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Both good changes for Apple. I was never comfortable with Forstall heading the group responsible for OS X development. He always seemed more of an iOS guy to me, and I always suspected that he was instrumental in the dumbing down of OS X since Snow Leopard. And by most accounts, Browett was a disastrous choice to head Apple retail. Hopefully, Tim Cook will make better choices next time.
What Google did wasn't dishonest and it wasn't an act of desperation. Apple Maps should have known the address was fake and not try to go looking for it. Google Maps wouldn't have been fooled by the same trick because their map database is several orders of magnitude more detailed than Apple's is. Google was simply driving that point home. Of course, the fanboys won't see it that way, because in their mind Apple can do no wrong.
It doesn't look much like an iMac. The screen bezel is very different. The pedestal is very different. Even the wireless keyboard isn't much like Apple's. the HP keyboard has silver keys, Apple's keyboard has white keys that are shaped differently. I'm sorry, fanbois, but Apple didn't invent the rectangle.
The solution to this is really simple. Samsung agrees to let Apple use its FRAND patents in exchange for Apple letting Samsung use its SEP patents. It's only fair. Boom. Done.
It seems like every day we're presented with another reminder of how much Apple was dependent on the irreplaceable visionary genius of Steve Jobs.
McFarlin used a spare key that he found lying around? Unbelievably lax security. I would assume A: some contractor left it where it was easy to find, and B: that same contractor is about to get slapped with a big fat lawsuit.
I'm surprised the house wasn't more secure.
And you don't like Fry's because.....?I'll take Fry's over Best Buy any day.
When I was in the market for a TV I went to check them out at Best Buy. Then, like most people, I bought the one I liked online and saved a bundle. And I didn't have to deal with some BB drone pressuring me to buy overpriced crappy cables or worthless "Geek Squad" support.
Schulze is about to get a quick education as to why Best Buy has been in decline for years. He's throwing his money down the drain for his ego's sake. I predict his misguided efforts will fail and BB will declare bankruptcy within 5 years.
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