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I would write my own OS. Seriously.
I can't wait for them to change the name from iLife to smoething else... [Hmmm]
Another vote for NetBarrier.
[quote]Originally posted by _ alliance _: why would we want that? hydrogen is perfect. when i reacts with O2, all we get is water as exhaust. if we start with nitrogen and then react with O2, the results won't be quite as pleasant...
Yes... but what happens when you crash your car and all that hydrogen ignites???
Sung Hi Lee
Microsoft won't make any money off of OE so we'll never see it for OS X.
*ahem* He needs to upgrade his firmware. Trust me.
You need to update your firmware.
Study harder, do better in school (last quarter was a good start). Improve my cardio. Stick to my weight training routine. Maintain my 6 pack Continue to eat healthy. Quit procrastinating, stay on task.
[quote]Originally posted by Andrew Xt: hey, wait a minute - the iPod has moving parts now?
Well it does have a hard drive.
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