call bull on this. Bull on the lack of an updated iPhone, bull on the plastic What I could see is perhaps Apple being able to proudly announce that due to new techiniques they are able to drop the price of the new iPhones down and they cut all but the iPhone 5 which will be free on contract and the iPhone 5s will be $99. The iPad mini in August only makes a little sense because it might be used at schools. Which will start in August and September in the US.
That makes Apple look like the douche.What they would do is an ad that points out things how many schools etc use iPads. A subtle jab that never directly disses anyone else.Something perhaps that mentions movie and tv shows and shows the tech them with a message like 'once upon a time they were movie magic, the stuff of dreams. But now the magic is here. In our homes, our schools, our jobs. On planes (showing a pilot using iPad as flight device), trains and automobiles....
I wonder the same thing. And wonder, if it is protected/able IP is the issue perhaps that Apple licenses the voice and therefore can't claim ownership.
New Posts  All Forums: