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It's the name for their upcoming Netflix killer
In most cases there is no cut percentage. Most items including traditional books, are sold on the warehouse model. The only diff is that publishers were allowed to set pricing guidelines which limited how much someone could mark something down. Which is why, for example, you never saw a new Harry Potter on sale for 75% off at release.But when Amazon started their Ebook program they didn't sign such deals so they got pricing control and all the publishers could do was set...
I would say a key bit is the 'resisted'. Allegedly Apple was in cahoots with the publishers so why the resistance. Doesn't fair well for convincing someone that there was a conspiracy going on.As for his fear, yep they would take their 30% even if they invoked the MFN. That was how it was all written. And I bet if we could see the actual contract there is nothing about how everyone else must be forced into agency model terms. So that move was the publishers pushing that...
Perhaps they are, perhaps they aren't.But even if Apple isn't doesn't mean that Amazon was or is. They have the same MFN clause that Apple demanded which is why they could get away with offering books in the Starbucks promo for free despite having no such deal with the publisher for that sale. The MFN gave them the power.But no one is going after Amazon.As for Apple. What exactly does the contract say. The implication is that the clause says that all retailers must be...
  Not so cut and dry. Starting with, I believe it was, the iPhone 4 and iPad 2, Qualcomm's deal with Samsung was for both creation and use by the buyer, thus 'exhausting' the patent. But prior to that the patent was possibly only for creation and it was up to Apple to verify exactly what was covered by Qualcomm and if use by the buyer wasn't covered then to arrange that license themselves. 
  They were also careful not to specify how the graphics look. So they could make a change like this And so long as the gesture is pre set and defined in location and direction by graphics or graphics and words they still fit within the more specific patent they got in the EU etc.    But I still don't think these are legit. They look like one of the mockups passing around various forums created by one of the members. 
Assuming that iOS 7 will handle it the same way
It's only a fail if folks don't buy and the production companies can't pull off the needed numbers.
First off they are willing service replacements refurbs which to Apple is false. They don't use the term refurb with such replacements.And replacement costs are$149 for up to and including the iPhone 4, size doesn't matter$199 for the 4sAnd$229 for the iPhone 5
Having just taken in one company phone for proximity sensor issues and one for home button in the last two months I can say you are incorrect. Both times they replaced the display. So they likely are getting them as a whole assembly. Likely because the risk that someone would break something pulling it all apart was deemed greater than the cost of using a complete assembly.And no it's not likely a big deal for Apple as the broken display would be sent for failure testing...
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