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I call bull on this. Bull on the lack of an updated iPhone, bull on the plastic What I could see is perhaps Apple being able to proudly announce that due to new techiniques they are able to drop the price of the new iPhones down and they cut all but the iPhone 5 which will be free on contract and the iPhone 5s will be $99. The iPad mini in August only makes a little sense because it might be used at schools. Which will start in August and September in the US.
That makes Apple look like the douche.What they would do is an ad that points out things how many schools etc use iPads. A subtle jab that never directly disses anyone else.Something perhaps that mentions movie and tv shows and shows the tech them with a message like 'once upon a time they were movie magic, the stuff of dreams. But now the magic is here. In our homes, our schools, our jobs. On planes (showing a pilot using iPad as flight device), trains and automobiles....
I wonder the same thing. And wonder, if it is protected/able IP is the issue perhaps that Apple licenses the voice and therefore can't claim ownership.
Tower you are connected to.
Incorrect. There is definitely an update to the software in your phone and a change. Go to notifications and you'll see the two new toggles. Apple may have put the ability into iOS 6 a while a ago and this just activated it but its definitely an adjustment in the phone and not just the towers.
What no feminine product jokes?
They finally posted this in the WWDC app. Drool is right.
1. It's unlikely that the requirements for electronics include that every component have has to be produced here also2. Most of those requirement campaigns were for the pretty red, white and blue 'official' label and I doubt Apple is gunning for that. It would clash with the new UI color schemes.
In the end it comes down to that is what they want to do. And Apple does what they want as much as they legally can. (And if you side with the DOJ even when they legally can't)Apple is apparently proud of being founded and still based in California. Why? Perhaps it's because of the connection to Silicon Valley, perhaps it is because that's where Steve Jobs grew up, perhaps it's something else that they won't tell because that's one of their secrets
Labor means pay for Americans, plus labor based taxes. Which is what the US government wants.Truth is the US is lacking in home grown advanced engineers to create these companies and products from scratch. Right not the solutions are either import the products or import the producers.
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