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Everyone that tries a Surface will of course want one. They make work so much fun with those instant hip hop dance skills that come with every unit
Depending on what that period is. Then again if you bought it in the EU you might be able to apply the consumer laws against sellers.
Given that the only UI change was a totally unneeded moving shadow trick and it released with a huge wifi bug that screwed a significant percent of folks for a couple of updates, I am inclined to agree
Yes but how much of that was due to Forstall's skill as a designer and programmer versus loyalty to another NeXT employee and the fact that Forstall had similar notions about skeuomorphic design etcAnd remember that Steve allegedly told Tim not to ever ask What Would Steve Do? If this is true then it was a blessing to go in new directions etc. Including a less 'realistic' UI and a more collaborative work flow. Something that wouldn't have worked so great given the rumors...
Hardly. If you go back and look at the actual facts you'll see that the drop was almost entirely to do with the so called expert bloggers and analysts putting out article after article about issues, delays, sales failures (based on not reaching the same analysts extremely overblown estimates)
Indeed. Doesn't prove the headline, doesn't even stick to one gist. In one paragraph it's a history of desktop computers, another it's a review of iOS 7, next name calling.Saddest part is that this is typical DED writing. They all generally suck in terms of writing skill and yet no one on the staff has bothered to point this out to him
Having started my career at a trailer house I am very aware of this fact. Which is why I said and the folks that approved it.
The odds are more in their favor than the three guys behind Jobs.Lets break it downFor this film we haveA director with two credits prior to this. And along with writing/co-writing both of those, he wrote two TV movies both of which were over ten years ago.A writer with zero credits before thisA producer with no prior credits (plus a pack of so called EPs that got that from being part of the backing studios but didn't spend 5 minutes on set ever)Compare this to'Untitled...
I'd like to find the idiot that cut that trailer and punch him in the nuts, along with everyone that approved it. Why? That last bit. They should have stopped at the title card. That was the perfect build up etc and then they go and put a joke after it. That kind of decision making doesn't bode well for the choices the final cut may enough. Could be things worse than that clip we saw in January which was full of bad directing and camera work. Course to be fair, I think...
We don't know the spec difference yet. That will answer the question for many.
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