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Nivana is one of the best bands ever. One hit wonder? Every song on Nevermind is awesome, particularly Lithium, In Bloom, On a Plain, and of course, Smells Like Teen Spirit. Other songs to check out are Heart Shaped Box, Dumb, Very Ape, Pennyroral Tea, and All Apologies, all from In Utero, and then there's Dive, Sliver, and Been a Son from Incesticide. Great songs, great band.
Brotherhood of the Wolf.
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Do you have the... um, "originals" murbot?
Sung Hi Lee: and 2 more: here and here
banging a model = cool waking up = not cool
Every year this comes up, and every year it doesn't happen. *sigh* [Hmmm]
Price, speed, FUD, price, price, price, speed, price, some more FUD... speed, and oh yeah... did I mention price?
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