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He wrote a script that queried a database with a public portal. It was nothing like hacking into someone's bank account. No passwords were involved. AT&T simply gave him the email addresses the script asked for.
It's not even remotely like that. It's more like if you called up someone at AT&T and said "hey, give me the email addresses of all the iPad users" and they did. Yes, it's that simple.
This is a serious injustice. He queried a publicly accessible database at AT&T and it freely gave him the email addresses. Anyone could have done it. He's paying the penalty for AT&T's own lack of security.
The 2013 roadmap shows the whole story of why AAPL has plummeted 37% in the last 6 months: innovation has stalled at Apple Inc. since the death of Steve Jobs. Apple hasn't announced a major new product since the original iPad. That was 3 years ago. Every product since then has been a refinement of an existing product. Wall Street understands that the only reason Apple is the dominant player in the marketplace today is because of its relentless innovation while Jobs was...
It's obvious you're not an investor. You're just a troll. That is not my "solution", nor did my post infer it would be. I'm not going to dignify with an explanation the ad hominem rants of some adolescent who is only here to engage in a flamewar, but in the future I would advise you to keep your insults to yourself.
Blue logo thicker = FAKE
Apple doesn't control Wall Street. The decline of AAPL is unsupportable given Apple's balance sheet, plain and simple. But as any savvy investor can tell you, market psychology is what counts the most in terms of explaining the rise or fall of a particular stock. There's nothing that AAPL can do in the short term to change this. The only reason that Apple has been as successful as they are and has as much cash on-hand as they do is because of innovation.Being an investor...
Apple doesn't need to "reverse losses", because it hasn't had any losses. Apple's stock has lost value, but the company has not lost money. In fact, Apple remains extremely profitable. What's happened is there is a disconnect between Apple's financial performance, which by any object measurement has remained stellar, and Wall Street's inflated expectations. What Apple needs to do more than anything else is innovate. All of their major product segments are rapidly...
Software patents in general are a terrible idea. Patenting what a computer can do, apart from the computer itself, is like patenting an automobile's ability to make a left turn. It's absurd. Software code, of course, can and should be protected by copyright. But the functionality of software should be open to anyone to find a unique route to the same functionality, through the use of original underlying code.
It's sickening how Apple is getting away with grand theft with the property taxes on their Oregon data center. Oregon's property tax rate for the rest of us is .0056980%. Assuming a lowball appraised value on the center of $1 billion, which is what their N.C. center cost to build (but less than its appraisal value would be), Apple should be paying $5,698,000 in property taxes annually. And they got away with only having to pay $150,000 in exchange for creating a mere 35...
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