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"Apple and the creatives behind its memorable "1984" ad have embarked on a new direction in the company's marketing..." Actually, every one of the creatives behind the "1984" ad retired years ago. There's no one from the old guard still there.
People notice suicides among Foxconn's employees because of the company's high profile in the news. But the reality is that the suicide rate among Foxconn employees is a fraction of what it is for China's general population. Any suicide is tragic, but the news media rarely puts it in perspective.
That's exactly what happened. His script inputted ICC-IDs, and the database handed him the email addresses. It was ridiculously easy, not rocket science. AT&T deserved to be bitch-slapped over this. But instead they threw the book at Auernheimer.I agree that his attorney dropped the ball. But even the prosecution admitted that they had little understanding of how computers worked. If anything, it appears that Auernheimer was convicted because of computer illiteracy on...
If you dropped your ATM card on the street, a hacker would still need your password for it to be of any use. AT&T's database didn't require anyone's password. It just handed out the email addresses when his script asked for them with ID numbers.Auernheimer is going to appeal this ruling, and he'll probably win.
He wrote a script that queried a database with a public portal. It was nothing like hacking into someone's bank account. No passwords were involved. AT&T simply gave him the email addresses the script asked for.
It's not even remotely like that. It's more like if you called up someone at AT&T and said "hey, give me the email addresses of all the iPad users" and they did. Yes, it's that simple.
This is a serious injustice. He queried a publicly accessible database at AT&T and it freely gave him the email addresses. Anyone could have done it. He's paying the penalty for AT&T's own lack of security.
The 2013 roadmap shows the whole story of why AAPL has plummeted 37% in the last 6 months: innovation has stalled at Apple Inc. since the death of Steve Jobs. Apple hasn't announced a major new product since the original iPad. That was 3 years ago. Every product since then has been a refinement of an existing product. Wall Street understands that the only reason Apple is the dominant player in the marketplace today is because of its relentless innovation while Jobs was...
It's obvious you're not an investor. You're just a troll. That is not my "solution", nor did my post infer it would be. I'm not going to dignify with an explanation the ad hominem rants of some adolescent who is only here to engage in a flamewar, but in the future I would advise you to keep your insults to yourself.
Blue logo thicker = FAKE
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