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It's not going to happen. If Steve Jobs were still alive I'd say it was possible. But Apple has lost its visionary leader. Already, Apple has started to veer away from Steve's way of doing things in little ways. Over time that process will accelerate and Apple will become just another corporate monster. Apple's cachet, so meticulously cultivated by Jobs, will evaporate and sales will stagnate. The inevitable decline has already begun. Apple may be growing for now, but it's...
Resurrecting a 2-year old iPhone controversy that few people remember as part of the ad campaign for your new phone? Did Nokia actually PAY someone to come up with this? This is the dumbest marketing idea I've heard in a long long time.
Well, this is one movie I can scratch off my list.
Amen. In some ways, Windows 7 is now the better platform for professional creative workstations. Apple has become a consumer electronics company and has turned its back on us.
Nothing like kicking a competitor, and co-inventor of your patent, when it's fighting for its life. Apple used to have some class. Now it has none. Without the benefit of Steve's Reality Distortion Field we finally see Apple for the rapacious and opportunistic sweatshop operator it really is.
Yet more American jobs shipped overseas. Thanks for nothing, Apple.
The ASUS Zenbook may resemble the MBA from the side where the USB and minidisplay ports are located (never mind that it's not even the same type of USB port). But when you look at the Zenbook from any other angle the resemblance disappears. The lid looks NOTHING like the lid on an MBA. Neither do the keyboard or the screen. I've never seen an MBA screen with a big "ASUS" logo on it. Also, I'm pretty sure that the Zenbook doesn't run OS X. So what are Apple's grounds for...
I'm sure he's terrified now! BTW, as a former iPhone user and current Galaxy Nexus owner I can confirm from actual experience that the Galaxy Nexus is a FAR superior phone.
I would point out that another marginal technology adopted by Apple, Firewire, was developed by a consortium of companies, yet it never became anywhere near as widely used as USB. And Firewire peripherals have remained more expensive, even after all these years. You're the ignorant one.
By the time external Thunderbolt drives come down to reasonable levels, USB 5.0 will be released and it will STILL cost less!
New Posts  All Forums: