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Oh yeah I forgot about the instant hip hop skills feature
And what about Samsung etc. don't they have a voice system that works they same way. How long do they keep the data
Is that like saying that stepping in chihuahua crap is less annoying than stepping in German Shepard crap cause its smaller.Cause for me they both stink
If I understand this correctly, it's all based on trending hashtags and mentions. So I could see Justin Bieber and Rihanna as hot because a ton of folks posted about how Bieber looks like a woman and Rihanna is a slut. Not because folks are listening to their music. So thats useful how?
If only folks would stop quoting him, then my ignore would work
YepAnd/or the component orders were inflated early on cause Apple figured a high number would fault but not as many did so they don't need the excess to cover their butts
The irony is that if Apple would to change their decade or so long practice of not preannouncing etc, many would spin it to say they are talking because they are scared. They need to tell everyone what they are planning to 'beat' the other boys to the market because of they wait everyone will buy whatever. Blah blah blah.
If by investor you mean those that buy a stock wanting it to go up in price in a few months time so they can make a profit, yes.That massive drop we saw was more about the profit seekers selling cause they figured it was as high as it would go for the moment so they make what money they can and then when the stock is crazy low again they start over.
The reason is the media. Well them and the analysts and the BS spewing. They need their hits so they will post anything in their blogs etc. even if it is total nonsense. And then when some fake product doesn't happen or the sales numbers don't match their far fetched junk they make up fake reasons for it rather than admit they were wrong.
True or not, folks won't read it like that. They will read it as Cirrus sales are down because demand for Apple products is down. Which could be a little true since demand is generally lower post holiday. But the same folks won't be thinking that when they can be thinking the sky is failing cause Apple is old news and is losing to Android etc
New Posts  All Forums: