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I think headline writer may be not finish 4th grade. *UPDATE* Headline writer finishes 4th grade, fixes headline. Now hard at work on grade 5.
"He noted that Apple has delivered annual growth that is 13-fold greater than the S&P 500 over the last eight years." What he failed to mention is that seven of those eight years were while Steve Jobs was still living. The fact that Apple's co-founder and visionary leader is now dead should factor highly in any analyst's opinion. I would take this recommendation with a very large grain of salt. Apple's days of insanely rapid growth are behind it. The stock is more likely...
Of course Obama would call the CEO of one of the world's largest corporations. That's hardly an earthshaking news headline. Too bad we didn't get actual news, like what the substance of their conversation was. But I suppose that Appleinsider has to fill up their site with something, even if it's only stating the obvious.
That's the worst photograph of Tim Cook I've ever seen.
The thought of Macs devolving into iOS devices, only bigger, fills me with dread. I would sooner switch to Windows than move to an ARM-powered Mac.
This is the same idiot who, the day after Apple released the first iPhone, scoffed and said that there's no way Apple could ever sell more than 500 of them.
Both good changes for Apple. I was never comfortable with Forstall heading the group responsible for OS X development. He always seemed more of an iOS guy to me, and I always suspected that he was instrumental in the dumbing down of OS X since Snow Leopard. And by most accounts, Browett was a disastrous choice to head Apple retail. Hopefully, Tim Cook will make better choices next time.
What Google did wasn't dishonest and it wasn't an act of desperation. Apple Maps should have known the address was fake and not try to go looking for it. Google Maps wouldn't have been fooled by the same trick because their map database is several orders of magnitude more detailed than Apple's is. Google was simply driving that point home. Of course, the fanboys won't see it that way, because in their mind Apple can do no wrong.
It doesn't look much like an iMac. The screen bezel is very different. The pedestal is very different. Even the wireless keyboard isn't much like Apple's. the HP keyboard has silver keys, Apple's keyboard has white keys that are shaped differently. I'm sorry, fanbois, but Apple didn't invent the rectangle.
The solution to this is really simple. Samsung agrees to let Apple use its FRAND patents in exchange for Apple letting Samsung use its SEP patents. It's only fair. Boom. Done.
New Posts  All Forums: