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[quote]Originally posted by Matsu: As a textile and paper source, I think it may have very real environmental benefits worth exploring. We could probably seed a variety with so little THC that you'd have to smoke a field to get stoned.
Hemp. You'd have to smoke enough hemp equal to the size of a telephone pole to get stoned.
*crickets chirping* What?
I should be getting Metroid Prime and Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance for my GameCube.
I. don't. get it.
[quote]Originally posted by ast3r3x: i knwo thats why i said if photoshop is smart enough to (because it can)
Then why don't you use it: [quote]When i'm working in photoshop [. . .] the 5GB drive is getting pretty full
First off, in the Photoshop prefs you can change the volume it uses for scratch disks. Second, go to http://www.versiontracker.com/ and search for 'swap.' A couple of tools to move the swap file will show up.
Yes, journaling can easily be turned off just the way you mentioned.
On a Windows machine. [Hmmm]
Full time student. Undergrad, studying computer science. Oh, and last summer I worked in a Budweiser warehouse.
These are the iApps that I want: Something to manage all of my photos. Something to manage all of my movies. Something to manage all of my calendars. Something to sync my iPod.
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