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Who writes these headlines? You can't lose what you never had. Intel didn't "lose" Apple's iPad business, because it never had it in the first place. There have never been Intel CPUs in iPads.
I hope this is some kind of hoax. I can't believe Tim Cook would sanction trading with Iran, a country run by religious fanatics that executes people for being gay.
Apple's being more than a little disingenuous in stating that iTunes 12.0.1 is "designed for Yosemite". I just installed 12.0.1 on a Windows PC running Vista, which was released 8 years ago. Why is it that Apple supports Windows better than its own OS X with iTunes? I can't install iTunes 12.0.1 on any version of OS X that was released prior to 3 years ago.
Three years to design a $350 iPhone accessory that sits on your wrist so that people don't have to go to all the trouble of taking their iPhone out of their pocket to look at it? I guess this is what passes for "innovation" in the post-Steve era.
Good call, newbie! The A-Watch is BUTT UGLY! We're talking 1982 Seiko ugly! And how about that bubble interface? BARF CITY! Apple is still lost in Jonny Ives Candyland and the A-Watch is a design FAIL!
So, let me get this straight. Apple makes iCloud Drive work with versions of Windows that are up to 5 years old, but will only work on versions of iOS and OS X that haven't even been released yet? What's wrong with this picture?
I'm so glad Appleinsider posted this story. It proves that Apple is still the innovative juggernaut it was under Steve Jobs. I can sleep soundly tonight now that I've seen the iPhone 6's incredible speaker assembly.
This article is a classic example of how an alarmist headline and lead-in can distort the real story. The headline makes it seem as though Samsung's chip business is in trouble. The real story is that their semiconductor division posted a 6% gain in profits year over year in the latest quarterly statement. While it's true that Wall Street may not have been thrilled by a 6% increase in profits, it's hardly an indication that the division has a "bleak outlook" as the first...
What's all the fuss about? Tim Cook has been out of the closet for years. Must be a slow news day.
I just noticed that your response to my post offered no reasoned rebuttal whatsoever, only dismissive, self-righteous indignation. Your debating skills are non-existent.
New Posts  All Forums: