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I don't care if the TVs have custom chips that can change diapers and compliment your shoes. In a market where a 42" set is already considered small, if Apple is really going to introduce HDTVs that are only 32" and 37", we're looking at a major FAIL. Just who do they expect will buy them? Midgets?
You're assuming that Hitler won in 1938 because of some positive accomplishments. Not true. By 1938 Hitler was already a ruthless dictator and a mass murderer. Time knew that, and gave him the award simply because he was the single most powerful figure on the world stage in 1938, not because he had done anything good for anyone. Picking Rudy Giuliani for 2001 made sense at the time. He was a strong and effective leader in a crisis, when America needed...
In the Rating section the comparison charts are organized to emphasize the things the Fire lacks vis-a-vis the iPad2, while simultaneously glossing over things the iPad2 lacks vis-a-vis the Fire. For example, in comparing the hardware, they note that the Fire has no GPS, no motion sensor, no cameras, etc. All true. However, they fail to treat the iPad2 equally. In comparing the software included with the two units, it would be just as fair to call out that the iPad2 has...
This is just the latest step in Apple's long term plans to morph itself into a consumer electronics and entertainment company. OS X has been dumbed down and iOS-ized, the Xserves are gone, they removed features from OS X Lion server, Final Cut X is a joke among video pros, their only current monitor doesn't even work with the Mac Pro or Macbooks older than six months. The last two years have been a disaster for pros who depend on Macs to do their work. At my company we're...
Err.. ya. Lion has a Finder. iOS doesn't. Lion lets you purchase, download and install software from anywhere. iOS doesn't. Lion lets you print to virtually any networked printer. iOS doesn't. Lion lets you manage your files and folders the way you want. iOS doesn't. Lion lets you create multiple user accounts and assign each different levels of access. iOS doesn't. Lion supports external drives and optical drives. iOS doesn't. Lion lets you encrypt your files. iOS...
Huge amounts of storage are so cheap and portable these days, why would I want to keep my music collection in the "cloud" where I would need a broadband internet connection just to listen to it? My music collection is happy just where it is.
It wouldn't take a union of all retail employees everywhere. If Apple Store employees unionized they could shut down Apple's retail operations if they went on strike. That's plenty of leverage right there. And a successful strike would inspire employees at other retailers to unionize.
There's also no law that says they can't form a union if they choose to.
Yes, it is, thank you.USB 3.0 was developed by the The USB 3.0 Promoter Group, an industry consortium, as an open standard. Thundercrap is a proprietary protocol developed by Intel. Intel also deliberately delayed supporting USB 3.0 until this year in an attempt to sabotage it's adoption by PC manufacturers in the hope that they'd go with Thundercrap instead. It didn't quite pan out like they planned. Thundercrap is doomed.
Thundercrap will die a slow and painful death when people realize that the choice of peripherals for it is severely limited. USB 3.0 will win, because it's backwards compatible with all of their other USB peripherals. Even their mice. It won't matter that USB 3.0 can "only" run at 5Mbps vs. Thundercrap's 10Mbps. People will want choice and compatibility much more than the extra speed.
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