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The only thing that's ridiculous here is your whining about someone having the temerity of criticizing Apple. The new Apple TV doesn't come with a web browser for the simple reason that Apple is only interested in having it be used as a sales portal for streaming media and cloud-based games. It's not about forcing people to buy. It's about the stupidity paying $150 to have a glorified streaming media store hooked up to your TV.
Worst product update ever. Siri on the new Apple TV is basically just a virtual salesperson who helps you search for new content to buy. The games look especially lame. What would have made this worthwhile is a browser and support for a Bluetooth keyboard. But instead, the new features are mostly about new ways to get you to spend money.
Die, Apple Music Festival, DIE!
It would be a big mistake for Apple not to release an iPad Air 3 this Fall, unless they're OK with losing even more tablet market share than they already have. A 12" iPad Pro will only be a niche product. Apple can't afford to stop pushing the envelope in their primary iPad category.
$647k? That's like Tim Cook's lunch money. Won't even be a blip on Apple's radar.
OH HELL NO! I've been a happy T-Mobile customer for 5 years. There's no way I'm going to let that evil leech of a company, Comcast, become my cell provider. I'll switch to Sprint before I let that happen.
Nonsense. What Wall Street expects is something Twitter has never generated: Profit.Despite its popularity, Twitter has always been a money losing venture. No company can bleed cash forever and survive.
Try not mouthing off about things you know absolutely nothing about, for a change.
Yeah, like you have a clue what you're talking about.
It's entirely fitting that the new campus should have Steve Jobs' name on it. It was his brainchild and he was instrumental in getting the Cupertino city council to approve its construction.
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