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That's not completely true. The two are already based off the same core software, just with appropriate UI features for each style. And all this iCloud etc is a kind of convergence.All Timmy doesn't seem interested in is putting the exact same software on everything with the same UI, a la Microsoft Windows 8
Key words being 'for me'. Your needs are yours. They don't equal every one else. Nor does your opinion of how to fill our needs. Some of us find our Linux and unix render farms to be way better than even a tricked out Mac Pro and have for quite some time. So we will keep using them and you can keep your Mac Pro
Never an argument for those that know how to properly position their lighting.
I see the new Mac Pro going something like this as well. Imagine an enclosure that is basically like 3-4 Mac Minis stacked on top of each other. Slide out pieces in the back would allow you to install more ram, GPUs etc. the base drive kit be a fusion drive and you could add more storage via TB connected drives.
Exclusive: AI posts blatant spam pretending to be an article because they get at cut of the sales.
But the article could be wrong. And likely is since all the twitter reports are comings from folks that tried to buy and got an error on the last step of submitting payment (and starting credit card authorization).NOT that folks that tried way after the sell out, or didn't bother to try to get tickets, are suddenly getting calls cause Apple decided they can squeeze another 2k folks into the conference. Which is what the articles are implying.
That last bit suggests that they are actually the same already. The only thing 'above the kernel' is UI, a few select drivers etc.So why couldn't they be merged even more in terms of cx interaction paradigms. So long as they don't pull a Windows 8 and try to shoehorn mouse features on the tablet and vice versa. Or remove the Finder etc options from the desktop.
Ummm yes they are.That's how they are selecting them.But I get your point. The wording makes it sound like they are playing favs in top of the 5k that was available.
With Apple moving towards more integration between the to and many folks writing for both, I don't see this happening
All the engineers have been shifted to help withi iOS 7
New Posts  All Forums: