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Having started my career at a trailer house I am very aware of this fact. Which is why I said and the folks that approved it.
The odds are more in their favor than the three guys behind Jobs.Lets break it downFor this film we haveA director with two credits prior to this. And along with writing/co-writing both of those, he wrote two TV movies both of which were over ten years ago.A writer with zero credits before thisA producer with no prior credits (plus a pack of so called EPs that got that from being part of the backing studios but didn't spend 5 minutes on set ever)Compare this to'Untitled...
I'd like to find the idiot that cut that trailer and punch him in the nuts, along with everyone that approved it. Why? That last bit. They should have stopped at the title card. That was the perfect build up etc and then they go and put a joke after it. That kind of decision making doesn't bode well for the choices the final cut may enough. Could be things worse than that clip we saw in January which was full of bad directing and camera work. Course to be fair, I think...
We don't know the spec difference yet. That will answer the question for many.
The only way keeping them would make any sense is if you could only get this 'low cost' phone at full price. Which actually fits with the rumored markets since carriers don't subsidize in China, India etc
And a whole store of Apple employees getting fired for breach of code of conduct speaking to the media.Or even every store in the London area. Or at least the Mac Techs in every store.Yeah, I believe that one of them would risk it.
You forgot the part about the utter lack of details about how many folks, what brand and age router they are using etcOr the part about how AI will take every chance they can to embed ads for the resellers that give them a cut.
Had become generic they say. Part of that in an legal sense is due to folks using it and the owner not saying squat. Apple has said, and sued. So the only way this term has 'become generic' is the courts not agreeing to force Amazon to stop until the trial was over. That can't be held against Apple as failure to protect. Prior to Apple using the term it didn't exist so how in a general sense was it generic.
Yep. These analysts and their 'sources' are starting to have doubts about what they previously pulled out of their butts so they are now into CYA mode with talk of issues, delays etc so that it won't be their fault when things are wrong.I wouldn't be shocked if the iPad Mini never gets a Retina screen. I could see it becoming the 'cheap' iPad and that could be part of what keeps it in that price point. Could even become a bit cheaper as component prices come down. Many...
I like this idea for things like locations inside mails and as someone suggested for the blind and visually impaired.
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