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So I guess that's why iPods, iPhones and iPads all use firewire today. Oh, wait...
Apple made a huge mistake by not embracing USB 3.0 from day one. No one else supports Thundercrap. Yet another proprietary standard that will bite Apple in the ass one day.
All through the 80's and most of the 90's Apple loved to put proprietary hardware into their computers. Eventually, this design philosophy wound up biting them in the ass because their systems were too closed. With the advent of the first iMac, Apple seemed to embrace open standards, like USB. Gone were proprietary standards like ADB and localtalk. Alas, with Apple's astounding success over the last decade has come an arrogance that believes that open standards are no...
I used to work for Monster Cable, and I can assure you that their products are overpriced, shoddily made crap. They give Monster employees a 70% discount off retail for their own use, and they STILL make a profit. Stores love selling Monster Cable because it has the highest profit margin of anything they sell, including TVs or iPods, and often salespeople make a bonus from selling that junk. Monster spends far more money on the look of their cables and packaging than...
umm... it has nothing to do with the number of patents and everything to do with how important the patents are and how strong a case the plaintiff has. we don't know the answer yet on either count.
These photos don't reveal much of anything. Anything that might indicate what a component does is covered up.
And obviously the only opinions you hold are the ones dictated to you by Steve Jobs. The bigger Apple gets, the more arrogant and pig-headed it becomes. We're already beginning to see the fallout from that in the iPhone's marketshare, which is falling relative to Android's. Apple has become the new Microsoft.
I guess that must be why the iPhone's marketshare is declining and Android's is increasing, huh.
More and more, Apple seems to be ignoring what people want in favor of what Steve Jobs is convinced they should want--Flash on the iPhone/Touch/iPad, user-replaceable batteries, support for more audio and video codecs. And now this.
I had an iPhone and replaced it with a Google Nexus One (which I love, btw). Dr. Soneira needs to get his eyes checked. The N1 screen blows the iPhone's screen right out of the water. It's brighter, sharper and the colors are much more appealing. And the screen is also considerably larger than the iPhone's. Every time I show my N1 to my friends who own iPhones their jaws drop. It's that much better.
New Posts  All Forums: