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I just had this exact same thing happen to me at work. I tried everything, including reinstalling the os by starting in target mode and installing from my powerbook. Turns out that I didn't even need to do that. Pull the video card, and the RAM. Re-install them. See if that works.
Use finder to navigate to your desktop in either column view or list view. Delete the offending file.
I thought about GIMP but haven't tried it yet. We already own photoshop, but I need this on multiple desktops. I would need to purchase additional copies in order to remain legal. In the long run it looks like Photoshop is going to be the best choice. thanks for the input. I will check out Graphic Converter, but I don't think it can do clipping paths.
I need the ability to apply a photoshop clipping path to CMYK jpgs. I would prefer not to have to buy a bunch of copies of photshop. Applying a clipping path is the only thing we need to do before dropping the photos into InDesign. Elements does not support CMYK images. I don't need freeware, I don't mind paying for software, but Photoshop is kinda spendy for this one thing. Any ideas out there? One other thing, the software has to be rock solid, I want to put this...
Apple menu system preferences accounts authenticate if you need to login options uncheck automatically login as. also for more security click the radio button for name and password under "display login window as:" Next time you restart or logout you will have to type your username and password. -b
Your computer just stopped working because you didn't have 10.4 on it... I say Thief.
Wasn't there a rumor floated a while back about the apple "devices" running a quicktime os as opposed to a slimmed down OS X. Seems like it would make more sense for anything short of a full fledged tablet.
Somebody at the show needs to play with the new machines and figure this stuff out. Apple's site doesn't mention them ( at least nowhere that I can find)
Does anybody know where the index file is stored. You must if you know how large it is. help me out here. thanks
New Posts  All Forums: