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Or does it too much and 'obsoletes' things too fast
I would rather hear what the real story was, not what some outsider 'believes' was the truth.
Perhaps copyright violation. Copyright includes the right to distribute and broadcast content. Developers sign over these rights re: the iOS versions when they submit to the store. What Bluestacks is doing could be sign as distributing without the right to do so. Thus law suitAnd it's highly unlikely that they could do this without using any code from Apple. No matter what they claim
I'm still thinking these rumors are way off from what this 'service' will be. And the ad thing might be something totally separate
If I am remembering correctly publishers only come into play when you are dealing with the song as a performable work of art. In other words, I want the rights to perform live or record the song 'imagine' by John Lennon. I go to the publisher. For an existing performance that I want to use that performance in a movie, TV show, distribution system, I go to the label who already has a deal with the publishers for their rights within THAT performance.Think not unlike patent...
  Actually comments from Apple, plus their actions over the past 6-7 years says no.    Common core yes. But the two are totally different systems. They see this which is why they haven't already merged them.    There will be common gestures, icons, some features. But the two will always be separate variations of a common theme. Each designed for ideal usage on a particular type of hardware. 
  I suspect that you are remembering wrong. Because it would be illegal just about everywhere for them to do service you didn't authorize and if they did replace your drive they don't transfer your data. They give you a machine with a drive that has only the OS and same apps that were preinstalled when you bought it. 
    One could also point out there is an absurdity in your argument about 'knowing' how Apple works. Yes it seems most logical for them to build overnight but perhaps they don't. perhaps they don't build every 24 hours but rather sometimes every 12 even every 2. and sometimes not for a whole week.    unless you are an Apple engineer you don't know
  which, if the number is correct, might mean that they have been working on this version for a while. before Lion launched. 
fake. Even if they are producing the new phone and ipad hardware they wouldn't start loading software just yet if for no other reason than they know it would be leaked all over the place. 
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