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And get sued out if existence. Having direct and proven access to IP raises the bar in proving intention to copy and with that statutory damages. Having a contract that prohibits revealing such information also raises the bar. And you can bet that contract is in place already given that Foxconn has like 70-75 major clients.
The whole everything in the fall is a possible false interpretation of what Cook said.As for releasing hardware at WWDC, they might, they might not. It's Apple so you can't trust them to do anything. If they don't want to talk hardware and nothing in the betas will leak details they won't talk.
Who knows, but if folks believe rumors they won't buy. And there are blogs pushing that rumor
You mean like they told Foxconn to ditch their other 70 or so clients. Oh wait, no they didn't.Apple is more likely to ditch Foxconn over the bad press with the suicides (at have rarely to never been proven to be Apple workers) or because the US offers them some awesome tax deal to being production home than who else they are doing work for
But it's true. Demand has fallen this quarter because the iPad released early.AND because Apple is moving to diversify production.The real meme is that the fall is due to fewer product sales because folks are buying something else. Like the new Samsung whatever, and leaving Apple
You are entitled to your opinions but I think you'll understand that I disagree. As far as I'm concerned these 'editorials' are just as much a pile of thoughtless lunacy pretending to be journalism as the crap Elgan spews
I often wonder if he's ghost writing as Mike Elgan over in CultofMac and Michael Steeber on 9to5Mac cause the quality is about the same
Until the geeks get full tweaking and side loading without having to jailbreak that will happen no matter what Apple does
You might want to clarify what you mean by 'useful file system' and 'create and share' because there's a lot of folks out there that find the current file system pretty useful and do a lot of creating and sharing.If by those terms you want you want a full fledged computer and computer OS in tablet form, you are likely to never get it cause Apple doesn't view that as the way to go with these devices and probably never will.
Voice memo excluded I feel the opposite way. There are tons of freebies so take these out of the system. They are unneeded bloat.
New Posts  All Forums: