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This is good news. Now if we could just get Apple to pay their fair share in taxes...
    Again the Apple sycophants get their panties in a twist whenever anyone says anytthing vaguely critical of Apple. Can you be any more predictable?   You clearly have no idea what you're talking about. You haven't read the lawsuit and have obviously never set foot inside a courtroom, whereas I have. The logos are irrelevant to the case. Apple's request is completely spurious. Pointing out that fact does not make one an "Apple hater". Stop reacting like a 5-year old and...
A ridiculous request that only serves to illustrate how arrogant Apple has become. The lawsuit isn't about brand names and no juror is going to feel a sudden rush of sympathy for Samsung because they happen to see a logo on a courtroom TV. Hey, maybe they should also insist that no juror can own anything made by Samsung. And while they're at it they should prohibit anyone named "Sam" or "Samantha" from sitting on the jury. I hope the judge laughs this request right out...
Ya, I make a joke on a forum so therefore there's not much going on in my life. Brilliant.
I have $50 on Tim Cook, by a nose. How about you?
It's about f*cking time!
Appalling ostentation. All that money could be going to help others. Instead, Jobs, and now his widow, prefer to wallow in it. I hope it hits an iceberg and sinks.
Too little, too late. Been nice knowin' ya, RIM.
It's not going to happen. If Steve Jobs were still alive I'd say it was possible. But Apple has lost its visionary leader. Already, Apple has started to veer away from Steve's way of doing things in little ways. Over time that process will accelerate and Apple will become just another corporate monster. Apple's cachet, so meticulously cultivated by Jobs, will evaporate and sales will stagnate. The inevitable decline has already begun. Apple may be growing for now, but it's...
Resurrecting a 2-year old iPhone controversy that few people remember as part of the ad campaign for your new phone? Did Nokia actually PAY someone to come up with this? This is the dumbest marketing idea I've heard in a long long time.
New Posts  All Forums: